University of West London, UK International Ambassador Degree Scholarships

UWL International Ambassador Degree Scholarship to Study in UK (2024 Update)

It is here again! The University of West London, International Ambassador Scholarships is pleased to announce to you their Scholarship Programme at the University of West London for Undergraduate and Postgraduation courses. It is here again, for the 2024 academic session.

Do you want to study in the UK? Are you an international fee-paying student with an offer to study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the UK, then you are eligible to apply for our International Ambassador Scholarships. 

The University of West London offers up to 100 scholarships worth £5,000 to first-year undergraduates and up to £2,000 for postgraduate tuition fees for all international fee-paying applicants who intend to study with them, beginning February or September 2024.

The objectives of The International Ambassador Scholarship are to recognize and offer financial support to outstanding students who wish to act as UWL ambassadors.

Being an International Ambassador, you will act as a representative of the University, and you also have the opportunity to meet with other international students who are benefiting from the scholarship scheme you will be expected at one point in time or another to help the University of West London (UWL) prospective international students in some areas which include helping out at Open Days, videos and photo-shoots, taking part in interviews with the Marketing department and or visiting international students.

However, the University has the sole right to revoke the scholarship if the scholar fails to discharge his or her duties and obligations appropriately. 

UWL International Ambassador Degree Scholarship

Scholarship Details

So if you are interested, please take time and read through this piece so that you can get full details about the scholarship.

Scholarship Eligibility

However, students must be:

  • International fee-paying student
  • self-funded and full tuition fees paying students
  • holder of an admission offer from the university for a full-time postgraduate and or undergraduate. That means the student must have applied for a course at the university.

Other criteria

  • English Language Test score
  • All academic Transcripts
  • Copy of Passport

The International Ambassador Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis on the student’s ability to demonstrate enthusiasm and excellence as an international student ambassador.

How to Apply for UWL International Ambassador Degree Scholarship to Study in the UK

There are five (5) sections to be filled in the form and must be filled. By submitting this form, you have agreed to the terms and conditions of our scholarship. If by any means, any sections of this form are incomplete, this form will not be considered.

The five (5) sections in the application form that need to be filled are as follows:

  1. students’ details
  2. academic background
  3. extracurricular activities and areas of interests
  4. contact information of the academic reference
  5. scholarship support statements 

NOTE: We are looking for exceptional applicants who have a proven academic drive, and achievement record and are ready to make a significant contribution to our University and the world at large.

Keep in mind that you can only apply for the scholarship if you meet all the eligibility criteria stated in the form.

UWL International Ambassador Degree Scholarship Application Deadline

Candidates and applicants are expected to complete the scholarship application form and submit it no later than the deadline:

5 pm GMT on 11 July 2024 for our September 2023 admission. After due process, a decision will be made within a space of 14 days of the deadline and successful candidates will receive a notification by email.

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The University of West London awards students with exceptionally proven academic and achievement records. A total of 100 International Ambassador Scholarships valued at £5,000 is awarded to international students who are seeking to study in the UWL, UK, for February or September admission.

Successfully selected students will receive a grant of about  £5,000, for the cost of tuition for the first year of study as an undergraduate, while up to  £2,000 in tuition fees will be awarded to postgraduates.

Selection Process for the UWL International Ambassador Degree Scholarship

Before eligible candidates are shortlisted for the scholarship, the University considers the candidates on a merit basis. Since the UWL International Ambassador Scholarship is awarded to students on a merit basis, there some vital factors they consider before awarding a candidate are:

  1. Academic brilliance of the student
  2. personal achievements of the student
  3. Answers offered in the scholarship application
  4. Potentials to act as a university ambassador

The University of West London reserves the sole right to award or not to award the scholarships to any students, owing to reasons known to them. However, successful candidates will receive notification messages about their application through an email sent to applicants every month after the closing dates of the whole process.

UWL International Ambassador Degree Scholarship

Terms and Conditions

  • This scholarship is awarded once and it is not renewable.
  • Students who accept the International Ambassador Scholarships are expected to act as ambassadors or representatives of the university.
  • which includes helping out at Open Days, videos and photo shoots, taking part in interviews with the Marketing department, and or visiting international students.
  • Students will not be offered additional payment for their participation in promotional activities.
  • students are also expected to hand over to the university any property or other rights of such promotional activities

Important note

It is important to visit the official website link, to access the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for The University of West London scholarship.

For more information, visit the official Scholarship Website:


Send an email to


For those of you who have been dreaming of studying in the UK, I’m sure this article has guided you on what, how, and when to apply for your UK scholarship.  If you are an international fee-paying student with an offer to study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the UK, then, I am sure that this piece has helped you. So go and get yourself ready to apply for the International Ambassador Scholarships. 


Yes, we offer various scholarships to international students:


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Minimum requirements range from around a 3.0 GPA or higher will put you at an advantage in qualifying for many scholarships.
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