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The University of Wisconsin receives many student applications each year, out of which they have a 60.3% acceptance rate, which qualifies it as having a lax admissions policy. 

Over 9,000 courses are available through its 13 schools and colleges. UW-Madison offers 109 doctorate degrees, 158 master’s programs, and 232 undergraduate majors and certifications. Students can enroll in a full-time UW MBA program with ten concentrations. For the majority of its programs, the University of Wisconsin-Madison requires applicants to have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Rolling admissions at the University of Wisconsin–Madison implies that applications are evaluated as they come in and choices are rendered continuously.

Therefore, students must comprehend the acceptance rate at the University of Wisconsin.

This article’s main goal is to provide you with some Wisconsin-related information. The acceptance rate at the University of Wisconsin 2023 and the university’s entrance standards will be discussed in this article.


About the University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a public university that was founded in 1848. There are 32,648 undergraduate students enrolled in total.

The 2021 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities has the University of Wisconsin-Madison at position 46. The cost of tuition and fees for in-state students is $10,725 while that for out-of-staters is $37,785.

The campus has a strong Greek community and social scene, which is evident given Wisconsin’s reputation as one of the best party schools in the nation.

Although freshmen don’t need to reside on campus, many do. There are several residential communities where students can choose to live and learn among other students and professors.

Famous Wisconsin graduates include writer Joyce Carol Oates and glass artist Dale Chihuly. In addition, former vice president Dick Cheney, aviator Charles Lindbergh, environmentalist John Muir, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright are among the alumni. Visit the University’s official website here


Reasons for Studying at the University of Wisconsin?

There are so many reasons you should choose the University of Wisconsin for your undergraduate/graduate education. Some of these reasons are given below;

  • The excellent education you’ll receive at the university: The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a renowned public institution that offers a variety of courses and degree programs that will provide you with the skills you need to succeed and thrive in the real world.
  • You will have professional options at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that you might not have at other institutions. Students at the Wisconsin School of Business, for instance, have testified that the business school offers meetings with firms that you can use to link classes to career options and positions.
  • Also, the university offers a fantastic college atmosphere. Students encounter roommates, parties, sporting activities, and parades. In comparison to other universities, you will have plenty of opportunities to do these activities.

In summary, the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a fantastic experience overall and gives its students a variety of memories.


University Of Wisconsin Acceptance Rate in 2024

ACT scores, GPA, and acceptance rate are the three most important elements to consider when evaluating your admission prospects. The combined total of these factors determines the admissions requirements for the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The ACT score for the 25th percentile is 27, while the ACT score for the 75th percentile is 32.

In other words, if you score 27 you are below average, and if you score 32 you are above average. The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not have any strict ACT requirements, however, they do prefer to see at least a 27 to be considered.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a 3.84 average GPA. Because of this, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is GPA-wise Considerably Competitive.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison anticipates that you will perform much above average and be at the top of your class with a GPA of 3.84. You’ll need a majority of As, ideally with many AP or IB subjects to demonstrate your college preparation.

It will be difficult to change your GPA moving forward, whether you are a junior or senior. You will need a higher ACT score to supplement and demonstrate that you are prepared to handle the intellectual demands of a college education if your GPA is at or below the school’s average of 3.84.

However, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has a 51.7% acceptance rate. 51.7 out of every 100 applicants are accepted.

As a result, because admission to this school is rather selective, having outstanding academic credentials essentially ensures your acceptance. You have a good chance of admission if you receive an ACT score of at least 29 or higher. Given that your GPA is about 3.84 on average, scoring a 32 will almost certainly result in acceptance.

Exams like the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and ACT are necessary.


What is the acceptance rate for transfers to the University of Wisconsin-Madison?

The school is quite competitive, both for university admission and for your desired major. 42% of applicants are accepted. A 3.0 GPA or higher is typical for transfer students on a 4.0 scale.

It’s crucial to remember that GPA calculations will take into account all grades earned for repeated courses. This includes the original grade as well as grades from the second and later tries.

Official high school transcripts are also required for entrance consideration, in addition to official transcripts from any previous universities attended. 

Additionally, transfer candidates are not required to have ACT or SAT scores. Your application must also be accompanied by the nonrefundable $44 application fee. However, students must have completed (or be finishing) at least 24 semester hours of transferable coursework before applying for transfer admission. Finally, transfer students are not accepted at the freshman level by the school.



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USA Student Visa Application Requirements

International applicants who are accepted must get a visa to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA. Students must next get in touch with the US Embassy or Consulate to find out more about the requirements and details of visas. The following common documents are included with a visa application:

  • Sufficient finances (A minimum of 46,333 USD is required)
  • Copy of the passport
  • Scholarship/sponsorship letter(if needed)
  • The I-20 form provided by the school
  • Immunization form
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Acceptance letter
  • Health examination form
  • completed application for a visa



You have until February 1 to submit your application to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For the university, the application price is $60. Every overseas student who meets the requirements should apply for one of the 40.2 million dollars in scholarships that the University of Wisconsin-Madison has offered.

Applications to the university are accepted in the spring, fall, and summer. The application deadlines for the same are February 1 in the fall, October 1 in the spring, and February 1 in the summer.

Follow the information in this article (University of Wisconsin acceptance rate in 2024) before starting your admission process, it is better to have a knowledge of what you are about to do than wasting your time and resources. Goodluck



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