MacEwan Admission Requirements For International Students
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MacEwan University Admission Requirements For International Students In 2024

MacEwan University Admission Requirements For International Students – Previously known as Grant MacEwan community college, this college was birth in the year 1971 in Canada.  Over time it has branches in Edmonton, Alberta, and its headquarters in Canada.

Gaining world-class recognition and winning various awards from different companies like CBIE, CUP, ACCC, AUCC, etc. It offers about 43 different diploma degrees, with over 20,000 students from different countries around the globe

It also offers certificate programs, one applied degree, ten baccalaureate degrees, etc. Departments in the school include nursing, engineering, health, physical education, fine art, communications, business, liberal arts, and science, etc.

The MacEwan university has partnerships with other universities that are into research and also offers scholarship opportunities to indigenes and international students. their students also enjoy bursaries.

The university is located at Building 7, City Centre Campus 10700 – 104 Avenue. you can send mail to the school at you can also visit the school website at or

In this article, we will be talking about the various requirement needed to be admitted into the MacEwan university as an international student.

MacEwan University Admission Requirements

The requirement for application differs in programs. Generally, it includes:

  • Your visa
  • Photocopy of your passport photograph
  • Academic transcript
  • Personal statement
  • Entrance test scores (grade score)
  • English Proficiency Test Tesult or Score: IELTS: 6.5, TOEFL iBT: 86, Duolingo: 115
    PTE: 59 (56 in each band) 6.5 (5.5 in each band)

Note: The English proficiency test score should not exceed two years.  Generally, every English proficiency test expires after two years.

MacEwan University Admission Requirements For International Students

The admission requirement differs in programs (courses/departments)

The requirement for admission generally include:

Academic transcripts documents and certificates:

An academic transcript will be requested from your institution or university. It should be sent to the school directly with the school seal.

If the need arises that the school uses you as a medium to send the transcript to the intended school of study, you should be careful with the seal, it should not be tampered with.

your curriculum vitae (well-detailed):

A well-written curriculum vitae should be properly typed, printed, and photocopied and should be attached to the transcript. A vitae includes your personal information(name, religion, nationality, language, date of birth, etc)

your educational qualification (your first school leaving certificate, your senior school leaving certificate, and so on), your skill, your work experiences, your hobbies, your projects, and your referees.

Evidence of financial aid or support

This is needed to know that your expenses or tuition is guaranteed. this helps the school curtail dropout and debt.

The school also uses this medium to help their student stay focused during their educational period, especially the new intake. It doesn’t allow the new intake to work while schooling, especially for international students.

The English proficiency test result (not more than two years).

An English proficiency test score/result is needed as a requirement for admission to the MacEwan university. The English proficiency test that is accepted in the university includes;

IELTS- International English Language Testing System (score of 6.5 and minimum of 5.5 in each band).

TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language (86 scores and a minimum of 21 scores in each component or band).

PTE – Person Test of English (score of 59 and a minimum of 56 in each component).

Duolingo – (minimum is 115).

Cambridge Engish C1/C2 – (minimum is 165 in each skill and maximum is 180 and above).

your course/department requirement

This is a special requirement from your department or for the course you are intending to study.

Also, students are required to apply with a score grade of 12 and their subject credits. specification of the subjects involve is being spelled out here

The university uses an Alberta education-approved curriculum for its students. The curriculum is a five-level curriculum.

The high school curriculum is further grouped into

  • Humanities (group A)
  • Fine arts (B)
  • Sciences (c)
  • Optional/electives(Group D)

The university also accepts Canadian university credits that are still valid, international diplomas, and advanced placement courses.

Interviews/ auditions

The university is a public university with an urban setting. It admits students from different counties. as such it seeks to students interview, audition, recognized portfolios, etc.

This also helps in ranking the student’s grades. note that this is not a ticket to admission or a tenet for your admission status to be positive.

Letter of Recommendation

You are to get this to be written with your name by a reputable member of your society. It should be addressed to your intended school of study. the person can be from your previous institution, your religion, etc.

A statement of purpose or personal statement

is more like an essay. It includes your personal statement stating the reason you choose the university and what you hope to achieve

Frequently Asked Questions 

As an international student, how can I apply to the MacEwan university?

You can apply by submitting your application through

what grade point average does an international student need?

A minimum of 2.5 is an average high school grade point on a scale of 4.0

How long does it take for many admissions o be reviewed?

It takes a minimum of 10 working days. in most cases, it takes longer than that.

When is the winter, spring, summer, and fall?

December 1, spring/summer is by April while fall is by August

What are documents required at the airport?

A Canadian study permit or a visa, and health, health certificate

Can I study in Canada without a visa?

You can study in Canada with a student permit (student visa)


Note that as an international student, documents that are not in English need to be translated by a certified and professional translator.

The translation must be accurate, literal, word to word, and in a good format (the exact format as the original document). The university does not accept translations that are not in the correct format.

The university also accepts photocopies or scanned copies of original documents. The scanned documents should be clear and in good format. The document should also be precise.


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