Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management WAEC and JAMB subject combination
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2024/2025 Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management WAEC and JAMB subject combination

Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management WAEC and JAMB Subject Combination – If you need help getting the right subject combination for your courses, then legit school infor got you. We will list the subjects you need to register for your WAEC and JAMB subject combination. 

But firstly we will talk about a brief overview of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy management. 

Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management WAEC and JAMB subject combination
Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management WAEC and JAMB subject combination

Overview of Clinical Pharmacy 

Clinical pharmacy is a branch that makes the clinical pharmacist provide care directly to the patient. This is done with the use of medication which helps promote health, and wellness and prevent disease. 

The two differences between a clinical pharmacy and a clinical pharmacist are that a clinical pharmacist cares for patients by working with physicians, nurse practitioners and health care professionals. 

A clinical pharmacy is a place where a clinical pharmacist works. All the health care activities are performed there sometimes before a patient is taken to the hospital. 

The different specializes in clinical pharmacy include 

  1. Ambulatory care pharmacy
  2. Critical care pharmacy 
  3. Nuclear pharmacy 
  4. Nutrition support pharmacy 
  5. Oncology pharmacy 
  6. Pediatric pharmacy 
  7. Geriatric pharmacy
  8. Pharmacotherapy 
  9. Infectious disease pharmacy 
  10. Compounded sterile preparations pharmacy 
  11. Cardiology pharmacy 
  12. Emergency medicine pharmacy 
  13. Transplant Pharmacist 
  14. Psychiatric pharmacy 

Pharmacy management on the other hand is the administration of the pharmacy. By this, we mean the day-to-day running of the pharmacy and its operations. A pharmaceutical manager ensures and facilitates access to safe and effective drugs, affordable drugs, job prescriptions, staff management etc. 

WAEC Subject Combination for Clinical and Pharmacy Management 

Here is a brief list of the subject combinations for candidates who have yet to register their WAECs. 

  1. Mathematics 
  2. Use of English Language 
  3. Chemistry 
  4. Physics 
  5. Biology 
  6. Further maths 
  7. Geography 
  8. Any other two science subjects you wish

JAMB Subject Combination for Clinical and Pharmacy Management 

The following are the subjects recommended by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board of candidates who wish to register for jamb as an intending student of the above department 

  1. Use of English 
  2. Mathematics 
  3. Physic 
  4. Chemistry

Schools that offer Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management in Nigeria 

The following schools offer clinical pharmacy and pharmacy management in Nigeria. 

  1. Chukweemak Odumegwu Ojukwu univsrity, Anambra state 
  2. Bayero University, Kano state 
  3. Kaduna sttae university 
  4. Gombe state university 
  5. Delta state unievrsiy 
  6. Usmanu Danfodiyo University 
  7. University of Port Harcourt 
  8. Igbinedion University 
  9. Nanamdi Azikiwe University 
  10. University of Maiduguri 
  11. Madonna University, Nigeria 
  12. Niger Delta University 
  13. University of Benin 
  14. University of Uyo
  15. Olabisi Onabanjo Universityf 
  16. Obafemi Awolow uNIversityf 
  17. University of Jos
  18. The University of Nigeria Nsukka 
  19. Ahmadu Bellow University, Zaria 
  20. University of Lagos 
  21. University of Ibadan

Listed above are the fully accredited universities in Nigeria where you can study Clinical psychology and pharmacy management. 

These institution certifications are being recognised in different parts of the country as they have been authorized by the national universities council to offer the courses 

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Job Opportunities  for Graduates of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management 

If you are a student in this field, and you are worried about where you will work after graduation, Here is a list of job positions you can choose to apply for or work for in a reputable firm in different countries. 

  1. Clinical Pharmacist
  2. Hospital Pharmacist
  3. Retail Pharmacist
  4. Community Pharmacist
  5. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  6. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  7. Drug Information Specialist
  8. Medication Therapy Management Pharmacist
  9. Clinical Research Associate
  10. Pharmacy Manager
  11. Pharmacy Operations Manager
  12. Pharmaceutical Consultant
  13. Clinical Pharmacy Educator
  14. Pharmacy Informatics Specialist
  15. Managed Care Pharmacist
  16. Industrial Pharmacist
  17. Drug Safety Specialist
  18. Pharmacy Benefits Manager
  19. Pharmaceutical Marketing Specialist
  20. Clinical Pharmacy Supervisor
  21. Pharmacy Policy Analyst
  22. Pharmacy Quality Assurance Manager
  23. Compounding Pharmacist
  24. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Manager
  25. Clinical Trials Coordinator
  26. Pharmacy Technology Specialist
  27. Long-Term Care Pharmacist
  28. Nuclear Pharmacist
  29. Oncology Pharmacist
  30. Geriatric Pharmacist
  31. Infectious Disease Pharmacist
  32. Transplant Pharmacist
  33. Telepharmacy Specialist
  34. Specialty Pharmacy Manager
  35. Hospice Pharmacist
  36. Emergency Department Pharmacist
  37. Correctional Facility Pharmacist
  38. Immunization Pharmacist
  39. Telehealth Pharmacist
  40. Pharmaceutical Policy Analyst

Here in this article, we have a brief overview of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy management. Also, we have talked about the WAEC and Jamb subject combination for the course. Furthermore, we talked about the Schools that are accredited to offer the course in Nigeria and lastly the different job operatives for graduates in this field.

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