Can you Pursue BSc in Nursing in Canada without Math’s?
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Can you Pursue BSc in Nursing in Canada without Maths?

Pursue BSc in Nursing in Canada without Maths: Undergraduates hoping to study nursing in Canada are often faced with the challenges of subject combinations as expected.Most times they fail to get their subject combinations right and most times they are faced with the challenges of having a credit in a particular subject.

This leads to where we have mathematics, whether it’s compulsory or not. Yes, Mathematics is one of the major courses that is being selected from the list of about thirteen or twenty courses offered by a student in his secondary school education. As the case may be, each student is always expected to choose from the eighteen or twenty subjects offered a lineup of about eight to nine courses which is relevant to his tertiary institution course of study.

Can you Pursue BSc in Nursing in Canada without Math’s?

This is also determined by the students because they are both divided into arts and science. As an arts student, the major course you will be writing in your WAEC includes

  1. English language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Literature in English
  4. Biology
  5. Agriculture
  6. Government
  7. Civic education
  8. Commerce
  9. Marketing
  10. Fine and applied arts
  11. Literature in English
  12. Christian religious education
  13. Financial Accounting
  14. Economics

While science students are to choose from a range of:

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Geography
  4. Physics
  5. Mathematics
  6. English language
  7. Further Mathematics
  8. Computer
  9. Basic technology etc.

Out of the range of courses listed above, students are requested to choose from a number of nine or eight courses to write in the senior secondary school certificate examination.

Moving back to the subject matter, from the above explanation it has been deduced that mathematics is a compulsory subject for both arts and science students in their secondary school. One of the reasons it is so is because math is involved in every aspect of human lives.

This makes mathematics a compulsory subject for persons writing their senior secondary certificate examination either in WAEC or GCE, NECO or NABTEB, or any other examination which serves as a pathway to a tertiary institution.

Is maths compulsory for studying nursing?

Yes, of course, it is a compulsory subject to study when talking about nursing in Canada. Nursing is a science course and cannot be pursued by arts students with arts-related subjects, mathematics is a core which makes more compulsory.

However, few universities and colleges do give admission to student without regarding their credit or failure or even conclusion of maths in their core subject.

This gives them an extra year to work on themselves in the different universities before having to deal with their extra courses of study.

Otherwise, they will be given a math test to sit and pass which will determine their admission status consideration.

It is worth noting that math as a compulsory or core course isn’t just a necessity in Canada but in other international countries and even in Nigeria.

Mathematics is a science course and therefore nursing as a science course needs a credit pass in math before you are deemed eligible to apply for nursing anywhere.

It is one of the occurs counted among the at least 5 credit in core subjects that is needed for admission consideration

Universities to Study Pre-nursing Studies without Maths

In Canada, there are some universities that may accept you without mathematics or with your shortfall in mathematics as a core science e subject. Their admission is based on certain criteria which we will talk about after listing them.

The universities include

  1. Yukon Universities
  2. College Of New Caledonia
  3. Loyalist College Of Toronto
  4. University Of Regina
  5. Langara College

This school only accepts no math for student who wishes to study pre-nursing studies and it is based on your score after taking certain test.

You will have to write a math test or attend adult education in Canada. This is only available to persons who are Canadian residents, eighteen years or older than eighteen or a Canadian.

This means that even as an international student, as far as you are a resident of Canada you are eligible for adult education.

Apart from the four major eligibility statuses mentioned you are not eligible for an adult education which will usher you into the college or university after the period slated for it.

Apart from this, you can be given a high school equivalency test to take in order to cover up for your shortfalls in some core subjects related to your courses of study.

Why Is Math Compulsory for Nursing?

  1. Administration of drugs

After the doctor has prescribed drugs for the patient, a doctor is in charge of ensuring that the drugs are being taken on time as prescribed by the doctor and this cannot be done without a good knowledge of maths.

It involves calculating the timeframe from the scheduled time to the next dosage administration

  1. A good knowledge of mathematics is also needed during the administration of IVRs
  2. Quantification of drugs
  3. Consideration of children’s weight for effective dosage prescription

What to do if you have a shortfall in maths or a D in maths

The following are the steps to take as a student intending to study nursing if you have issues in Maths.

You can choose from the options below on how to upgrade your math skills.

  1. Online Courses- This can be gotten from webpages like Udemy, Coursera, etc
  2. Youtube Tutorials
  3. Math’s Applications And Games
  4. Study With Friends
  5. Evening School
  6. Adult Schools

Other compulsory programs needed as an intending nurse in Canada include

English proficiency examination

  1. IELTS
  2. TOEFL
  3. PTE
  4. GRE( specifically for postgraduate students)
  5. Casper Exams (Specifically for Ph.D. students).

 Required Documents For Postgraduate Admission

  1. Transcript From Previous School Or Previous Degree
  2. Standardized Test Scores
  3. SOP- Statements Of Purpose
  4. Copy Of Research Paper
  5. Resume

Documents for MSc Admission in Canada

  1. Transcripts from a previous educational institution
  2. English Proficiency Test Result
  3. Certificated Of Clear Criminal Record Certified
  4. A Nursing License That Is Not Expired From Canadian Government
  5. Your SOP- Statement Of Purpose
  6. Resume

Papers Required for BSc Admission in Canada

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Academic Transcript
  3. CASPer Document of test
  4. Letter Of Recommendation
  5. Resume


This article covers the answers to why Math is regarded as a compulsory or non-compulsory course when studying nursing in Canada and other international countries.

It also includes the significant courses needed for admission consideration for arts and science students.

Finally, it involves the documents required for admission as a Bachelor of Science, Ph.D. student, or MSc student


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