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Shehu Shagari University of Education School Fees for 2023/2024 | Latest Update

Shehu Shagari University of Education School Fees – Are you looking for the school fees schedule of the Shehu Shagari University of Education for the 2023/2024 academic session? If yes, then search no more because, In this post, we will be bringing to your notice the amount fixed and payable as the school fees and acceptance fees for the institution as announced by the university’s management.
It’s pertinent to note that the Shehu Shagari University of Education school fees amount for indigenes of the community is way lower than the amount payable by Non-indigenes.
Thus, we will be giving you the breakdown of the fees schedule for both INDIGENES and Non-Indigenes depending on your prospective course of studies.
So, if you are a prospective student of the above mention institution, below is a breakdown of the Shehu Shagari University of Education, Sokoto school fees scheduled and the amount they are to pay for the acceptance fees. 

Shehu Shagari University of Education School Fees for 2023/2024 | Fresh and Returning Students

SSUES School Fees for FRESH Students


Below is the scheduled SSUES school fees amounts for indigenes who are freshers (first and second semesters);  Here is what they pay for a session  

  1. Agricultural Science N60,000
  2. Arabic Medium N60,000
  3. Arabic/French  N60,000
  4. Arabic/Hausa  N60,000
  5. Arabic/Islamic Studies  N60,000
  6. Biology/Chemistry  N60,000
  7. Biology/Geography  N60,000
  8. Biology/Integrated Science  N60,000
  9. Biology/Physics  N60,000
  10. Business Education  N60,000
  11. Chemistry/Integrated Science  N60,000
  12. Chemistry/Mathematics  N60,000
  13. Chemistry/Physics  N60,000
  14. Computer Education/Biology  N60,000
  15. Computer Education/Chemistry  N60,000
  16. Computer Education/English  N60,000
  17. Computer Education/Geography  N60,000
  18. Computer Education/Physics  N60,000
  19. Computer Science Education/Integrated Science  N60,000
  20. Computer Science Education/Mathematics  N60,000
  21. Early Childhood Care Education  N60,000
  22. Economics/Social Studies  N60,000
  23. English /French  N60,000
  24. English /Geography  N60,000
  25. English/Hausa Requirements  N60,000
  26. English/History  N60,000
  27. English/Islamic Studies  N60,000
  28. English/Social Studies  N60,000
  29. Fine and Applied Art  N60,000
  30. French/Hausa  N60,000
  31. Geography/History  N60,000
  32. Geography / XIntegrated Science  N60,000
  33. Geography/Mathematics  N60,000
  34. Geography/Physics  N60,000
  35. Geography/Social Studies  N60,000
  36. History/Social Studies  N60,000
  37. Home Economics  N60,000
  38. Mathematics/Physics  N60,000
  39. Physical and Health Education  N60,000
  40. Primary Education Studies  N60,000



Below is the scheduled SSUES school fees amounts for non-indigenes who are either freshers (first and second semesters);  Here is what they pay for a session  

Here is what they pay for a session  

  1. Agricultural Science N50,000
  2. Arabic Medium N50,000  
  3. Arabic/French N50,000
  4. Arabic/Hausa N50,000
  5. Arabic/Islamic Studies N50,000
  6. Biology/Chemistry N50,000
  7. Biology/Geography N50,000
  8. Biology/Integrated Science N50,000
  9. Biology/Physics N50,000
  10. Business Education N50,000
  11. Chemistry/Integrated Science N50,000
  12. Chemistry/Mathematics N50,000
  13. Chemistry/Physics N50,000
  14. Computer Education/Biology N50,000
  15. Computer Education/Chemistry N50,000
  16. Computer Education/English N50,000
  17. Computer Education/Geography N50,000
  18. Computer Education/Physics N50,000
  19. Computer Science Education/Integrated Science N50,000
  20. Computer Science Education/Mathematics N50,000
  21. Early Childhood Care Education N50,000
  22. Economics/Social Studies N50,000
  23. English /French N50,000
  24. English /Geography N50,000
  25. English/Hausa Requirements N50,000
  26. English/History N50,000
  27. English/Islamic Studies N50,000
  28. English/Social Studies N50,000
  29. Fine and Applied Art N50,000
  30. French/Hausa N50,000
  31. Geography/History N50,000
  32. Geography / XIntegrated Science N50,000
  33. Geography/Mathematics N50,000
  34. Geography/Physics N50,000
  35. Geography/Social Studies N50,000
  36. History/Social Studies N50,000
  37. Home Economics N50,000
  38. Mathematics/Physics N50,000 
  39. Physical and Health Education N50,000
  40. Primary Education Studies N50,000

SSUES School fees for Returning Students

Below is the scheduled SSUES school fees amounts for RETURNING students.  Here is what they pay for a session  


  1. Agricultural Science N20,000 
  2. Arabic Medium  N20,000
  3. Arabic/French  N20,000
  4. Arabic/Hausa  N20,000
  5. Arabic/Islamic Studies  N20,000 
  6. Biology/Chemistry  N20,000
  7. Biology/Geography  N20,000
  8. Biology/Integrated Science  N20,000
  9. Biology/Physics  N20,000
  10. Business Education  N20,000
  11. Chemistry/Integrated Science  N20,000
  12. Chemistry/Mathematics  N20,000
  13. Chemistry/Physics  N20,000
  14. Computer Education/Biology  N20,000
  15. Computer Education/Chemistry  N20,000
  16. Computer Education/English  N20,000
  17. Computer Education/Geography  N20,000
  18. Computer Education/Physics  N20,000
  19. Computer Science Education/Integrated Science  N20,000
  20. Computer Science Education/Mathematics  N20,000
  21. Early Childhood Care Education  N20,000
  22. Economics/Social Studies  N20,000
  23. English /French  N20,000
  24. English /Geography  N20,000
  25. English/Hausa Requirements  N20,000
  26. English/History  N20,000
  27. English/Islamic Studies  N20,000
  28. English/Social Studies  N20,000
  29. Fine and Applied Art  N20,000
  30. French/Hausa  N20,000
  31. Geography/History  N20,000
  32. Geography / XIntegrated Science  N20,000
  33. Geography/Mathematics  N20,000
  34. Geography/Physics  N20,000
  35. Geography/Social Studies  N20,000
  36. History/Social Studies  N20,000
  37. Home Economics  N20,000
  38. Mathematics/Physics  N20,000
  39. Physical and Health Education  N20,000
  40. Primary Education Studies  N20,000


  1. Agricultural Science N25,000
  2. Arabic Medium  N25,000
  3. Arabic/French  N25,000
  4. Arabic/Hausa  N25,000
  5. Arabic/Islamic Studies  N25,000
  6. Biology/Chemistry  N25,000
  7. Biology/Geography  N25,000
  8. Biology/Integrated Science  N25,000
  9. Biology/Physics  N25,000
  10. Business Education  N25,000
  11. Chemistry/Integrated Science  N25,000
  12. Chemistry/Mathematics  N25,000
  13. Chemistry/Physics  N25,000
  14. Computer Education/Biology  N25,000
  15. Computer Education/Chemistry  N25,000
  16. Computer Education/English  N25,000
  17. Computer Education/Geography  N25,000
  18. Computer Education/Physics  N25,000
  19. Computer Science Education/Integrated Science  N25,000
  20. Computer Science Education/Mathematics  N25,000
  21. Early Childhood Care Education  N25,000
  22. Economics/Social Studies  N25,000
  23. English /French  N25,000
  24. English /Geography  N25,000
  25. English/Hausa Requirements  N25,000
  26. English/History  N25,000
  27. English/Islamic Studies  N25,000
  28. English/Social Studies  N25,000
  29. Fine and Applied Art  N25,000
  30. French/Hausa  N25,000
  31. Geography/History  N25,000
  32. Geography / XIntegrated Science  N25,000
  33. Geography/Mathematics  N25,000
  34. Geography/Physics  N25,000
  35. Geography/Social Studies  N25,000
  36. History/Social Studies  N25,000
  37. Home Economics  N25,000
  38. Mathematics/Physics  N25,000
  39. Physical and Health Education  N25,000
  40. Primary Education Studies  N25,000

How Much is Shehu Shagari University of Education Acceptance Fees?

It has been made known that the acceptance fee for the 2023/2024 Shehu Shagari University of Education, Sokoto academic session is N10,000

This is a piece of information for all new students who have been admitted into the school to make payment of acceptance fees first before school fees.

This is to be known that the acceptance fees are never refundable after payment.

The Accommodation fees for  Shehu Shagari University of Education, Sokoto

The  Shehu Shagari University of Education, Sokoto Accommodation fee is N5,000 per year, the accommodation fees are paid every year.

The fees are used to make bed maintenance and to provide bed space. The fees are non-refundable.

All Interested students who want to be accommodated in the school hostel can make payment for it.

How to Make Payments for SSUES School Fees 

Here is the procedure on how to make payment for Shehu Shagari University of Education’s school fees and acceptance fees. 

  1. First check for your admission here, through this link
  2. If you have been offered admission, make your payment, first, and provide your valid email address and your phone number.
  3. Make your payment either in the bank or online after generating your RRR. 
  4. After making a payment, log in from the right side of the button, and log in with the RRR that was provided, which will be used to create an account.
  5. When you’ve successfully logged in, print out the profile form and your receipt which is evidence of your payment. 
  6. Go to the school’s administrative hall with the document printed, 
  7. From the document presented to the administrators, you will get access to log in to the school’s portal for central registration.


We want to believe the procedure was helpful, note that after you have been admitted, you must make your acceptance fees first before school fees.

If there are any questions you would like to ask, feel free to ask them in the comment session.

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