Should I Drop Out Of School And Concentrate On Business
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Should I Drop Out Of School And Concentrate On Business? Let’s Discuss

Should I Drop out of School And Concentrate on Business? – There are so many reasons why students would want to drop out of school and focus on their businesses.

But I don’t know why you are having the feeling of dropping out of college, for business. However, if you are confused, then you can read through this article so that you will be able to decide, whether you should drop or stay.

In this article I will be telling you reasons why you should drop out of college and focus on your business, and why you should not drop out of school. It will be looked at side-by-side.

Before I go ahead to state the reasons why you should drop out or stay in college, let me briefly discuss what dropping out of college means.

Should I Drop Out Of School And Concentrate On Business

About Dropping out of College

Dropping out of college means discontinuing the pursuit of your college course. And if you drop out of college, it means you are not able to complete your coursework.

Dropping out of school can be very difficult because you will have to think of the advantages and disadvantages of dropping out, and that’s why people continue to ask the question ‘Should I drop out of school for business or not

However, when students drop out of school, they have reasons that warrant them to, it could be finance or any other reasons that are best known to them. To know more about the reasons that make students drop out of school, keep reading those articles.

Should I Drop out of School And Concentrate on Business?

Should I drop out of college and pay attention to business? Yes, drop, no don’t drop! Whatever you have decided is fine, but consider the following five factors and you will know if you should drop out or not.

  1. You are feeling miserable
  2. Consider better ways of using your money
  3. You value job security
  4. Four years is a long time to spend in college
  5. Young age is just once

You are feeling miserable

If you don’t have any tangible reason for dropping out of school, then don’t. But on the contrary, it will be a waste of time and energy if you are just going to class every week and yet you feel miserable being in college.

Many students are just staying in the classroom and cannot define the next line of step to take, they don’t even have value for the degree that they are studying for, they feel that they are wasting their time and prefer to get out of that four wall classroom and find something better for themselves, probability starts a business.

If at a time, you are thinking of switching a course, because you think the course you are pursuing is not right for you, if you cannot solve a simple equation, when given one, and you are always angry with yourself for being in college, then you are already out of college, except for your physical presence.

Furthermore, if you are always in class, yet you are thinking about how you would have started a business and used your hands to do something instead of studying to have good grades, then you are already a college dropout.

But if you don’t feel the same as the description above, you are still doing well, in your studies and with the right mindset for your course, then don’t drop out.

Consider better ways of using your money

Bagging a college degree, calls for so much money, to pay for tuition fees, reading materials, and many other things, but if you are always having this feeling that 40 thousand dollars you spend yearly for your college degree, would have been better spent on other things you think are more valuable, then you prefer that particular thing to obtain a college degree.

If you say, I would have used this 30,000 dollars to start a good business or a small firm, that I will be happy working for every day and night, then you have a cogent reason for dropping out of school, for what you are more passionate for than a college degree.

That’s what most people think, and it is not wrong, because that is what they are passionate about, and what they think they will do and be happy, so if you are not feeling the same way they do, why should you drop out of college?


You value job security

After college, the next thing you will be considering is how to get a job that can sustain you and your family, if you have one. But it can be frustrating that after you have finished school, you spend 2 years, 4 years searching for a job.

What does that try to explain? It means that, if you are afraid of hunting for a job or going through the stress of look nig for a job after school, then, you should drop out of school and focus on your business, knowing that you have job security.

You must also understand that starting a business or company, is not going to be a bird of roses, you might build a business to a height and it later leave you jobless, but you can always keep pushing till you are right where you want to be.

If you have your mind made up about starting a business, notwithstanding the circumstances that you may face, then you are ready to drop out of school. Some people prefer to face challenges raising their business than to struggle to pass a course in school, that, however, gives them reasons why they should drop out.

To sum it up, if you are not driven by the same enthusiasm for starting up a business as described above, then keep running your degree course in school, and don’t drop out.

Four years is a long time to spend in college

Taking four years to acquire a degree, sounds like too long a time for some people, so they keep thinking how they would have used that four years to break even in their business venture.

If you have something that you believe in, and all the time you spend in college seems wasted because you believe that spending that year would have brought a reasonable improvement to your business, then you have a reason for dropping out.

Time is fleeting, therefore, it is better to spend it on something you value, than on what you don’t have value for.

Financial constraints

If you struggling to pay fees, buy materials, or pay your educational bills, because you don’t have sufficient funds, it is preferable to drop out, seeing that you over over-stressed trying to fund your education.

Young age is just once

Young age is just once, and it is good you make use of that moment to achieve a great goal in your life.

When you are advanced in age, your whole thought will be towards taking family responsibilities, so if setting up a business that takes care of those needs is better for you then drop out.

When you are in school, you will relatively have fewer responsibilities, but after that, you may have a bug of things to take care of, so if you are thinking of setting up a business that will fetch you income for solving your daily financial needs, than being in school, finish and still be broke, then you can drop out of school, otherwise done.


You are asking if you should drop out of school, and my advice is that if you think that the above description fits into what you want for your life, then dropping out of school is a better option for you.

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