English Proficiency Test Exams for Study and Recruitments
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Top 18 English Proficiency Test Exams for Study and Recruitments

Here today, we will be talking about the 15 most rated English Proficiency Test Exams For Study and Recruitment for international applicants.

Some persons might ask to know what proficiency test is all about, why one needs to take a proficiency test, how one can take a proficiency test and the benefit of the proficiency test. Some may go further to know, after the proficiency test, what? While some might want to conclude by saying that the English proficiency test is for those students that studied English language or linguistics student.

These questions and other questions you might be thinking of are embodied in this article you are about to read.  English we all speak is a universal language that is widely by people irrespective of their place of residence. Although some interior parts of some states are yet to be developed, they are villages that are yet to see the light of development and as such still use their native language. 

English Proficiency Test Exams for Study and Recruitments

What is a proficiency test?

Proficienctestsst generally can be known as quality assessment.  In this context, it is used in the n evaluation of the quality or phase of the English language. 

What is the English proficiency test?

This is an exam that is being taken to rate a person’s skills and knowledge of the English language. It is used to define a person’s efficiency in the English language or a person’s skill in the English language. It includes reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, accent, comprehension, skimming, listening, etc.

So, here are the top 15 English proficiency tests one can take. You can choose one or two out of them. You cannot take all. The aim is for you to be able to present yourself vocally in a précised and professional way to the audience or persons

Top 15 English Proficiency Test Exams for Study and Recruitments


This stands for International English Language testing system exams. It is usually given to students who want to work in English-based countries. This exam is usually made up of four papers which include Listening, Reading, writing, and speaking. It is also made up of two modules general training and academics. 

The price for these exams differs in countries. Off course, we know that not all countries use the same currency and different currency differs in value. The requirement is a photocopy of your passport and a document to the IDP head office. 

The price of IELT ranges from 80,000 – 100, 00.  For your English assessment, you can log on to their website https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/  or visit WWW.IELTS.org.


The above stands for the Test of English as a foreign language. Unlike the former, TOEFL is considered to be easier. It is also used to access the four major skills of the English language. Writing, listening, reading, and speaking and it lasts for four hours. Specifically, this deals with the student’s efficiency in understanding, speaking, and writing. And it is based on the university subjects and the life of the student in general. 

The major difference between this and the former is that the requirement is more than the former like the driver’s license, your credit or debit card your birth certificate, your international student ID, your notary-prepared letter or document, etc. this requirement differs depending on where you take the test. the cost of TOEFL in Nigeria ranges from ₦80,000 –  ₦100,000.  For more information, you can log in www.ets.org to or visit their website at https://www.ets.org/toefl.html 

3. Pearson Versant

Pearson uses an advanced method of testing. The automated machine is the work of artificial intelligence to carry out this test. The Pearson test doesn’t take longer than 60 minutes. Just like every other English proficiency test, the Pearson test comprises writing, listening, reading, and speaking skills.  

There are no major requirements for writing the Pearson test. You only have to be attentive and natural in speech and behavior which might affect your accent. For questions or inquiries, you can log into https://www.pearson.com/english/versant/contact.html or visit their blog @ https://www.english.com/blog/  


This means the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. It is used generally and not on the specification as to whether you are studying English or being recruited to an English-based country. It is used for immigration, Canadian citizenship, refugees, etc. 

An English traveler or a public speaker who wants to develop or test his or her ability and professionalism in the English language can apply for the CELPIP proficiency test.  One can liken CELPIP to IELTS. It tends to be rated as being the same in terms of difficulty. Being difficult depends on how prepared you were for the test and your cautiousness. 

The requirement for the test includes a United States passport, Canadian permanent voters card, passport booklet, Canadian provincial driver’s license, etc. for questions and answers you can log in to https://www.celpip.ca/take-celpip/faqs/ or you can visit their blog @ https://www.celpip.ca/blog/.

5. Kite by Kaplan

Kaplan international tool for English is an international English proficiency test that is being handled by an expert to test the major English skill (listening, writing, reading, and speaking).

Generally, Kaplan is revolutionary and cloud-based. It is used to test ones, accuracy, accessibility, and efficiency. 

Currently, Kaplan does not have an application fee but an individual must be 18 years and above before he or she is eligible for the Kaplan English proficiency test. 

The requirement for Kaplan includes visa proof, biometrics, overseas student health cover, a financial statement that shows enough balance to sponsor your education and your cost of living, and an approved course referral form from an Australian international institute, etc. Apart from this basic requirement, Kaplan’s other requirement differs in countries. 

You can visit their office at 27 E. Cota Street, Suit 3 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 For questions and inquiries you can log in to https://www.kaplanenglishtest.com/contact  or website @ https://www.kaplanenglishtest.com/  or https://www.britishchamber.cn/en/kite-kaplan-international-tools-for-english/ 


Michigan Test of English language proficiency is paper-based and a part of the Michigan Language Assessment at the University of Michigan. It is primarily for an adult whose major language is English or public speakers who converse in majorly English language. 

MTLEP does not just focus on the four English skills but on Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and speaking. This is broader than the other proficiency test we talked about earlier.

This test lasts for about 6 hours and is divided into four sections. Based on their English skill classification the test is made to section them into 4 different areas. The written composition, grammar-vocabulary-and reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and speaking. The test series is divided into three levels. The beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced (levels 1, 2, 3)

You can visit their office at Argus 1 Building 535 West William St, Suite 310 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 48103-4978 or call them at +1 734.615.9629, Fax: + 1 734.763.0369 you can also visit their website on https://michiganassessment.org/home/ 


The test of English for international communication is based on the four communication skills. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking. its major focus is on the individual or candidate’s listening and reading skills

ts test sections include the speaking and writing test, and the listening and reading test. It promotes professional English proficiency. And it last 2 hours. It is used to understand whether a candidate will be able to understand an English-based working environment. You can contact them @ https://toeicglobal.com/contact 

8. Cambridge English Assessment

The Cambridge English test is a lower form test because it allows beginners (children and teenagers) to participate to improve their IQ in the English language and efficiency and for teachers to enhance their professional skills. 

It has stages for lower school or school-aged students, higher, tertiary education, and business. Here one implores step-by-step methods of learning and testing.    for more information and enquiries at https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/qualifications/schools/our-exams/  or You log on to their website @ https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/ 

9. PTE

Pearson’s test of English can also be called PTE-a in a short form. This test is used for a student who wishes to study aboard (visa application) or individuals who wish to migrate.  

This particular test is known for its accuracy, and objective scores, and then sends the score to your email as often as you take it for free.

The price range for PTE in Nigeria ranges from 80, 000-90,000. This includes the e-books, the study materials, and the textbooks you will be given. You can visit their website @ https://www.pearsonpte.com/ and make inquiries on https://www.pearsonpte.com/pte-academic

10. Pipplet

 Birthed in Paris in 2015 but conceived in London under the supervision of 3 co-founders. This is mainly used in companies that are doing recruitment. It is used to test the efficiency or skill of employees and students in about 40 different languages. 

Currently, it has associated itself with smartRecruiters to enhance the process of recruitment. It is simple, reliable, fast, and efficient for you. It doesn’t just focus on recruitment it also does some educational assessments, etc.

 You can log on to their website @ https://www.pipplet.com/  or visit their blog @ https://blog.pipplet.com/en-gb/home 

11. OET

This stands for occupational English test. This particular test is basically for health professionals or specifically for those in the health sector. It concentrates on the four English skills listening, writing, reading, and speaking. It is used to evaluate the English proficiency skill of those in the health sector especially those who are interfacing in English-speaking areas, public speaking on health, etc. it is noted that proper and effective communication in the clinical field is of high value to the patient and the health workers. 

The occupational English test is a sub-division of the Cambridge assessment test at Cambridge University and the box hill institute. It has an assessment for the different areas of health care so no part of the health care sector is left out. For more information, you can log into their website @ https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/oet/  or visit https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/ 


Track test English proficiency exams are the most commonly used English test with affiliates to ALTE, Eaquals, IATEL, etc. it has three 3 levels of proficiency. The A level (beginner and elementary) is denoted by A1 and A2, the B level (intermediate English and the upper intermediate) is denoted by B1 and B2, and the C level (Advanced English and proficiency) is denoted by C1 and C2. You can log on to https://tracktest.eu/ or visit their website @

13. iTEP

 Is known as the International Test of English Proficiency this test is basically for admission and placement. It has two categories of tests:

The academic test comprises university, high school, exchange, snapshot, snapshot JR and the Business or career test comprises the business, certificate test conversation, hospitality, Au Pair, inter, etc.  Their office address at 22048 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, California, or you call them at 818-887-3888

You can visit their website @ https://www.itepexam.com/ or chat with their agent on info@iteponline.com 

14. Duolingo English Test

 The only proficiency test that does not need physical appearance. It is done online. From the registration, and payment to the test and the certification. One can say that it is less stressful and not cost-effective or time-consuming. 

The test lasts for just 1 one hour. It also adopts the four major English proficiency skill structures, listening, writing reading, and speaking. It is made up of four different sections, literacy, comprehension, conversation, and production, and the testing aspect is made up of three parts: the introduction, the adaptive, and the video interview.

 The requirement for this quick test includes your passport, and a driver’s license or national ID card. For more information, inquiries, and application you can log on to https://englishtest.duolingo.com/applicants 

15. OPI

The oral proficiency interview test language is used mainly for your speaking ability, your accent, and your verbal pronunciation. The test duration is 20 minutes and extends to 30 minutes at most it comprises four stages the wind-down, the probes, the level checks, and the warm-up.

The test is based on your academic and professional abilities. It determines your efficiency in a specific language, as such, it is proficient in over 40 languages. It is recommended for higher school education and tertiary education. With accreditation and ratings from the American Council for the teaching of foreign languages (ACTFL).  For more questions and inquiries you can log on to www.cls@byu.edu 


Listed above are the top 15 English proficient tests you can choose to suit your field or demand. From the list of English proficiency tests, above, normal, average, and professional English speakers can have access to it. The online and offline tests are cost-effective test, fast and convenient. All categories of students, businesses, and companies have different proficiency tests with different prices.  

Frequently Asked Questions on English Proficiency Test Exams

  • Are proficiency tests and proficiency testing the same?

The proficient test is either a paper-based or online test you answer to get certification or admission or a safe passage or get recruited into a particular organization while proficiency testing is the process of writing those test stage by stage, section by section

  • Is the English proficiency test taken by only those going abroad or international students? 

Not only international students are eligible to take a proficient test. Some sectors of the economy adopt a proficient test for their companies example is the health sector. The schools, both university and secondary schools adopt English proficiency testing as a medium of admission. It is also used for recruitment and immigration. 

  • Is it necessary to take an English proficiency test before I can go abroad? 

 If you’re going to work in an English-based country, or your company is in an English-speaking environment. Yes, you need to take the English proficiency test suitable for you. 

  • Which of the test is the most important?

All of the tests are important to different people. I will advise that you pick the one that its requirements tend to suit or favor you most.

  • Where can I take the English proficiency test?

The English proficiency test location differs in different countries. So you have to check for the location of an English proficient test center in your country. But the online English proficiency test is accessible to everyone.

  • After writing an English proficiency test, will I get certification?

Yes, you will get certification depending on the type of test you wrote and if you have passed according to the cut-off point the mark that was used in a particular test. 


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