Top 10 Food Producing Companies in Nigeria
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Top 10 Food Producing Companies In Nigeria (2024 Update)

Top 10 Food Producing Companies in Nigeria – Every day you eat a sausage roll, noodles biscuits, drink beverages, and other consumable food produced, have you ever stopped by to find out who are the producers of this food that you enjoy? 

Whether you know it or yes, today, we are going to list out the top ten food manufacturing companies in Nigeria that are responsible for the production of all that you have been consuming all these years. However, we crave your indulgence to read this article so that you can at least know the names of the companies that are behind what you eat daily.

Top 10 Food Producing Companies in Nigeria

Top 10 Food Producing Companies in Nigeria

  1. United African Company Limited UAC
  2. Unilever Nigeria PLC
  3. Levintis Food limited
  4. Honeywell Flour Mill
  5. Dangote Industries Limited
  6. Rite Food Limited
  7. Chi Limited
  8. Cadbury Nigeria Limited
  9. Dufil Prima Food
  10. Beloxxie Industries Limited

#1. United African Company Limited UAC


One of the largest food manufacturing companies in Nigeria is United African Company Limited UAC which was founded in 1931. It is a food-producing company that produces and packages food products. The following are the foods produced by the company, they include but are not limited to: 

  • Supreme ice cream,
  •  Bottled water
  • Sausage buns, and cake
  • Grand Oil,
  • Grand Cereal, and Vital Poultry Feed.

Contact Address

Where can you find the company? The company has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. United African Company Limited UAC is located at LCDA, 16 Ikorodu Road, Ojota 2340211, Lagos.

#2. Unilever Nigeria PLC

The second in the list of top 10 food-producing companies in Nigeria is Unilever Nigeria plc. The company produces and markets food ingredients and personal care products. 

This company was founded by the executive chief officer of the company Robert Hesketh Leverhulme, in 1923. Before now, Unilever Nigeria plc was known as Levers Brothers Nigeria, before it came out and be known as Unilever.

  • What are the food products that they manufacture/ They are the producer of the popular:
  •  Blue Band Margarine, 
  • Lipton yellow Label Tea,
  •  close-up and pepsodent toothpaste, 
  • Lux soap,
  •  Rexona, 
  • Vaseline lotion and petroleum jelly, 
  • seasoning cubes 
  • And other products

Contact Address

The company is situated at 1 Billings Way,

 Oregun 101233, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

#3. Levintis Food Limited

In our list, of top ten food manufacturing companies in Nigeria, Leventis Food Limited is the third food company we are going to look at. The Leventis food company was founded in 1999 but commenced operation in 2001.

 Since its inception, it has maintained a very high-quality manufacturing of food items in Nigeria.

Before it was founded in 1999, it was a subsidiary of A.G. Leventis Group. The company manufactures food that includes:

  • Hot spicy rolls, 
  • Sweet rolls and Meaty sausage rolls.

Contact Address

If you are looking for Leventis Food, it is situated in Apapa, Lagos.

#4. Honeywell Flour Mill

Honeywell Flour Mill is another food manufacturing company in Nigeria that focuses on the production of wheat and non-wheat-based products. Honeywell Flour Mill is a conglomerate firm that was founded in 1972 by Dr. Oba Otudeko

Some of its food products are Honeywell include the following:

  • Noodles
  • Honeywell Pasta,
  • Honeywell Wheat meal, 
  • Honeywell Superfine Flour, 
  • Honeywell spaghetti 

Contact Address

Honeywell Flour Mill is located at 

Oregun 101233 Ikeja and NPA Premises, 

2nd Gate Bye-Pass Tin-can Island Port Lagos Nigeria.

#5. Dangote Industry Limited

This is a diversified, conglomerate organization that is into the manufacturing of several consumable and non-consumables commodities. Dangote Group of Company was founded by Aliko Dangote, in 1981 (African Richest man). In the whole of Africa, it is considered as one of the largest conglomerates. It has about 30,000 staff strength.

Dangote Industries Limited is into the manufacturing of goods such as;

  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Sugar 
  • Flour
  • Pasta 
  • Cement

Contact Address

Dangote Industries Limited has its headquarters situated in:

CXRR+G7Q, 105101, Lagos. 

#6. Rite Food Limited

Rite Food is another large manufacturing food company in Nigeria that has contributed immensely to the survival of Nigeria in terms of manufactured food. The company was founded in 2007 at Adebola House, Opebi Ikeja. The company started as a subsidiary Ess-Asy Holding Limited before it became rite food limited.

Rite food limited is focused on the production of food in Nigeria in the area of 

  • Soft drinks, 
  • Sausage rolls, 
  • Drinking bottle water 
  • And other products

Contact Address

Where can you find rite food limited? They are located at 

40 Opebi Road, 

Adebola House, 

Ikeja Lagos State, Nigeria.

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#7. Chi Limited 

Chi Limited is next on the list of our top ten food manufacturing companies in Nigeria. The company was founded in 1980. The company is owned by Coca-Cola company. Chi Limited manufacture food drink and fruit juice. 

The company manufactures consumable food items such as:

  • Dairy, 
  • Snacks, 
  • And beverages.
  • Hollandia yogurt, 
  • Caprisonne, 
  • Chivita Exotic, 
  • Super bites,
  • Beefie beef roll

Contact Address

To contact chi limited, you will find them at:

14 Chivita Avenue, 

Oshodi-Isolo 102214, 

Lagos, Nigeria.

#8. Cadbury Nigeria Limited

Cadbury Nigeria Limited is a food manufacturing company that is mainly owned by Mondelez International, but the company was founded by John Cadbury in 1960. The company is mainly in the business of manufacturing and selling consumable goods to Nigerians. The current Chief Executive Officer of Cadbury Nigerian Plc is Oyeyimika Adeboye.

Cadbury Nigeria Limited produces products such as; 

  • Cocoa butter, 
  • Cakes, and chocolate powder
  •  Bournvita Drink
  • Eclairs, 
  • Malta sweet, 
  • Trebor,
  • Peppermint.

Contact Address

Cadbury Nigeria Limited headquarters are located at 

Lateef Jakande Agidingbi Road, 

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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#9. Dufil Prima Food

Dufil Prima Food is eighth among the top ten food-producing companies in Nigeria. The company owns and operates a firm for the production of instant noodles. The popular indomie instant noodle is their product. Dufil Prima Food Plc was first established in 1996, at Otta, Ogun state, before it was moved to Lagos State.

The consumable goods that are produced by the company include the following but are not limited to;

  • Power pasta, 
  • Minimie Pasta, 
  • Chin chin, 
  • Instant noodles, 
  • Power oil, 
  • Pure flour, 
  • And semolina.

Dufil Prima Food Subsidiaries

It has many other subsidiaries which are:

  • De United Food Industries Limited Nigeria
  • De United Food Industries Limited Ghana
  •  Pure Flour Mills Limited, 
  • Raffles Oil LFTZ Enterprise, 
  • Northern Noodles Limited, 
  • Insignia Print Technology LFTZ

Contact Address

Dufil Prima Food has its headquarters at 

44 Eric Moore Road, 

Surulere 101241, 

Lagos, Nigeria

#10. Beloxxie Industries Limited

Beloxxie Industries Limited they are manufactures mainly biscuits and cream crackers in Nigeria. It is one of the biggest tortillas and bakery industries located in Lagos. Obi Ezeude founded the company in 1994, and today, it has grown very large and is number nine of the top ten food manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

Beloxxie manufactures different types of consumable foods and especially crackers biscuits such as:

  • Beloxxi Cream Crackers to Beloxxi Fine Tea, 
  • Beloxxi Mini Crackers, 
  • Beloxxi Melky, 
  • And Beloxxi
  • tasty, light, crispy cracker

Contact Address

Beloxxie Industries Limited is located at

Plot 8A, Kudirat Abiola Way, 

Oregun 100001, 

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


Thank you for reading our top ten food-producing companies in Nigeria, I hope that now you will be able to know at least some of the companies that are responsible for the production of the food you consume daily.

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