9 Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Cover Letter
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Nine (9) Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Cover Letter to an Employer

Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Cover Letter – Are you getting ready to forward your cover letter to your employer? well, have you considered asking yourself some important questions that perhaps will help you to know that your cover letter is well crafted?

I assume you have finished writing your cover letter right? Very good then, if you have finished, before you send it, please ask yourself these couple of questions that we are going to discuss in this article today.

In the article, you will learn about just 9 (Nine) questions that will help to ascertain the readiness of your cover letter and how the content is going to prove you worthy of the job.

9 Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Cover Letter

About Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document that uses paragraphs to discuss in depth, your (Applicant)  experience and skills. Your cover letter can be used to explain to your employer the jobs you have done and how each of those projects has improved your skills and experience in the field.

A cover letter is usually three paragraphs long, and the whole essence of a cover letter is to convince the employer of your ability to meet his job demands.

9 Questions to Ask before sending your cover letter

  1. Is it under two pages long?
  2. Does it match the job description?
  3. Have I proven my value?
  4. Does it look professional?
  5. Does it create an impact upon opening?
  6. Is it easy to read?
  7. Have I included numbers?
  8. Is it easy to contact me?
  9. Are my roles well structured?

Nine (9) Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Cover Letter to an Employer

Now that we have successfully listed the nine questions that you should ask yourself before submitting your cover letter, let us then move into the full discussions and details.

Is it easy to read?

Is your cover letter simple and easy to read? Yes, you have to make it very simple and easy so much so that they won’t find it difficult to read. 

To this end, communicate your message immediately with sections that are divided into headings, paragraphs, and bullet points

Your recruiter does not have much time, he or she has a lot of other covers to read so stop beating around the bush and make your point straight.

Is it under two pages long?

It is expected that your cover letter should not be more than two pages long, so after you have finished writing the cover letter, don’t forget to ask yourself this question; ‘Is my cover letter under two pages long?’

It is important that you leave it shorter than making the mistake of letting your cover letter longer than two pages, if so, then you can be sure that your cover letter may not be read.

But if in the course of sending your cover letter, you find out that it is longer than two pages, try to shorten it to a sizable length that is acceptable. You can do that by taking out some information on the older roles, decreasing page margins, and other information that seems not too important.

Does it match the job description?

One strategy that you need to apply when applying for a job is for you to write your resume in a manner that will give it a perfect match with the job description that comes with the job. role.

Your resume should be crafted in a way that it meets the description of the job posting of the employer, in terms of the skills required, the experience in the field, and other criteria. This is a way to demonstrate to your hiring manager that you are the most suitable for the job.

Have I proven my value?

Your resume should be able to state categorically what you have and can offer to the company if they hire you, the truth is, they are looking for an employee with a good return for the company. 

So you must prove how valuable you are to the organization hiring you. In fact, you should at least prove how you can save costs for them, increase their revenue, and improve processes in the organization.

Does it look professional?

The first impression they say matters, and your resume is the instrument of your first impression of your organization in those cases, therefore, making your resume appear professional is the first opportunity you have to prove this.

To make it appear professional, ensure that the font is in the right size, words are correctly spelled, there are no grammatical errors, and that the entire resume is presented in a very simple and clear to read and understand.

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Does it create an impact upon opening?

Attention is one thing that will keep the recruiter reading your cover letter if you catch their attention at the mere opening of the letter. So to catch their attention, you have to use the right keywords, tone, and diction to present your letter so that in the first 30 seconds of reading the letter, they are already impressed by your opening sentence.

Have I included numbers?

You also have to find out if you have included numbers and statistics in your resume. This will help to illustrate your value and quantify your achievement as well.  This number or statistics will show the budgets that you have managed, the size of the team you managed, and the size of your customer base.

Is it easy to contact me?

In this question, you are trying to find out if you have included the essential contacts through which the organization can use to reach you. This includes your phone number, your contact address, and your email address. In regards to this, please ensure that your email address, phone number, and other details are correct.

Are my roles well structured?

How do you lay your cover letter content, ranging from your work experience, and your skills, must be well structured. To achieve this, try to lay each of them out with an introductory paragraph or sentence, then use bullet points for listing responsibilities, and key achievements.


That is all we have for you on the 9 Questions to Ask before sending your cover letter. I assure you that if you are been able to read this article to the end and understand it, then you are good to go. You can then send your cover letter.

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