2024 Cheapest Data Plans For Students In Nigeria (All Networks)

Cheapest Data Plans for Students in Nigeria; I am going to show you some of the cheapest data plans you can use as a student.

If you are not a high-data consumer like me, be rest assured these data plans will serve you perfectly.

Currently, we have the four most consistent telecommunication Giants in Nigeria, Mtn, Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo.

We make use of either of these networks for internet services.

I currently use Mtn and Airtel. I’ve also used Glo and Etisalat. I am well experienced when it comes to data. Data is pretty expensive.

As a student, it’s never easy, we are going to look at Cheapest Data Plan For Nigerian Students on all networks.

Starting with MTN, I am going to analyze different affordable data plans every Nigerian student should go for.

I hope by the end of this article, you’ll no longer have to worry about buying expensive Data bundles.

I know how you feel, we all know Data is oxygen.

What Are the Cheapest Data Plans for Students in Nigeria (All Networks)?



Below is the Cheapest MTN Data for Nigerian Students (Cheapest Packages)

MTN Nigeria is probably one of the biggest and most reliable telecommunication Giants in Nigeria, they offer arrays of Data subscriptions for their users, from daily plans to weekly, monthly, three months, and yearly plans.

The question is which is affordable for you as a student? Let’s analyze them one after the other

1. MTN Midnight Plans

Do you love surfing the internet during night hours?

If yes then this plan is for you. The Mtn night plan is specially reserved for Mtn pulse users, while in school, I make use of this plan as it’s very cheap, the only downside is the fact you’ll only use it around midnight, the night plan offers 250Mb for #25, and 500Mb for #50, the limit you can do per night is 2Gb, it starts at 11 pm and ends at 6 am the next day.

Mtn night plan is one of the most affordable you can get as a student. This plan works on all devices.

Dial *406# to access this plan.

2. MTN 6Gb weekly plan

The 6Gb weekly plan is another data you should look out for, I am currently using this.

I barely exhaust it by the end of seven days, you can purchase this plan with #1,500.

To purchase, dial *131# on your Mtn line and click the weekly option.

3. MTN all social Bundles

Are you a Social Media type?

If yes is the answer then you should consider using the social bundle. with as little as #50, you can get up to 150Mb worth of social bundle, you will have access to social media platforms Facebook and WhatsApp, and you can also access Opera Mini with the social bundle.

Anytime I am not too buoyant, I buy this plan as it keeps me abreast with Facebook and WhatsApp.

The price for this plan is N50 for 150Mb daily, N100 for 350Mb weekly, and N250 for 1Gb monthly.

4. MTN YouTube plan

Do you enjoy streaming YouTube?

YouTube is one of my best platforms. I have acquired so much knowledge from the video blog. As a student with a desire to learn, you can grab a thing or two on the platform.

If you enjoy YouTube like me, then this plan is for you.

It is relatively cheap, the YouTube plan comes with two packages, the 1-hour plan which costs N150, and the 3hrs plan which you’ll get for N400. To buy other MTN plans, dial *131#

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* For Airtel Users

Below are the Cheapest airtel Data plans for Nigerian Students 

Airtel is another network provider that provides value to its data subscribers.

I would advise you to get an Airtel Sim if you want cheap and affordable data, their Network is not that bad either.

1. Airtel N200 for 1GB Data Plan

Once your Airtel line is recharged with at least N200, dial *141*2424# to activate this Data Plan.

The validity period of this plan is 7 days.

So for one week, depending on how you use this plan, it should be able to go a long way.

2. Airtel 2GB daily Plan

I do this plan when I urgently need to download some apps on the Google play store, with just N500, you can buy this 2GB data on Airtel. I

its duration period is 48 hrs, if you have something urgent to do online within two days, you should consider purchasing this bundle as you will get better value for money.

3. Airtel Social Bundle

The Airtel Social Bundle is relatively more expensive than MTN. If you want to buy this bundle and have both MTN and Airtel lines, I would advise you to go for MTN social bundle.

Airtel daily social bundle offers 40Mb for N50 compared to MTN 150Mb for the same N50.

Airtel gives you a 200Mb weekly social bundle for N100 MTN gives 350Mb for the same price and finally, Airtel offers 700Mb Worth of Social Bundle for N300 compared to MTN that offers 1GB Worth of social bundle for N50 less at N250.

If you are a social media type that enjoys Facebook and WhatsApp, then this is for you.

If you equally want a social bundle that has more value, then you should go for Mtn Social Bundle. To subscribe to this plan, dial *141# in your Airtel line and click the next button.

You’ll see an all Airtel Social Bundle option, click and buy your desired plans.

4. Airtel 6GB weekly Plans

Some people enjoy Daily, weekly, monthly or Even Yearly Data subscriptions, if you are among those who enjoy weekly subscriptions or would want to subscribe weekly, then this offer is for you.

Airtel offers its customers 6GB of Data for N1,500.

I know as a student the price may be expensive, but you know how much Data the internet consumes, this plan should be enough for about seven days if you manage effectively.

To buy this plan and other Airtel plans, dial *141# on your Airtel line and click on the weekly Data plans to buy.

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* For Glo Users

Listed down there are the cheapest GLO Data Plans for Students

Glo Nigeria is known as the Grand Masters of Data, this is not surprising because Glo offers one of the best Data packages in the Nigerian market.

Let’s take a look at some of these Bundles that may help you as a student.

1. Glo N25 Data Plan

This is probably the cheapest data plan you can get in Nigeria, only Glo will give you Data for N25.

With just N25, you can get a Data bundle worth 12.5Mb on Glo, yes the data is small, but the amount is even smaller, as a student sometimes you may not be financially disposed of, and sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have less N50 in your account balance, you may be out of Data and need an emergency subscription, you can just go for this one pending when you will buy a better Data.

To buy this plan simply dial *127*32# in your Glo line or text 32 to 127.

2. Glo N200 Night Plan

With just N200, you can buy 1GB Glo night plans, this plan starts from 12 AM to 5 AM, if you are not like me that hardly stay awake past midnight, then you should go for this plan.

To purchase, dial *127*60# or text 60 to 127.

3. Glo TGIF Weekend Plan

Wow, Thank God Is Friday.

After Monday to Friday school hassles, finally, the weekend is here, Glo offers you special weekend plans that will make sure you don’t have boring weekends, with just N500, you will be able to purchase 3GB worth of data.

You’ll be able to use it From 11:59 pm Friday night to Sunday 11:59 pm, purchase this affordable data for your weekend, dial *127*61# or text 61 to 127.

Remember you only use it on weekends.

4. Glo Campus booster Plans

If you are on Campus, then this is the best for you.
The Glo Campus booster is a data plan that doubles the quantity of your while on campus, instead of 200mb for N200 it gives you 400MB for the same amount.

Dial *777# to see the various Glo and campus booster Plans.

*For 9Mobile(Etisalat) Users

For students friendly and cheapest data lists for Etisalat users, kindly check below; 

Formerly Etisalat,9mobile is also there with some amazing plans for its customers, they are one of the best telecommunication providers in Nigeria with high internet connection nationally, though I for one think their prices are on the high compared to others we are going to analyze some of those plans.
9mobile Weekly Data Plans.

With just N500, you can get the 9Mobile 1GB+ social data, this plan is valid for 7 days. Dial *229*2*1# to buy these plans.

1. 9Mobile 3 days Data plans

With just N500, you will get 2GB+ social Data valid for 3 days.

I particularly find this plan interesting, dial *229*3*4# to subscribe to this plan.

To access all other 9Mobile plans, dial *229# and choose the most fitting for you.


By now you should know all the affordable data plans you can purchase as a student, things are hard, and I can relate.

I would advise you to use two lines for data, for example, am using MTN and Airtel, I use my MTN line for social bundles since it’s cheaper than Airtel, I use my Airtel line for main plans, and whenever I want to make use of Facebook and WhatsApp.

I switch to Airtel, if I want to use Chrome and other apps, I use Airtel, this way I am able to economize my Data bundles.

Thanks for reading through!

Hope this article was helpful. If yes, please ensure sharing it to reach others

John is the CREATIVE LEAD at Legit School Info is a team of Resource academicians and Consultants led by John Akpan. However, If you need personal assistance on this topic, kindly contact us.

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