Is NYSC Compulsory for Foreign Graduates in Nigeria or Abroad?

Is NYSC Compulsory for Foreign Graduates in Nigeria or Abroad?

Is NYSC Compulsory for Foreign Graduates in Nigeria or Abroad? – Many Nigerian graduates who studied abroad want to know if they must participate in the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). It is because of this quest that this article here, clarifies those who are in some sort of confusion about this.

So guys, if you know that you are from Nigeria, and you studied abroad and now you want to know whether you must participate in the National Youth Service Corp, please read this article and get the details about this.

Apart from knowing if it is compulsory, you will also know about the exemption certificate that is offered to those who did not qualify for the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).

Is NYSC Compulsory for Foreign Graduates in Nigeria or Abroad?

About NYSC 

The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) was founded in 1973, by the Nigerian Government, during the Military government of the Head of state of Yakubu Gowon.

The essence of introducing NYSC was to involve the youths and graduates in the nation-building of the country since the country was still undergoing development. Because of this, every Nigerian Graduate was mandated to be a part and parcel of the one-year mandatory service to their motherland.

Ahmadu Ali was the first Director-General of the NYSC, and he served in that capacity till. Based on the vision of Yakubu Gowon who established this mission, it was founded so as attract reconciliation, reconstruction, and rebuilding of the nation, since the country was just trying to come together after the civil war.

Important of NYSC 

Some people may not know why the NYSC was established and the importance it has in nation-building. But you must know that it was established for reasons.

Whether it has achieved its aims and objectives, the National Youth Service Corp, play a very vital role in the growth and development of the nation since its establishment in 1973, and here are some of the reasons why the YNSC was established:

  • Poster integration, 
  • Promote national cohesion, 
  • Cultural Exchange and Tolerance
  • Skill Development and Employability
  • Rural Development and Community Service
  • Cultural Exchange and Tolerance
  • National Security and Patriotism
  • Bridging educational gap
  • Nation-Building and Leadership Development
  • Develop the skills and character of Nigerian youth.

Is NYSC Compulsory for Foreign Graduates in Nigeria or Abroad?

If you look at it categorically, NYSC is a mandatory service that must be attended by every Nigerian youth whether local or foreign Nigerian student, since you are a graduate of any tertiary institution of either a University, Polytechnic other institution that is qualified for NYSC.

But one thing you must understand is that a graduate of either a foreign or local institution may decide not to attend the National Youth Service Corp, based on reasons best known to him or her. It, therefore, means that NYSC is essential and not mandatory.

Meanwhile, those who participate in the one-year service will be granted a certificate known as a DISCHARGED CERTIFICATE, while those who did not participate will be offered an EXEMPTION LETTER or CERTIFICATE, to signify that they did not participate in the one-year NYSC mandatory service.

Moreso, you have to understand that there are always advantages and disadvantages of every action that we take. Just like I mentioned before, it is important to partake in the service but mandatory, therefore, you can choose to or not to partake.

Why Foreign Graduates Should Partake in NYSC

If you are a Nigerian foreign graduate, there are certain things that you cannot do or positions that you cannot attend or occupy, if you did not partake in NYSC. let us look at why it seems that you must participate in the one-year NYSC.

Political Office

If you studied abroad, and after your graduation, you are undecided about coming back to Nigeria to join politics, you will be required to present your NYSC Discharge Certificate or the Exemption Letter, without which you will not be qualified for such a position. Exemption certificates can only be accepted if you were above the age of service, but if you weren’t, but just choose not to serve, then you will be disqualified.

Job Employment 

In most private companies in Nigeria, for you to be employed as a staff there, you must make available your discharge certificate from NYSC, or else you won’t get the job. This might sound threatening, but it’s the truth.

Some people may feel, that they are secure because they were able to obtain the exemption certificate from NYSC which shows they could not serve because they were above the age of service, the truth is that you won’t still get the job from some of those companies who are looking for means o screening out some applicants for a particular job opening.

Important Note

Based on the established points above, you will be able to ascertain if NYSC is compulsory for foreign graduates or not since no government agency or force will come to harass you in your house for not taking part in the National Youth Service Corp.

But if you ask me, you must do it, so that it will not hinder you from any opportunity that you should have in the future, as we have pointed out above, concerning the advantages and disadvantages of not participating in NYSC.

Why Graduates are Exempted from NYSC

Some so many graduates may like to participate in the NYSC, but cannot for very important reasons. Sometimes, it could be because they could not meet the requirements for participating in the NYSC program.

You will not be allowed to serve, if; you are above the service age, which is 30 years. The management of the NYSC states that any graduate that is 30 years and above, will not be allowed to serve, such a graduate will be offered an EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE.


 Is NYSC compulsory for foreign graduates? 

Looking at it critically, NYSC is not mandatory for foreign graduates, but it is very important for graduates, whether foreign or not.

How do I get my NYSC exemption letter?

If you are above the service year, which is 30 years, you can get an exemption letter from the NYSC directorate headquarters


To crown it all, I advise you to take part in the one-year NYSC program, so that you will not be limited by the opportunities that you could have had, as a result of your not having an NYSC Discharge Certificate. Whether you are a foreign graduate or not do it.

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