How to Get Into Nursing School With a Low GPA

How to Get Into Nursing School With a Low GPA (2024)

Do you want to study nursing but have low grades? That cannot stop you from getting admission to study nursing, but it all depends on how low your grades are.

Apart from having low grades, which can hinder you from getting admission into your dream nursing school, there are nursing schools that also accept candidates with low grades. So if you find yourself in this state, then reading this article will give you an avenue to find out nursing schools that accept low grades from candidates.

More so, there are certain courses that you can apply for as a candidate with low grades. These and many more, are what we are going to discuss in this article, so get the full details by keeping on reading to the end.

How to Get Into Nursing School With a Low GPA

Universities That Accept Low Grades (GPA)

Which University can accept low grades from candidates who are seeking admission into nursing schools abroad? In this section, we are going to list those Universities, both private and public.

Private Nursing Schools that Accept Low Grades

  • Cox College – Springfield,
  • Finger Lakes Health College of Nurse 
  • Ameritech College of Healthcare – Draper, 
  • The University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne,
  • Mercy College of Health Sciences 
  • Bethel University – Mishawaka, 
  • Mercyhurst University – Erie,
  • Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences – Lancaster,
  • Gardner-Webb University – Boiling Springs, 
  • Herzing University – Akron Campus 

Public  Nursing Schools that Accept Low Grades

  • Mississippi University for Women – Columbus,
  • Northwestern State University of Louisiana 
  • Arkansas Tech University – Ozark 
  • Bluefield State College – Bluefield,
  • Utah State University – Logan,
  • University of Montana – Missoula,
  • Fairmont State University – Fairmont,
  • Fairmont State University – Fairmont,
  • Eastern Kentucky University – Richmond,
  • University of New Mexico – Gallup

How to Get Into Nursing School With a Low GPA Today

To get admission into the nursing school, there are so many steps and procedures you can follow to ensure that you get admitted. Now for a start, let’s start by listing those things that you should do as follows:

  1. Search for the schools that accept low grades
  2. Apply for admission to many schools
  3. Change your Course
  4. Re-take classes at community college
  5. Consider an online nursing programs
  6. Meet with an admission advisor
  7. Compose a Catching Letter Of Intent
  8. Apply to A Private University
  9. Apply to ADN Or LPN Programs
  10. Consider a Waitlist Program
  11. Find your way up
  12. Meet with a Counselor

Now that we have listed all that you need to do to get your nursing admission, let us now give a brief explanation of each of the points raised above. 

Search for the Schools that Accept Low Grades

Before you apply for admission into any school, ensure that you do research on what the schools want. Find out if they accept low grades or not. That will help you to know the school you should apply to and that will accept your likely low GPA.

Change your course choice

One more thing that you can do, if you have a low GPA or low grade, and you are sure that there will be no way for you to get admission with that kind of low grade, you have to consider changing your desired course of study for a course that will go with the low grades.

Apply for Admission to Many Schools

If you are seriously in need of admission, it is high time you stop applying for admission to just one school. Apply for admission to multiple schools, you never can tell the one that will favor you.

If you stick to just one school, that school may have competitive applicants for the year and that will not avail you the opportunity of being considered for admission and if you miss, you miss out totally. That is why we advise that you put your application in different schools.

Consider an online nursing programs

The online nursing program is easier to get admission to than the traditional nursing schools. So if you try and your low grade does not give you the chance to get admission into a conventional nursing school think of taking an online nursing program.

Compose a Catching Letter Of Intent

Though you may have a very low grade or GPA, your ability to craft a very competitive and outstanding letter of intent can push you up there..most times, writing a very nice letter of intent can make the admission committee consider you for admission and not consider your low grades. That can only happen if you take your letter seriously.

Apply to A Private University

A lot of pirate nursing schools can consider candidates who have low grades, because they don’t always have so many entries, as a result of their expensive tuition fees. 

So if you have sufficient funds, and consider seeking admission to a private nursing school, you will surely have a chance. Most students like to apply for admission at public institutions because their fees are low, compared to private schools. 

Raise your GPA

You can also get admission into nursing schools by upgrading your GPA so how do you upgrade your GPA? You can achieve this by getting classes from a local community college for your general education classes.

Meet with a Counselor/Admission Advisor

One way you can get admission with low grades is by meeting with a counselor who will give you advice on what to do, and at the same time help connect you to the right sources that you can get classes and lessons that will help you. An admission advisor or counselor is in the right position to help you on the right track.

Find your way up

If your grade does not allow you the opportunity to get admission into your dream nursing, you can work yourself up to the main thing that you want. You can work yourself up to what you want by taking an educational pathway that will scale you further. You can also consider becoming a Medical Assistant or Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).

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Consider a Waitlist Program

If you find out that your grades are poor, and cannot get you the required admission, look for a program that is offered on a waitlist. This is because nursing programs on the waitlist are not too competitive. 

The waitlist program has a disadvantage, and the disadvantage is that you have to wait for a very long time. It can take months of waiting and even cross to a year before you can be accepted into the official program.

Other Universities that Accept Low Grades for Nursing Programs

  • University of Southern California
  • Cumberland University
  • Saint Xavier University
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Benedictine University
  • Liberty University
  • Sacred Heart University
  • Walden University
  • Simmons College
  • Utica College
  • UT Arlington
  • Kansas State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • University of South Dakota/North Dakota
  • University of South Florida


Getting admission into nursing schools with low grades can be very challenging, but with the right counselors, and guide, you can get it. That is why we recommend the steps above for you, on How to Get Into Nursing School With a Low GPA.

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