How Long Does a JAMB Result Last ?
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How Long Does a JAMB Result Last | 2024 JAMB Validity Update

How Long Does a JAMB Result Last | JAMB Validity Update – There has been a lot of clamor over the year JAMB that is taken by candidates who have finished their secondary school and are preparing to gain admission into the University.

Some people have said that JAMB should at least last a few years before it expires, while others say now, right now the issue concerning this has been in a serious argument, however, for you to know the stand of JAMB on this read this article on the end.

Because in this article,  will be sharing with you the latest update on how long JAMB should last, putting into consideration the opinion of JAMB and that of the House of Representatives.

How Long Does a JAMB Result Last

About JAMB 

The acronym stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This is an examination that was established to conduct an examination that is for graduates from secondary, to examine those who are qualified to be given admission into the University to study any course of their choice.

JAMB was founded in 1978, 46 years ago. Since it was established it has remained a year examined to date.

Every year the examination body which is charged with the responsibility of conducting the exam will conduct JAMB for those who want to pursue a career in the university. It is this examination that determines if a candidate will offered admission into the University or not.

In the past few years, JAMB used to be written in pencil and paper, but recently as a result of the digital age, that we are it is now a computer-based examination.

How Long Does a JAMB Result Last | 2024 JAMB Validity Update

Since the inception of JAMB, it has been a yearly examination, but in recent times, there has been a clarion call for the extension of the year JAMB score validity period, that is how long the result should last before it expires, or candidates can write another one.

Opinion of the Senate on the JAMB Score Validation Period

After much argument on whether JAMB should be extended or not, the senate has decided to come up with a  bill to make it a law that will back up the move, as a result, it has proposed a bill to see to it that JAMB can be used for more than one year. 

This bill has been through readings in the House and is yet to receive approval from the Senate. precisely, they think that JAMB should allow the UTME score to last for at least three years before a candidate can take another such examination.

In the same vein, the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics ASUP, has also pleaded with JAMB to extend the JAMB score validity period for candidates. 

Apart from this, a random opinion of the populace has also made clear that writing JAMB every year is resource-consuming, owing to the fact some candidates come from a humble background, and if they fail to gain admission the first year, it will cost them more fund to register again another year.

JAMB Opinion on UTME Score Validation Period

Just as the senae have their own opinion, which is for JAMb to validate years that UTME scores can last, JAMB’s stand has always been no, with some reasons to back up their opinion too.

So what is the opinion of JAMB in this case? According to the registrar of JAMB Ishaq Oloyede, JAMB is a different examination, it is not like WAEC and people should not compare it to other examinations.

He stated that JAMB cannot be used for more than one year because it is a ranking test and not an achievement test. He further buttresses his point, that JAMB helps Universities rank students on admission every year, and as such it cannot use last year’s result to rank a student for this year, that is why JAMB cannot last more than one year.



Why has WAEC lasted for many years, but JAMB has not?

JAMB is a ranking test, while WAEC is not, rather, WAEC is an achievement examination. 

Is it possible for JAMB to repeat the same question every year? 

No, JAMB cannot repeat the same question for many years, but they can repeat a question that was asked last year if most candidates fail.   

Is it possible for JAMB to be conducted twice in a year?

JAMB is conducted just once a year, and as such, candidates are to write JAMB for only one time per year. If any candidate fails to meet up with the JAMB test score and he/she misses the admission, he/she will take the exam, the next year that examination will be conducted. 

Will JAMB accept to extension of the JAMB score validity period?

For now, JAMB has not reached any consensus, it still stands its ground that JAMB will be written every year.


For now, you have to know that JAMB is still a yearly examination, this is because JAMB has not accepted to extend the JAMB score validity period. Until the bill is passed, just know that the JAMB is a yearly examination, until proven otherwise. Meanwhile, all the candidates are advised to continue to wait patiently until the issue is been resolved by the senate, and hopefully, the JAMB will extend the JAMB score validity period.

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