How to Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos
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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos in 2024

Are you have issues posting content on YouTube? It would have been very simple for almost everybody to own a YouTube account, but since posting content on YouTube requires more videos, it has not been easy as such, and that is because creating videos requires some tools, time, and the skill of editing, so most people who don’t have what it takes are left out. 

But even at that do you know that you can actually make some money from YouTube without posting Videos? Yes, that is very possible, and that is what we are going to discuss today in this post so that you too can make money from YouTube even if you don’t have what it takes to create videos for your post. So if you are interested in learning about how you can post other content not necessarily videos read this article as we bring to you full details and a list of things you can post and still make money from YouTube.

How to Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos

How to Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos

  1. Guided meditation
  2. Post other peoples work
  3. Start a Blog
  4. Creating sound effects
  5. Podcast 
  6. Create Slide Decks
  7. Creating Tutorials
  8. Digital whiteboard
  9. Sign Up for Nielsen
  10. Employ Stop- motion 
  11. Computer generated animation

Guided meditation

You can make money on YouTube without6 posting videos by making audio posts. Nowadays, YouTube has started monetizing audio that they have discovered to have a repetition in nature and that is what is referred to as guided meditation. It is one way of making money on YouTube without posting videos.

Post Other Content Creator’s Work

There is an avenue that is now open for people who cannot create their own videos to post other content creators’ videos. This can be made possible through what is called YouTube call aggregation. What it means is for you to create content since you cannot create a new clip. This process helps you to save the time you would have used in creating new content. For instance, you can aggregate some movie trailers and post them.

Start a Blog

 You can also start a blog on YouTube. Do you know that whenever you scroll through a blog and in it you see a YouTube video that the owner of the blog is actually making money from that? Yes, and you can do the same and make money too.

Recording of Audio ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), is another YouTube audio strategy of making money. This is a process that is used to describe a tingling sensation generated in response to specific audio triggers such as:

  • Tapping,
  • Scratching
  • And whispering.

The aforementioned strategy is used to gather ASMR-triggering sounds that do not come with videos. The means has had viewers not less than 241,000 right now and has generated over  $1,205 as income.

Creating Sound Effects

YouTube also recognizes Fair Use/Royalty Free sound effects.

TV and creators are so much in need of easy-to-use cheap/free sound effects. Creating cheap sound/free effects can earn you so much money on YouTube. Examples of such sound effects include:

  • Bodily function (like farts)
  • Animal noises
  • Alarms
  • Nature sounds
  • Construction noises (like hammers)


Podcasting is one other means of making money on YouTube without making Videos. If podcasting is your area of focus, what you need to do is:

  • Record some audio, 
  • Upload it to your YouTube channel, 
  • Upload it to your personal blog, 
  • And publish it to an RSS feed 

For some time now science magazine has been uploading an audio-only podcast on YouTube which has received over 4,200 viewers.

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Creating Tutorials

You can make money on YouTube by creating tutorials that capture your computer screens where the tutorials are reflected. You can through this means teach people how they can troubleshoot software, game, code, or fix things on their computers.

Some of the subjects Matthew that is captured by Google under this category are:

  • Gaming
  • Graphic design
  • Microsoft products
  • Coding and software development

You can take a look at HTG Goerge’s tutorials and creations, which have now reached 69,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Create Slide Decks

Creating a slide deck is another means you can do to make money on YouTube if you have a skill. So if there is an idea you have and think you can share with the entire world, having a screen-capture-style tutorial, by way of creating a slide deck will be a fantastic idea for you to start with.

You can achieve this by Simply creating a tutorial or an online course with Powerpoint or Google Slides, that captures your screen as you present them. The following topics will be found under the slide deck:

  • Foreign language
  • Real estate
  • Driver’s safety
  • Interior design
  • Photography

Use of Digital Whiteboard

Apart from using the aforementioned point (Create a Slide Decks), you can also use of Digital whiteboard. In creating slide decks, you will be using your hand but if you create a digital whiteboard, you will have to make use of computer software such as:

  • Paint
  • Adobe Illustrator

Computer Generated Animation

You can also create a computer-generated animation. The truth is that this particular one will require a lot of skill and technicality, except for those who are naturally animators. However, for this, you are expected to employ software such as:

  • Adobe Animate to create cartoons,
  • To make stories 
  • Or even for online tutorials.

Employ Stop-Motion 

Stop motion: this is a technic that is employed by filmmakers whereby:

  •  Objects are transported or manipulated in tiny increments
  • Captured in a series of photographed stills
  • And stitched together to create an animation.

This method of making money on YouTube without videos has reached about 10 million views. One of the popular mediums for achieving this is through the use of puppets and clay, but you can actually use anything you feel around you to do it.

Sign Up for Nielsen

You can sign up with Nielsen and also make money from YouTube. What will you do to be paid by YouTube? In this approach, you will be rewarded a good sum of money for sharing data about how they use the internet. This involves browsing the internet and watching content, thereby, giving Nielsen access to your viewing history and habits.


 Thank you for reading the list of 11 (eleven) posts or content you can create and post on YouTube that are not videos. I hope you were able to get one or two ideas that will help you to make your YouTube posts now.

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