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Scholarships to study medicine and surgery abroad

Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery Abroad – Science students wishing to study medicine now have the opportunity to do so in not just their Country of citizenship University but international universities through this scholarship opportunity.

Studying medicine and surgery abroad is one of the daring dreams of most science students. To help you achieve this, this website has gathered the most effective scholarship opportunities for just you.

Off course you cannot be an art student and then wish t study medicine and surgery. It is basically for science students because it is pure science.

Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery Abroad

Medicine and surgery is a course that has to do with human health. It is a very broad course because it concerns the various and different parts of human health. It is known that there is no genius in all fields.

You can only be a professional in particular or more fields. So whichever branch of medicine and surgery you wish to study we got you covered with these scholarship opportunities.

In this article, we will be specifically telling you the different scholarship opportunities available for students intending to study medicine and surgery abroad, the deadline, and Host University.

Scholarships to Study Medicine and Surgery Abroad

The different scholarship opportunities to study medicine and surgery abroad include:

  1. Medicine and surgery scholarship opportunities in Australia
  2. Australian awards scholarships
  3. masters and Ph.D. scholarships for international students
  4. The University of Sydney undergraduate scholarship
Australian Awards Scholarship

This is a scholarship available for students who wish to study medicine and surgery in Australia. This scholarship is open for undergraduate, postgraduate, and degree programs

This scholarship is regarded as the third scholarship study abroad destination for international students. It is sponsored by the department of foreign affairs and trade and it is fully funded.

It covers your tuition fees, return travel fair, establishment allowance, accommodation, contribution to living expenses, health cover, etc.

We have a list of countries that are eligible to partake in this scholarship from the Asia and African continents.  For more information, you can visit the scholarship website for more information.

Masters and Ph.D. Scholarship for Foreign Students

This scholarship was approved by the government of Slovak. It is specifically for master’s students. It covers a period of one to two semesters in a Slovak university.

Only citizens of European Union member states are eligible to apply.  The scholarship worth for university students is 7,000SKK and for PhD students is 14,000.

The approved monthly scholarship for young researchers is 20,000SKK and for Ph.D. holders 25,00SKK. For senior researchers 30,00SKK.

To apply for this scholarship you can log on to The deadline for this application is May and November respectively.

University Of Sydney Undergraduate Scholarships

This is a scholarship that is available in Australia. The scholarships are given to students applying for admission through the universities admission center.

There are two levels of undergraduate scholarships. The entry and merit scholarships. The entry scholarships are worth $6,000 for a period of one year and the merit scholarships are worth $ 6,000 for a period of 5 years only.

The deadline for this application is at the end of September. Application forms are available at the mid of July of each scholarship year. For more information and inquiries visit the scholarships website.

Medicine and Surgery scholarships opportunities in Canada

Ontario trillium scholarships

Canadian commonwealth scholarships and fellowship plan

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

Ontario Graduate Scholarships Program

This is one of the best scholarship opportunities for medicine and surgery students in Canada. It is a merit-based scholarship program offered by governmental bodies in the province of Ontario. The scholarships cover bodies of about 22 scholarships.

This particular scholarship is applicable to PG and doctoral degrees. It amounts to $10,000 for 2 terms offside and $15,000 for 3 terms of study.

The scholarship is a one-time payment. And it is available for international students. For more information and inquiries about the scholarships you can log in to the scholarships platform at

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan

This scholarship was launched in 1957. It is a merit-based and need-based scholarship. It is being organized by the commonwealth scholarships commission.

The scholarship is a yearly scholarship that covers the tuition fees and extra funds which are approximately 5, 68,282INR.

The scholarship opportunity is basically for master’s and doctorate students. This scholarship can be renewed yearly till your educational period is over

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

This is one of the best-rated scholarships opportunity for medical students. It is offered for persons doing doctoral programs and the scholarship grant is worth $25,000 a year with a possible expansion of 1 month for three years.

For postdoctoral scholarships $35, 000 for a period of one year. For the short term, it is about $ 3,000 for four months. To apply for this scholarship you need to be eligible and also have the necessary required documents.

scholarship opportunities for medicine and surgery students in Japan

Asian scholarships

British Council IELTS Award 2022

Education future international scholarships 2024

Asian Scholarship

This includes fully funded scholarship opportunities for undergraduates.

France and Ghana research grants

National university scholarships

SBI Youth for India fellowship

Chinese government scholarships etc.

British Council IELTS 2022

This is a scholarship opportunity that came into existence in two thousand and twenty-two (2022).  It is a scholarship opportunity for bachelor’s and master’s students. It is a partially funded scholarship which means the institution pays part and the students pay half.

This also means that you have t show that you are financially buoyant before you will be eligible. This scholarship is open to all nationals and can be taken by any country.

It provides up to £3,000 and a maximum of £10,000


Education Future International Scholarship 2024.

This is a scholarship opportunity that is for bachelor’s and master’s students intending to study medicine and surgery. It is open to Indian nationals.

This scholarship deadline is 31 May 2023. It is partially funded. It is worth’s INR 2 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs.

Other general scholarships include

Common Wealth Masters Scholarships For Developing Commonwealth Countries

For master’s degree students.

The deadline is 18th October.

The study is in the UK.

The courses start in September 2023.

Edinburgh Global Online Distance Learning Scholarships

This scholarship is being hosted by the University of Edinburgh.

Deadline: 5th June 2023

Study in any country online

Courses start Sept 2023

UCL Global Undergraduates Scholarships

Hosted by the university college London. It offers a bachelor’s degree.

The deadline is 15th March 2023.

Study in Taiwan.

Courses start in Sept. 2023

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Postgraduate students.

Hosted by the Cambridge University

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have scholarship opportunities for international students who wish to study medicine?

Yes, we have various opportunities that are for international students.

Is it necessary to go to the school to make an application or are there online application processes?

There are online application portals for most of the scholarship opportunities. You need to check the application process for the scholarship that fits you.

Is there a stipulated amount for the application form?

There are different scholarships as such they have different application amounts. there is no stipulated amount for the scholarship because it is not one scholarship.


This article gives brief details of scholarship opportunities for student who wishes to study medicine and surgery abroad.

It also covers the deadline and cost of scholarships or scholarship value. for inquiries and more information about these scholarships, you can visit the school’s or institution’s official website or send an email to their email address.

you can also visit the school in their respective locations. or contact the school mobile. I wish you success in your application. once again congratulations.

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