How to Make Money on Social Media with Little or No Capital (2023)

How to Make Money on Social Media – Have you been using social media just for the fun of it? Time has gone that people spend their time and data on social media for catching cruises and having fun alone. Today people spend their hours on social media and at the end of it, they smile home with a good sum of money. So if you are still using social media without making money from it, then you need to wake up from your slumber and join the trend of social media makers on social media.

In that regard, what will inform our article today will be how you can use your social media platforms to make money. We will discuss in detail all the steps, the ways, and the type of things you can do to make money from your social media handles. But before we proceed, let us look at the concept of social media. That is what does social media mean to you? 

How To Make Money on Social Media

Background On Social Media

Social media are instant communication platforms that allow people from all parts of the world to connect with their friends or people they may never have met before physically. Social media create a platform for people to send text messages, voice notes, voice calls, and even video calls, etc.

Social media has come to stay, for decades now, it has changed the way people think, behave, and do things. Most people now see social media as a place for solace, fun, and entertainment. Today, there are over 3 billion social media users around the globe, and millions of users are just using social media to catch fun, but recently a lot of people have carved a niche for themselves, by making social media a platform for making money for themselves.

How to Make Money On Social Media

If you are tired of burning your data and spending hours on social media platforms and coming home to look for money to subscribe to your phone, you too can make money from the platform. Now let us tell you how you can make money.

  1. Keep an active account
  2. Selling of Your Own Products
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Market Your Skills 
  5. Social media manager
  6. Subscription Group 
  7. In-stream Ads
  8. Fan subscription
  9. Go live 
  10. The creator fund

Keep an active account

If you want to make money from any social media platform, you have to ensure that your account is active every time with the right kind of post that will thrill your followers. Being active and posting relevant content is the first and number one thing you need to do if you want to make money on social media. Remember that just being active does not mean you will start making money. But that is a necessary step to start with.

Affiliate Marketing

One way you can make money on social media is for you to become an affiliate marketer for some companies and thereby help them promote their products, and every time they make sales from your referral, you will be given a commission. To start, you just have to sign up with any affiliate marketing program of your choice, there are many of them. In fact, you can start with the Amazon affiliate program.

Selling of Your Own Products

If you have products that you make or produce by yourself, you can also showcase them on your social media platform for people to see, it will shock you that people will contact you and order those products, but you have to ensure that you are offering nothing but best of your products. They could be clothes you sew, electronics, shoes, wristwatches, etc. That is how you can make money through product selling. whatever, you do, just post:

  • The pictures of the items
  • Their prices
  • Contact details 
  • And a description of the product 

Market Your Skills 

Do you have outstanding skills? There is no one who does not have a skill, all you have to do is to develop the skill and make it functional. After that let people know that you have a particular skill which can help solve the problem of someone. No one is a reservoir of skill, there are people out there who don’t have the skill you have therefore, they will be in need of your services and it could be:

  • A painter
  • A designer
  • A content developer
  • A dancing coach

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Social media manager

Nowadays, several organizations on social media platforms for meetings and for discussions that allow a large number of people to send in so many messages because of the tight schedule they will not have all the time to handle the platform and that is why, they will always look for a social media manager to manage the account for them. So if you have mastery in managing an account on social media, then you can be making money from it.

Subscription Group 

You can also create a subscription group and make money from it. How does it work? Facebook subscription groups give you the privilege to create a private group for your followers who will pay a fee for being a member of such a group. This group will permit you to share content that is highly exclusive.

In-stream Ads

You can also make money from what is called in-stream ads. instream-Ads you post a short video or image ads and earn some money that are generated from the ads you post, in fact, viewers will need to watch the ads first before watching the video.

Fan subscription

Facebook has launched what it calls a fan subscription, here, followers are made to support directly creators that they like so much and enjoy their works. In the same vein, the platform has decided to pay creators a bonus sum of money say 5 to 20 dollars for every new subscriber they have for some years to come. The goal of this is to see to it that 1 billion dollars will be invested in the creators before 2023. So fan subscription is also one way you can earn money while using social media.

Go live

You can also make money on TIK TOK by going live and getting gifts live. In TikTok, your viewers can send you virtual stickers while you are live streaming. You can then collect all these gits and turn them into real money. They could be diamonds, accessories, etc.

The creator fund

By joining the creator fund, you can make more money for yourself by creating content and if you find out that the content is popular and people are engaging in it, you make more money from the same content by recreating the same content more and more.


 We have listed out 10 ten different ways you can make money from Facebook, they are listed above. Thank you for reading. There are other ways you can make money too on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

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