The 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash
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The 30 Best Jobs during Festive Periods to Make Some Extra Cash

Best Jobs during Festive Periods – Hello there, do you know there are Jobs you could do during festive seasons? Oh yes, you can. Instead of lamenting about not having the money to spend during Christmas, you can make a lot of cash during that time. 

Even if the cash would not cover all the bills you need to take care of, at least the little cash you earn is okay to take care of some expenses during the festive season.

The 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash
The 30 Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

In this post we have listed 30 Best Christmas Jobs and more, those Jobs that will fetch you some extra cash to what you are earning. So if you want to boost your account this Festive period, then this post is for you.

Best Christmas Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

1 Mall Santa

Have you thought of working in a mall as a Santa? During the festive period, the mall is usually crowded with adults and children, working as Santa can be entertaining, you could get some tips from the work. But before working as Santa, you will need to pass a criminal record.  An Average hourly Salary of a Santa is $21.54 in an hour.

2.  Personal Shopper

If you are the type that likes shopping, you could work as a shopper during the festive season. Instead of spending most of the time shopping all for yourself, you could work as a shopper for those who are hunting for ideas on what gift to get for their loved ones. They may need help, this is where you come from. In an hour, you could earn $12.57

3. Retail Worker

There are numerous retail Jobs around, especially when the festive is approaching, a lot of big companies will start recruiting or may start hiring temporary retail staff, so why not look around now before the festive, you will have a temporary job that can fetch you some money.

You could be lucky to work there permanently after the festive period. To work as a Retail Worker, you will need skills like customer service skills. An Average salary is $12.03 an hour.


4. Window Decorator

Working as a Windsor Decorator is another skill you could apply to the job. During Christmas, people love to keep their houses colorful. With your creativity skills, you can earn money in this job. The average salary for this job is $17.08 an hour.

5. Christmas Elf

Your Job as a Christmas elf is to assist Santa with errands and to keep the children who are meeting Sant organized. You must be very familiar with Christmas songs, and being able to make families feel the spirit of Christmas is a bonus. You could earn $19 an hour.

6. Customer Service Representative

To work as a customer service representative, you will need to have the skill of customer service. Your work will be dealing with inquiries, inquiries as delays in packages. Most companies hire customer service representatives on a remote basis. That means you could even work in the comfort of your home. An average customer service Representative is $17.75.

7. Ski Instructor

If you have an Idea of a Ski, and you have a Level 1 Ski Instructor qualification that is International Ski Instructor Association recognized, then you could work as a Ski Instructor. Apart from working as a Ski Instructor, if you do not have the qualifications, you could work in customer service. The payment for an hour is $15.59

8. Butcher

During the Festive season, most families like to fill their tables with assorted beef, and meat. In most cases, they may not have the time to prepare the meat, and this is where they need a Butcher, as a butcher you should know some food safety regulations. The average salary for a Butcher in an hour is $20.73.

9. Ice-Skating Instructor

If you are an expert in Ice-skating, during winter, you could work as an Ice-Skating Instructor. During the Festive period, people like to go ice skating, so you could cease the privilege. The average salary for an Ice-skating Instructor is $29 an hour.

10. Christmas Tree Decorator 

Working as a Christmas tree decorator is one of the best jobs to some cash during Christmas, as many homes want to have their home looking attractive. If you have good creative skills, you can do that and earn $15.41 an hour.

11. Delivery Driver

Now most people prefer to do their shopping online, instead of traveling any far distance to do their shopping. You could work as a Delivery Driver because the postal delivery couriers will need extra hands by hiring drivers to work for them. You could earn $15.96 in an hour.

12. Makeup Artist

During this period, the festive period, people will want to look their very best. Why not seize the opportunity if you are good at making up to make small cash for yourself? If you do not know how to make it, you can take an online class for it. During Christmas, makeup artists make a lot of cash and they are usually in high demand. You could earn from $18.56 hourly.

13. Uber Driver

If you have a driver’s license, this is the time you could make use of your license to work for Uber. From the taxi app, you can dictate your own working hours. To attract customers or passengers and to get tips, you can decorate your car with some grotto to fill the air with Christmas spirit. In an hour you can earn $18.05.

14. Bartender

During the Christmas season, one job you could work for is a Bartender, you could make little little tip from it. Serving cocktails, and other specialties like Mulled whine is work making money from it. In an hour you could make $14.59 as a bartender.

15. Gift Wrapper

If you love wrapping gifts, you could work as a gift wrapper temporarily. Most big brands or stores, hire workers to wrap gifts, and they get those who do not know how to wrap gifts trained. They get paid hourly with $16.64.

Other Best Christmas Jobs to make small money from goes as follows:

  • Christmas Photographer
  • Sprout Picker
  • Christmas Card Designer
  • Turkey Plucker
  • Mince Pie Chef
  • Christmas Tree Light Untangle
  • Package Handler
  • Christmas Tree Seller
  • Choirmaster
  • Tour Guide
  • Pet sitter
  • LumberJack
  • Christmas Cracker Joke Writer
  • Reindeer Handler
  • Food Tester
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