Nigeria Maritime University School Fee Schedule
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NMU School Fee Schedule 2023/2024 | Latest Update

NMU School Fee Schedule – Do you know how much new students or returning students of the Nigeria Maritime University Okerenkoko are to pay? If you are an aspiring student of the NMU, that is the question that should be roaming your mind while you wait for your admission to come through, after you have taken the JAMB UTME, and written the NMU Post UTME screening test. And this question needs to be answered.

Because of the vital role played by money, it has become very essential that students who are waiting to be offered admission, get knowledge of how much they are expected to pay as school fees.

And that is why in this article today, we are going to narrow our discussion to all the fees that either new students or returning students will pay as school fees, acceptance fees, accommodation fees, and many other fees. 


Nigeria Maritime University School Fee Schedule

About the University (NMU)

Nigeria Maritime University is a public university that was founded in 2012, by the federal government of Nigeria. It is located at Okerenkoko, Delta State. The university has gained the formal approval of the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Currently, Prof Emmanuel Munakurogha Adigio (MNSE, MNIM), is the Vice Chancellor of the university. While Emperor D.O. Alago is the first Chief Cadet Captain and Cadet Adjutant, of the university, from the university regiment unit.

The vision of the university is to be the best leading maritime university that will offer numerous opportunities to young people who have a keen interest in the maritime, thereby giving them the platform to grow their career and become employable, with the professional capacity to explore the nation’s maritime endowment.

On the other hand, the mission is to use excellent modern facilities to mold maritime human resources and equipment where staff and students can achieve their professional goals by working with the slated vision, through a series of training, research, and production to help in the exploitation of the maritime endowment for the development of our nation.

How Much is NMU Acceptance Fee?

In every institution, freshmen or newly admitted students are required to pay an acceptance fee. But what is the acceptance fee? It is a fee that is charged to a new student, and payment of the fee means that such student has accepted the admission offered to him/her while refusing to pay means that the student has automatically forfeited the admission offered him/her.

how ever, those students that are offered admission at NMU, are to pay an acceptance fee of N10,00 (ten thousand) naira only. This fee, is a non-refundable fee, and it is paid only by new students, returning students are not expected to pay.

School Fee Schedule Breakdown For NMU Students

In this section, we are going to discuss the breakdown of the Nigeria Maritime University school fees, acceptance fees, and all the fees that students are meant to pay. Here is a breakdown of all the items they are to pay for.

Table 1: School Fee Schedule Breakdown For NMU Students

S/N School Fee  Details First Semester  First Semester 2
1 Course Fee N15,000.00 N15,000.00
2 Registration Fee N500.00 N500.00
3 Caution Fee N1,000.00 N1,000.00
4 Examination Fee N1,000.00 N1,000.00
5 Library Fee N500.00 N500.00
6 Sports N500.00 N500.00
7 Student I.D Card N600.00 N600.00
8 Medical N500.00 N500.00
9 Graduation Fee Nil  Nil 
10 Field Trip N3,000.00 N3,000.00
11 Students N350.00 N350.00
Handbook Nil  Nil 
12 Insurance N1,000.00 N1,000.00
13 Technology N1,500.00 N1,500.00
Grand Total N25,450.00 N25,450.00


Table 2: Miscellaneous Items For Students

This table shows other items and their charges or fees attached to each of them.

Items  SEM.1 SEM.11 SEM.111 SEM.IV
Registration N500.00 N500.00 N500.00 N500.00
Accommodation N1,000.00 N1,000.00 N1,000.00 N1,000.00
Maintenance of facilities N1,000.00 N1,000.00 N1,000.00 N1,000.00
Examination N1,000.00 N1,000.00 N1,000.00 N1,000.00
Sports N250.00 N250.00 N250.00 N250.00
Use of Library N500.00 N500.00 N500.00 N500.00
Medical N7,000.00 Nil  Nil  Nil 
Educational Tour 1,000.00 Nil  1,000.00 nil
Insurance 1,000.00 nil 1,000.00 nil
Cadets Handbooks 350.00 nil nil nil
Verification of Results 1,000.00 nil nil nil
Graduation Fee nil nil nil 5,000.00
Technology Fee 1,500.00 1,500.00 1,500.00 1,500.00
Sub-total 16,100.00 5,750.00 7,750.00 10,750.00



Here list of all the uniforms, kits, and the cost of each of the items that the students are to buy, for their training. 

S/N Uniforms/Fittings Quantity Amount(N)
1 Navy Blue Polyester Shirt 2 pairs N4,000.00
2 Navy Blue Polyester 2 pairs N4,000.00
3 Trouser 1 pair N1,000.00
4 White Polyester Shirt 1 pair N1,000.00
5 White Polyester Trouser 1 pair N1,500.00


6 Blue Boiler Suit (Khaki) 1 pair N350.00
7 Navy Blue Polyester Belt 1 pair N200.00
8 White Polyester Belt 1 pair N500.00
9 (China Quality) 1 pair N550.00
10 China Quality 1 pair N3,000.00
13 White Canvas 1 pair N180.00
14 White Socks (Wool Quality) 2 pairs N360.00
17 Blue Rig Long Sleeve 1 pair N2,800.00
18 Pull-over (Navy Blue) 1 pair N1,000.00
Black Beret with Academy Nil 
21 Shoulder Stripes ND 1 1 NO N168.00
22 Shoulder Stripes ND 11 1 pair N140.00
23 Shoulder Stripes HND 1 1 pair N300.00
24 Shoulder Stripes HND 11 1 No N280.00
Grand Total for Boys N36,012.00
Grand Total for Girls Nil 
Total  N36,012.00



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Table 4: Total Fees Per Semester

This table shows the total amount of the school fees that foreigners both boys and girls and Nigerians both boys and girls are to pay as school fees. It is the total of all the breakdown of items.

Foreign (Boys) 94,618.00 44,980.00 49,980.00 49,980.00
Foreign (Girls) 94,618.00 44,980.00 49,980.00 49,980.00
Nigerian ( Boys) Nil  25,980.00 27,980.00 33,360.00
Nigerian (Girls) 74,722.00 25,980.00 27,980.00 Nil 

Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure

This section is about how you can pay your acceptance fee. So, if you want to pay your acceptance fee, and you don’t know how to do it, here are the steps to follow to make your payment successfully. see the steps below:

  • Log in to NMU official portal at 
  • The information required in the space provided
  • Submit the information 
  • A new page will appear
  • Generate an Invoice for the payment
  • Make a payment of your fees via your debit card
  • Print out the acceptance fee receipt.


That is it for the NMU school fee schedule. that is where we will end on the issue of the Nigeria Maritime University School Fee Schedule. We have given you a breakdown of all the fees that all students have to pay as school fees, acceptance fees, and accommodation fees, we have also a table that explains some of the items students need to buy for their training and their cost.

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