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World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship 2024 Application Form

World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship 2024 Application Form  – If you have been looking for an opportunity to further your postgraduate studies, then this is best for you. 

If you have an interest as a career student in studying for your postgraduate overseas or abroad, this is also a perfect opportunity for you. 

If you wish to encounter most of the words academic experience, group of professionals, vast modern facilities and more you can name or think of this is the best opportunity for you. 

In today’s article, we will be talking about the Ramsay Postgraduate scholarship. We will start with a brief overview of the scholarship, the scholarship duration, the worth of the scholarship, the eligibility criteria and lastly the application procedure. 

You are advised to read through carefully, ask questions when necessary and also be sure to follow the appropriate instructions. avoid shortcuts and avoid inaccurate information.

World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship 2024 Application Form
World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship 2024 Application Form

Overview of the Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship 

This is a scholarship that came into existence in March 2017 after the creation of the centre in 2006. This scholarship was established by the now-late Mr Paul Ramsay AO. 

This scholarship aims to help young Australians realise their goals effectively to make unique contributions to Australian society at large. The first scholarships were awarded to candidates in 2021

The scholarship is a type of grant that is meant to support young Australians to further their graduate study in some of the world’s best universities like 

  1. Oxford university 
  2. Cambreidge University
  3. UCL university 
  4. Harvard University
  5. Princeton University
  6. Bologna university
  7. Kansas State University 
  8. South Dakota State University 
  9. University of Maryland Baltimore
  10. Pace University etc. 

The program covers different prestigious institutions /universities overseas

This is a competitive scholarship and it is given based on merit the programmes they cover include but are not limited to the following 

  1. Biomedical Engineering 
  2. Community and public health
  3. Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacy 
  4. Acting
  5. Data Science 
  6. Mechanical Engineering 
  7.  Nursing 
  8. Nurisng R.N. to B.S.N 
  9. Law and technology 
  10. Fashion management 
  11. Marketing Analytics 
  12. International industrial management 
  13. Finance 
  14. International marketing and consumer psychology 
  15. Public relations and strategic communication etc. 

Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship Coverage 

The scholarship is a postgraduate scholarship that covers areas that include 

  1. Tuition fee reduction (part) 
  2. Living expenditures 
  3. Travel cost 
  4. Any other expenses as chosen

You have to note that this scholarship does not cover all expenses you have incurred throughout your study in schools 

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Value of the Scholarship 

The Ramsay World Universities post-graduate scholarship worth AUD$90,000 per Annum

Mode of scholarship 

The scholarship is available to mostly on-campus postgraduate students. yes it is also available for online students but this is solely dependent on their course of study and the school involved

Type of scholarship 

The Ramsay World University graduate scholarship is a Merit-Based Scholarship/Need-Based Scholarship

Steps Involved in the Scholarship Application 

The following steps are involved in the scholarship application 

Step 1 

Expression of interest in the Ramsay postgraduate Scholarship through Email. you need to send an email to 

Step 2 

Commencement and finalization of the application process for your study oversee with the institution you applied with. 

you are given an opportunity in the Ramsay application to list or mention up to three institutions that you have been placed an offer 

Step 3 

Opening an account in the Application Portal and commencement of application. 

Requirement for the Application 

The following are the major requirements needed for the Ramsay postgraduate scholarship 

  1. Evidence of Australian Citizenship or proof of permanent Residency 
  2. A list of three with evidence that you have been accepted into one or more graduate programs you have applied for in 2024. For personal enrolling in research programs, you will have to include your research proposals. 
  3. An up-to-date summary of your academic career. This should include institutions and degrees obtained, certified transcripts and awards 
  4. A two-page CV to include your work experience, community service, leadership skills, and any other non-academic activities that are noteworthy. 
  5. Select the criteria describing your goals 
  6. Contact details of three referees that will be contacted once you have been shortlisted for an interview. (You have to note that the referees you have provided should be able to speak about your academic Ability

Application Opening Date 

The Ramsay postgraduate scholarship application program is open to all candidate who wishes to apply or who are interested, have the requirements and are eligible for the scholarship. 

The Application portal is open from the 1st of February 2024and it is made accessible to all candidate 

Application Closure Date 

The application for the Ramsay postgraduate scholarship will be closed on the 28thf of March 2024

How to Apply for the Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship 

Here is a guide to applying for the Ramsay postgraduate scholarship 

  1. Send an email with your interest in the scholarship to 
  2. Using your preferred browser with an active internet connection click on
  3. Fill out the Application registration form by providing your Title, First name, Middle name, family name or surname, and your preferred name 
  4. Correctly input your gender, date of birth 
  5. Fill in the contact details with three permanent address lines. 
  6. Specify if it is in a suburb town, state or province 
  7. Provide the postcode or Zipcode 
  8. Provide your contact details (Home telephone, Mobile or cell telephone)
  9. Input your email and confirm it. Also, input your secondary email
  10. Validate the security code 
  11. Confirm that the information Yogu has input is accurate 
  12. Click on the submit button. 


The Ramsay postgraduate scholarship is open to all Australian graduates who wish to further their studies. 

Here we have provided you with the mode, worth, requirement and application procedure for the scholarship. For more information and inquiries, you can get frequently asked questions at 

You can also visit their official page at or send an email to

To visit the school, which is located at 173 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW, Australia  Also you can drop a comment in the comment box below. 


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