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2024 ExamGuide JAMB UTME offline CBT Practice Software…

With over 35,000 JAMB questions and answers, the ExamGuide UTME CBT Practice Software is one of the best study materials for candidates who are preparing to participate in the 2024/2025 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). So, with the help of this UTME CBT Practice software, you are sure to get to know the likely appearing questions and how to answer them correctly, thereby increasing your chance of hitting a high score in the forthcoming JAMB examination.

So, if you are a prospective JAMB candidate, who is not conversant with the use of computers, or maybe you are sure of how prepared you are to face the tension at the JAMB exam hall, then here is the solution for you. Practicing with ExamGuide UTME CBT Software will immensely help you to overcome this.

About UTME

The unified tertiary matriculation examination is a transitional exam that’s usually taken by candidates who are aiming to gain admission into a Nigerian tertiary institution.

However, the process of this examination is overseen by a certain regulatory body known as the JOINT ADMISSIONS AND MATRICULATION BOARD (JAMB).

Nonetheless, a lot of candidates do find it difficult to hit the JAMB scores needed to gain admission into their preferred citadel of learning. This is not because they’ve not studied or prepared for the exam, but sometimes, it’s a result of the wrong preparatory approach, and that’s why ExamGuide JAMB UTME offline CBT Practice Software is developed to help you out.

This JAMB UTME CBT App is unarguably the best tool that can help you as a prospective UTME candidate to prepare rightly and get a better score.

This software will bluntly tell if you are ready to write the UTME exam or not. Like, by practicing with the ExamGuide UTME Software, you will know your level of preparation for the exam.

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How Does ExamGuide CBT Software Work?

It is pertinent to note that the ExamGuide CBT Software is a licensed application that works perfectly well on both high-end phones, and PCs, and each license key works per device. Meaning, that you can’t use one license key on two devices, you have to purchase two activation keys if you are using two PCs for that purpose.

Upon a successful download, installation, launching, and activation of the CBT software on either your phone or PC, you will automatically have access to all the UTME study materials that are in the software, including 35,000+ questions and answers to practice with.

The software is built exactly like the real JAMB CBT Software that you’ll use at your exam center on the main day. Meaning, that you will see the real representation of the JAMB exam.

The beauty of it all is that the software has a USER FRIENDLY Interface, and you can use it even without activation. But, you’ll have access to limited functionalities, and questions.

ExamGuide CBT software comes with time sets, meaning the software will set the time for each test, just as the real JAMB exam software does.

After each test practice, the software is designed to automatically mark, and score the exam, after which you will have an exact result of how your performance was. You will get to see your weaknesses and strengths, that’s after going through your overall performance on a certain TEST.

The software doesn’t only come with Questions, but answers are also provided with detailed explanations, so as to help foster your learning experience.

I know that a lot of you will be asking “How sure are we that these questions will likely appear in the 2024 UTME exam”;

Yes, over the years past, we have studied the JAMB UTME question patterns, and it appeared to be that they’ve been using similar question-asking patterns, and in most cases, questions asked in previous years are often times repeated.

If you can steadily focus on about 6 years of JAMB Past Questions, you will observe that a particular question has been asked for about 4 or 5 years repeatedly.

Adding to the aforementioned stated brief on ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Practice Software, it’ll also interest you to know that the software works OFFLINE, meaning, you don’t need an active internet connection before getting access to the questions and answers on the software.

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Is ExamGuide JAMB UTME offline CBT Practice Software Free?

ExamGuide will not charge you a dime in order to download this CBT software, and after installing the application on either your phone or PC, you can launch the app immediately, and start using it for FREE!

But, using it for FREE means, you are using the trial version, and won’t have access to all the questions and answers. With the FREE trial version of this CBT software, you will be able to practice a maximum of 5 questions in all subjects that you want to practice.

However, to gain access to the full functionality of the ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT software application, and following the fact that it’s a licensed application, you will have to PAY the license fee which is quite affordable and worth paying for.

But, before I tell you the PRICE of the license or activation key that will help you to have full access while using the software app, let’s show you the values that you will get from this UNIQUE JAMB CBT Software.

Unique Features of the ExamGuide JAMB UTME offline CBT Practice Software     


  1. Inbuilt calculator
  2. Summary of all JAMB-approved literature textbooks for its exam, including LIFE CHANGER
  3. Over 35,000 Questions, and detailed explain answers
  4. Exact Practice or Test Score display
  5. Onetime subscription fee
  6. Ability to practice more than one subject simultaneously
  7. It comes with a Dictionary to help provide exact meaning to words
  8. It allows you to BOOKMARK any question for further studying
  9. Educational games to help keep your brain active
  10. Classroom Section, where you’ll find study materials for each subject
  11. AI tutor that helps you out when finding it difficult to understand a certain topic.
  12. ExamGuide CBT app comes with an offline chatbot known as CLARA that’s capable of providing real-time answers and solutions to your queries.
  13. It has the TEXT to SPEECH (VOICE) functionality, which allows you to LISTEN to questions and explain answers clearly.
  14. It has the UTME challenge section, where you can compete with other students using the app, and win exciting prizes.
  15. It’ll interest you to know that SOFTWARE does not EXPIRE.
  16. By using the app, you have the right to change everything easily, just as you want. These include; Exam year, Name, Number of Subjects, exam mode and formats, etc.
  17. The Career and Institutions section on the app, helps you to know the needed subject combination for your course, as well as the best institution in Nigeria that provides quality education for your choice of COURSE.

By using this app, you will get to enjoy the above-mentioned features, amongst many other unique features that’ll unlock.

Where to Download ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Software Application

Here is the Official portal to download ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Software – https://examguide.com/offline/products/utme

On the official page, you’ll see the Download button, once click, you will have to choose if you are downloading it for a PC or an Android device.

Cost of Buying ExamGuide UTME CBT Software Activation Code

Purchasing the CBT software activation key will cost you the sum of three thousand naira (3000) only.

The code given will help you to gain access to all the app features, including all the subjects, and not only your subject of preference.

So, once you activate the software on your PC, and maybe your course subject combination is ART-wise, and you have a friend or siblings whose course subject is Science related, he/she can still use your PC as well to test their proficiency in using CBT, and as well prepare towards the exam using your PC, provided the ExamGuide UTME CBT Software is activated on your computer.

How to Make Payment for the ExamGuide UTME CBT Software Activation Code

There are different ways to make payment for the activation code, including;



This is the most recommended payment for you, as it’s way more easily done than the offline payment method.

The payment here is done online on the app, after installation, and the app will be automatically activated.



For offline transfer for the ExamGuide CBT Software Activation code, payment of #3000 naira should be made to any of the following account information;

Bank Name: GT BANK

Account Number: 066592085

Account Name: Zigmatech Consult Limited

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Number: 1219402034

Account Name: Zigmatech Consult Limited

Bank Name: First Bank

Account Number: 2040954356

Account Name: Zigmatech Consult Limited

PS: Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the app on your device before proceeding to make payment. This is because you’ll be required to provide the App product key that’s specifically designed for the device you’ve downloaded the app. The Product key you sent is what’ll be used to generate the Activation Key for you.

Following a successful payment, you will have to send the following details to our customer service department on WHATSAPP or Email;

Official WhatsApp No: 08135122464

Official Email Address: info@zigmatechconsult.com

Details you are to send Are;         

  1. Payment Receipt
  2. The ExamGuide JAMB CBT Software Product Key on your PC

NOTE: The point circle with RED INK is where to find the PRODUCT KEY. Copy it exactly and send it to ExamGuide.

Once your payment is confirmed, an Activation code will be generated and sent to you through your Provided Email address or contact number.

For more inquiries, contact us on WhatsApp: 08135122464

ExamGuide UTME CBT Software Activation Process

For Those Who will pay Online on the App:

If you want to activate your ExamGuide UTME CBT software, kindly follow the following process to get that done;

STEP 1: Download and Launch the App on your device

STEP 2: Provide the needed information upon launching the app, to open the main interface. These will include your name, State, and Email address, and then choose at least 4 subjects that you’d love to practice.

NOTE:  There is other information that is required in the phase, but the ones mentioned are the most important, while others are optional.

Upon filling the spaces, and CONTINUE, the app interface will open normally.

STEP 3: At the top right corner of the Screen, you’ll see the “ACTIVATE” option, click on it.

ExamGuide JAMB UTME offline CBT Practice Software

STEP 4: Locate and click on the “Buy Activation Key”, and choose Pay with Card/Bank, since you want to make your payment online.

NOTE: You’ll have to provide an active email address in the required space.

STEP 5: Click on “Proceed”. By clicking the proceed button, you will be asked to confirm if you want to continue to the online payment portal. Click on “Proceed”, and you will be automatically redirected to make a payment using your card details or bank transfer to the online payment platform.

ExamGuide JAMB UTME offline CBT Practice Software

At this point, you’ll have to make your choice of payment, you can choose the Card option. So, on the required spaces, provide accurately, your;

  3. CVV

After you’ve provided the details, click on Pay NGN 3,000, and follow the prompt options to proceed with your payment for the activation key.

You can also use the Transfer option on the online payment platform, and follow the prompt instructions to activate.

Once your payment is successful, your ExamGuide UTME CBT software will be automatically ACTIVATED.

For Those Who will pay with a Direct Bank Deposit for the Activation Code:

Upon receiving the ACTIVATION CODE from ExamGuide for your Product Key. Kindly follow the process below to activate the software.

  1. Launch the app
  2. Locate and click on the “ACTIVATE “ option on the right corner of the software interface
  3. Click on the “Activate with Key” option
    ExamGuide JAMB UTME offline CBT Practice Software
  4. Provide the Activation Key that was sent to you in the required space, and click on the Activate button displayed below.
  5. Your App is successfully activated, and you might have to restart the software. Once the app opens, you will observe that the ACTIVATE option nor the PRODUCT key is displayed on the app.

This means you are set to use the app unlimitedly.

ExamGuide JAMB UTME offline CBT Practice Software

Congratulations on the successful activation of your ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT Software.

DISCLAIMER: The questions and answers displayed here are for study purposes based on the past questions, and as such, aren’t the QUESTIONS you’ll see when writing your exam. Though some questions might likely appear.

N/B: ExamGuide.com is in no way affiliated to JAMB

FAQS on ExamGuide 2024 JAMB CBT Software

Can I Use one activation key on two PCs or Phones?


The CBT activation code works per device, meaning, if you have 50 devices to activate the ExamGuide JAMB UTME CBT software on, you’ll have to purchase 50 activations.

NOTE: Each CBT software downloaded, installed, and launched in a particular device comes with its unique PRODUCT KEY, which will be used in generating the licensed ACTIVATION CODE.

How much does ExamGuide Jamb CBT Software Activation Code Cost?

The price for ExamGuide CBT activation code is #3000

I want to download the CBT software, Where is the official Download link for ExamGuide UTME CBT App?


What if I mistakenly Deleted or uninstall the App on my device after I have Activated it?

You will only have to reinstall the application on the same device. Re-enter your activation key and you are back to your favorite app.

What if I format my device


To be candid with you, you’ve lost everything. And you’ll need to buy another activation if you download the app again.

Remember that each download and installation comes with its unique PRODUCT KEY, and ACTIVATION codes are generated per product key.

Thanks for reading through, and please share this information to reach others! GOODLUCK!!

John is the CREATIVE LEAD at LegitSchoolInfo.com. Legit School Info is a team of Resource academicians and Consultants led by John Akpan. However, If you need personal assistance on this topic, kindly contact us.

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