How to Excel in the Bar Exam Conducted by the Nigerian Law School
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How to Excel in the Bar Exam Conducted by the Nigerian Law School (2024 Guide

How to Excel in the Bar Exam Conducted by the Nigerian Law School –  People find it difficult to pass the bar exams on their first attempt. The Nigerian Law School is one of the most recognized law schools in Nigeria. 

Some people fail not because the exams are hard but because they are too tense about the examination. 

This is one of the reasons why we chose to write this article. Here we will give you steps on how you can pass the bar examination conducted by the Nigerian law school. But firstly let’s talk about the Nigerian law school and what a bar exam is all about. 

How to Excel in the Bar Exam Conducted by the Nigerian Law School
How to Excel in the Bar Exam Conducted by the Nigerian Law School

What are Bar Exams?

This is an examination given to practicing law who have completed their degree from a recognized institution and intend to be a bar of the Nigerian Bar Association or a practicing law in Nigeria. 

The bar examination is used to select only qualified candidates to be called into the Nigerian Bar Association.

About the Nigerian Law School?

This is an institution that was created in 1962 as a law school by the Nigerian government to provide Nigerian legal education to aspiring legal practitioners in Nigeria and foreign-trained lawyers. 

Before the invention of this school, the Nigerian lLAWSAN usually received training in England and had always been called to an English bar. 

This school has about seven different locations, having its headquarters in Abuja, branches in Lagos, Enugu state, Kano State, Yeneoga Bayelsa state, yola  Adamawa state, and Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 

The courses offered include Criminal and civil litigation, property and corporate law, and a course in ethics. the school has over several thousand students over time as graduates and is still counting. 

After completing, the students get certified by the Council of Legal Education. 

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Steps on How to Excel in the Nigerian Bar Exams 

The following are the steps you need to take to excel in the Nigerian Law Examination.

  1. Attend orientation class for new students 
  2. Attend all lectures 
  3. Avoid fingering your phone during lectures 
  4. Take keynotes during lectures 
  5. Read-only recommended textbooks 
  6. Participate actively in academic activities 
  7. Learns legal proceedings 
  8. Avoid social or religious distractions 
  9. Join study groups 
  10. Avoid memorizing 
  11. Sleep and eat well 
  12. Have access to past questions in all modules 
  13. Obey official instructions 
  14. Understand the Exam Structure
  15. Create a Study Plan
  16. Time Management
  17. Mock Exams
  18. Pray

Attend Orientation Class for New Student

This is the very first thing you need to do as your first time in the Nigerian law school. As a student with greater interest, you need to work with skills and be wise. 

Don’t feel too big or too wise or too proud. Humility should be your nickname. Attend the orientation class for freshers and listen to everything you are being advised to do. if because of some unavoidable reason you missed it as a lecturer, college, or instructor to get you through the process 

Attend all Lectures 

Secondly, and also most importantly, the main reason you are in school should not be swept on the feet because you are too proud to reach the height of your education as you may feel. 

Attend all lecturers and also try to pay attention in class during the lecture session. avoid distraction or a set of friends that might distract you in class

Avoid Fingering Your Phone During Lectures 

Have it in mind that you are there for the purpose and you have no one to tell you what o do and what not to do in your life. Avoid using your phone or any other gadgets while a class is ongoing. the greatest distraction, social media should be far away from you. 

You can choose to keep your phone in your bag to avoid being tempted

Take Key Notes During Lectures 

Of course, once you retentive, you will have reason to jot some things down. Every serious student paying attention would want to write down important which are explained by the lecturer but not in the textbook. 

You have to take note of the key points stressed by the lecturer

Read Only Recommended Textbooks

The important books you need to read include, your module handbook, your notebook, past questions, lecturers’ recommendations, etc. Try to avoid some of the materials that are not recommended by the lecturers. 

Participate Actively in Academic Activities 

This is concerned with class activities, class grouping tests/assignments, individual assignments or tasks, etc. 

Try to be present in all positive class activities 

Learns Drafts and Proceedings 

Try to learn the legal proceeding processes, learn how to draft and precedents, and not only read them but also learn how to write them 

Also, get to know the documents that are needed to write them. 

Avoid Social or Religious Distractions 

Reduce your level of attendance at social gatherings as some religious gatherings are not to be misplaced. Also reduce your attendance at functions, social group engagements, night clubbing, house parties, visitations, birthdays, naming ceremonies, weddings,s, etc. 

Also try to reduce your call time with family, friends, etc. 

Join Study Groups 

Try as much as you can to join study groups with people of the same goal. Let the study group present euphoria for academic discussion. 

Apart from these shared ideas and also different perceptions of things 

Avoid Memorizing 

Most students get lost in the exam hall not because they didn’t read, but because they were gramming. This gets lost in their memory and they end up getting stressed about what they tried all night to do.

Read and read again, read to understand so you can explain your own words if asked.

Sleep and Eat Well 

Of course, it is not possible to continue the reading process if you are not in good health. so your health should be your second priority. 

Eat on time, and also sleep at least six hours at night. 

Have Access to Past Questions in all Modules 

Get yourself past questions from different years back. At least four to five years back in all subjects and modules. you should know while studying the past questions how the exams are set or framed, the mind works site by the examiner, the purpose of the exams, and how the questions look liked (the settings). 

Try not to think that most of the questions you see will be repeated

Obey Official Instructions

Be calm and attentive. obey all instructions from your lecture staff members, obey school rules and regulations, and be in line with the code and conduct of law students in the schools 

Understand the Exam Structure

Get to understand the structure of the exams, the number of questions, and the mode or format of the questions. 

Also, know how many parts or sections the exams include and the description of each section 

Time Management

Try to schedule your free time to be worked on and managed effectively. While reading try to spend more time on parts that you are weak on and not solely focussing on your strength. 

Mock Exams

Download some CBT applications and try to set your exams in your room. This will help you get most of the fears of examination out of you. 

Write the exams, get to see your score, get to work on your failed questions, and do this over and over again till you are proficient in all modules 


This is one of the most important things to do. try to pray before entering the exam hall and once you sit. whatever your religion is. Pray to your God to help you succeed in the examination. 


This article covers some of the important steps you need if you wish to excel in your bar examination as a student of the Nigerian law school. 

If you have questions to ask about the school or you wish to report a complaint you can visit the official page of the Nigerian Law Schools at

You can also drop a comment in the comment section below. 

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