YMCA Scholarship Updates

YMCA Scholarships Application Updates for 2024 Applicants

YMCA Scholarships 2024 – If you are working with the YMCA, and you don’t have financial assistance to further your education to college, then you can apply for the YMCA scholarships. In case you don’t know what YMCA stands for, let us first look at what it means, before we proceed.

YMCA means Young Men Christian Association. The YMCA has many scholarships that you can apply for, as long as you are a member. However, in this piece, we are going to look at the different types of YMCA scholarships that are available for you to apply for. Now that you are familiar with YMCA which is also popularly known as the Y, let us now proceed to look at a brief about the origin of the group.

The group started as the Young Men Christian Association cared for the welfare of young people in the Christian communities. The organization can be traced back to the 1844s in Geneva, Switzerland, as the report will have it. But later as time passed by, it began to spread across the globe, reaching places like the United States of America, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and other parts of the world. It was founded in London by George Williams in 1844.

The Group has over 64 million people from 120 countries who have benefited, from the group. Having said that, let us now move on to the main concern of the day, which is the scholarships YMCA, that you can benefit from.YMCA has many scholarships, so we are going to look at the current ones in this article.

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YMCA Scholarship Updates

List of YMCA Scholarships 

  • Fred Hoshiyama Asian Leadership Scholarship
  • Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship
  • Monster Meeting Series Scholarship
  • Civic Engagement Scholarship
  • Elsie Wong Scholarship

Fred Hoshiyama Asian Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship scheme is a leadership scholarship named after Fred Hoshiyama but is sponsored by the YMCA and the Asian Leadership Resources. This scholarship offers financial support to Asian staff who work with YMCA, to continue with their educational pursuit. Interested applicants can be either undergraduate or postgraduate students, but must show a training certificate to the management before they will be considered.

Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship

The scholarship program is another type of scholarship that is sure to provide opportunities to those who want to fourth their educational career as graduates. The scholarship is mainly for top directors intending to scale their professional duties to the altitude. Earl P. Armstrong who is named after this particular scholarship was a one-time beneficiary of the John R. Mott Scholarship many years ago.


  • Every prospective beneficiary must have acquired at least three years of professional experience at the YMCA.
  • Applicants must also have a multi-team Leadership Certificate
  • Must have leadership career goals that run along with the YMCA firm.

Monster Meeting Series Scholarship

This is another YMCA scholarship provided to help YMCA staff who have no financial help to continue their education. The scholarship program is another type of scholarship that is sure to provide an opportunity to those who want to further their education. Monster scholarship has three levels thus:

The 1,000-dollar scholarship scheme

The 1,500-dollar scholarship scheme

The 2,500-dollar scholarship scheme

You have to try and ensure that you are considered for any of the three category awards.

NOTE; candidate selection will be based on community involvement, academic achievement, and extra-curricular activities of the applicants, while successfully selected students will be notified through an email.

Award Benefits Criteria;

  • Must be a senior high school student
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or 4.0 for an academic session
  • Have the intention n of enrolling in college or university
  • Submit three recommendation letters
  • And must be able to prove or understand the commitment


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Civic Engagement Scholarship 

This is a YMCA scholarship that is meant for high school students, sponsored by the Treasure Valley Family of the YMCA. Its target is the development of the youth and the social responsibilities of students every year. This includes students who find a way to solve problems of health, education, environmental sustainability, and many others in the immediate communities. 


  • Students must contribute immensely through community services.
  • Applicants must be passionate and dedicated to solving civic problems.
  • They must have team spirit whether as volunteers or career workers.
  • Must be senior high school students, who serve at Treasure Valley Family of the YMCA

Elsie Wong Scholarship

This is a YMCA scholarship that is provided to nursing students, of any high school. The beneficiaries can be first-year students or returning students. The committee in charge of selecting successful students, does so by reviewing candidates’ applications, extracurricular activities, academic achievement, merit, and other factors.


The items below are to be submitted:

  • Must present a letter of recommendation from a counselor/administration
  • Must write an essay of one page,  that describes why you chose to nurse. 

Scholarship award: 1,000 dollars

Scholarship Application Form Sample

Name ————————————————

Address —————————————————

City ——————————————————

State ——————————————————–

Zip ————————————————

Phone —————————————————–

Email ——————————————————–

Name of parents or Guadian ———————-

Name of another parent or guardian —————–

Name of high school or college —————————-

Name, city, state, year of other schools attended ——————–

extracurricular activities carried out ———————————-

State voluntary works are done ——————————————–

Specify your leadership experience ———————————-

List of awards, certificates, and honors conferred ——————– 

Mention the names of schools you have applied to in chronological order and the application status.

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First choice of school


Yes —–

No —-



Second choice of school


Yes — 

No —-

Pending —- 


The third choice of school

Accepted: Yes–

 No —

Pending —- 


Fourth  choice of school


Yes — 

No —- 

Pending —- 


Fift  choice of school


Yes –

No –

Pending –


Prospective Major ————————– 

Prospective Minor ———————————

Intended semester of Entrance ————————- 

Submit an essay that Y has on you, the things you learned from it, and the value the Y program has added to your life.

Also, submit a letter of recommendation from your counselor/administration.

YMCA Scholarships Login/Application Portal



The group, over the years, has offered a lot of financial aid to its members, so therefore if you are a member of the staff of the YMCA read through the list of scholarships we have for you. The mission of the YMCA is to offer opportunities to the staff of the YMCA to advance their educational career.

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