Most Demand Jobs in the Film Industry in Nigeria 
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2024 Most Demand Jobs in the Film Industry in Nigeria 

Most Demand Jobs in the Film Industry in NigeriaIn this post, we have written down everything you need to know about the most demanding job in the film industry, be it full-time or part-time.

One thing you will need to understand is that working in the film industry, it’s of great advantage because you can work while in school or you can work from home, that is if you are doing a part-time job.

Most Demand Jobs in the Film Industry in Nigeria 
Most Demand Jobs in the Film Industry in Nigeria

The Movie industry has created a lot of opportunities in various sectors of the industry, The job is very flexible and can accommodate a large number of people. There are various job sectors in the industry, which could be in the fashion aspect, comedy, music, and a lot more.

Because of their unique approach, it has created a lot of career opportunities in different fields such as script writing, animation, makeovers, directing, acting, directing, music therapy, entertainment, etc.

With all of this, we have listed out the most demanded jobs in the film Industry In Nigeria, all you need to know about those demanding jobs are written here.

Most Demand Jobs in the Film Industry in Nigeria 

Top Ten Most Demand Jobs In the Film Industry, their earns, and their responsibilities

  • Actor
  • Script Writer
  • Director
  • Art Director
  • Cosmetologist
  • Video Editor
  • Chorography
  • Sound Technician
  • Animator
  • Camera Operator



An actor who is working in Nigeria will typically earn up to N5,017,100 (Five Million, Seventeen Thousand one Hundred) in a year.

It can range from the lowest average salary of about N2,460,800 (Two Million Four Hundred and Sixty Thousand Eight Hundred) up to the highest salary of N8,812,200 (Eight Million, Eight Hundred and Twelve Thousand, Two Hundred).

Responsibilities of an Actor

  • Their role is to memorize a script, and then learn to play the character
  • They rehearse lines and scenes given to them
  • Prompt a product may be through an interview and press coverage
  • They audition for roles 
  • Collaborate with directors and other actors

Script Writer

An Average Script Writer in Nigeria can earn up to N105,000 (One Hundred and Five Thousand Naira) a month. The estimated total pay of a scriptwriter is N130,000 (One Hundred and Thirty Thousand Naira) In a month.

The Responsibilities of a Script Writer

  • Their responsibilities are to conduct research on background materials
  • From an agreed format, they lay out the screenplay.
  • They develop plots and characters
  • Scriptwriters bring ideas on the themes


AN Average movie director earns about N340,000 (Three Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira) In a Month in Nigeria.

The Responsibilities of a Director

  • They collaborate with Actors
  • Their work is to motivate the cast and the crew so they can deliver their best.
  • They read scripts and develop them
  • The director can decide the locations for the set. 

Art Director

An Average Art Director can earn about N3,050,784 (Three Million, Fifty Thousand, Seven Hundred and Eighty-Four) in Nigeria in a year. For a start, they could earn from N2,593,164 (Two Million, Five Hundred and Ninety-Three Thousand, One Hundred and Sixty-Four) in a year.

The Responsibilities of an Art Director

  • They represent a visual concept
  • They choose the perfect art or element or use photographs.


A Typical Average Cosmetologist earns up to N232,000 (Two Hundred and Thirty-Two Thousand Naira) yearly. The lowest can be from N107,000 (One Hundred and Seven Thousand Naira) to the highest which is N368,000 (Three Hundred and Sixty Eight Thousand Naira).  

The Responsibilities of a Cosmetologist

  • Their work is to perform cosmetic
  • The cosmetologist provides relaxing skin treatment for the face and for the body
  • They are responsible for numerous treatments for makeup application, either for Facial treatment or Scalp treatment.
  • When it comes to hair styling, manicures, and pedicures, they are in charge of that.

Video Editor

A normal video Editor in Nigeria earns N2016.83 (Two Thousand and Sixteen Nair) in an hour. Then in a month, they earn N23,333 (Twenty Three Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirty Three naira)

The Responsibilities of a Video Editor

  • They collaborate with cinematographers and sound editors to bring in the best version of the video
  • Their work is to review the footage, and then select scenes accordingly
  • And they trim segments of the footage.


A choreographer who is not yet experienced can earn from N344 to N1,143. But those who have been on the job for almost 30 years earn from N66,756 (Sixty-Six Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty Six Naira)  to N178,060 (One Seventy Eight Thousand, Sixty Naira) in a month

The Responsibilities of a Choreography

  • The work of a choreographer is to bring up original moves for a performance.
  • They bring up different dance interpretations either for an Individual or for a group

Sound Technician

An Average Sound Technician earns from N1, 655, 500 (One Million, Six hundred and Fifty-Five Thousand, Five Hundred Naira) to N3,168,300 (Three Million, One Hundred and Sixty-eight Thousand, Three Hundred Naira) In a year. 

The Responsibilities of a Sound Technician

  • Their work is to operate and maintain technician equipment which is used for recording, mixing, and producing sounds.


An average animator earns about N247,000 (Two Hundred and Forty-Seven Thousand Naira). The lowest amount paid is N188,00 (One Hundred and Eighty-Eight Thousand Naira) to the highest is N387,000 (Three Hundred and Eighty-Seven Thousand Naira).

The Responsibilities of an Animator

  • Their work is to create original designs and solutions  
  • They present those designs to customers for evaluation

Camera Operator

An Average Camera Operator’s Salary in Nigeria is N103,000 (One Hundred and Three Thousand Naira).

The Responsibilities of a Camera Operator

  • The function of camera Operators is to follow the camera script
  • They prepare, plan, and rehearse scripts.
  • Camera Operators choose what equipment to use and they set up their equipment.
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