How to Reverse GTB Transfers
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How to Reverse GTB Transfers | 2024 Working Code

Have you made the wrong transfer? Is it hanging? Have you been debited but the receiver is not credited? Did you send more money than you wanted to? That is an accidental transaction and it can be reversed if reported on time

Yes, it can be worked on if you reported to the appropriate authorities on time. Who are these authorities? How many days does it take for the money to be reversed? Can a reverse be made on local transfers? Or maybe you wish to know how to reverse a failed transaction?

How to Reverse GTB Transfers

Overview of GTB

GTB is a short form of Guaranty Trust Bank. It is a financial institution that features, personal banking, cooperative banking, SME banking, E-banking services, Savings account, current accounts, fixed deposit accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.

The bank was established in 1991. It offers digital and online banking, mobile banking, and electronic payments.

Apart from being in Nigeria, the bank is located in other countries like the United Kingdom and also other African countries. Also, the bank has received different awards and several recognitions for its outstanding excellence in banking service, cooperate governance, and technological innovation.

The bank has provided support for social responsibility initiatives, community development and etc. it has also produced strong revenue growth over the years because of its outstanding financial performance.

How to Reverse GTB Transfers

  1. Notify the bank
  2. Contact the Banks customer care
  3. Get to the nearest branch of UBA close to you
  4. Provide your transaction details
  5. Explain the particular issue surrounding it
  6. Provide the requirements and comply
  7. Allow the bank to make the call request
  8. Hold on for the resolution

1. Notify the bank: If you notice that you made an error in the transfer, immediately contact GT Bank’s customer service. You can do this by

2. Call customer care: Customer care is available on your GTCONNECT. You can call on the contact available on your GT ATM card.

To access the GT connect to +234 700 4826 66328, +234 1 448 0000, +234 802 900 2900, +234 803 900 3900, +234 813 985 6000, +234 904 000 2900

3. Visit the nearest GT Branch: If you do not wish to call customer care you can visit the nearest GTB bank address close to you and make a complaint.

Note that this should be the very step you take approximately an hour when the transaction has been done.

Upon taking either of the 3 steps above, kindly do the following;

Provide Transaction Details

Once you are connected to a customer care representative, explain the situation and give them the relevant details of the transaction you want to be worked on.

Key information includes the date and time of the transaction, the transaction account number, and the recipient account number

Explain the Issue

Clearly describe the reason why you want to reverse the transaction. It could be due to an accidental transfer, an error in the transaction, sent to a wrong number, or maybe sending more than the amount intended.

Comply with Requirements

If there is any stipulated requirement for the transaction, you will be requested to provide it.  The customer care representative will inform you about any necessary documentation or steps you need to follow.

Wait for Resolution

After submitting your request and providing all the required information, you will be asked to wait for the bank to investigate the transaction. If it is an issue of debit but not received, you will tell the money will be reversed, and the same with relative issues.

All you need to do is to give the bank approximately two weeks to work on the transaction as it may involve the recipient bank.

Confirmation and Reversal

There have been issues by most people that even when their transaction has been worked on they didn’t take cognizance and they made an issue.

It is pertinent to note that once the bank has completed its investigation and verified the legitimacy of your request, they will either reverse the transaction and the amount reversed back to your account or provide you with an explanation if the reversal cannot be processed.

Why You Should Report a Wrong Transaction

  1. If you believe the transfer was made without your authorization (fraudulent transaction), report it to the bank immediately.
  2. If you accidentally transferred money to the wrong account (e.g., mistyped the recipient’s account number), contact GTBank immediately.
  3. If you made a transaction but the recipient is yet to receive  the money

How to Avoid Transaction Error

  1. Always double-check the account details (account number and beneficiary name) before initiating a transfer.
  2. Keep your mobile banking and online banking credentials secure to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Always check that you have sufficient balance to suit your transaction limit

How to Make Transaction on GTB

You can make transactions on GTB using

  1. USSD code
  2. Mobile application

USSD code

To use the USSD code you have to make sure that the contact you are using is being registered to the account you wish to make the transfer from
1. To transfer to a GTB account you dial

*737*1* amount* GTB account number#

  1. Transfer to other banks

*737*2*amount*other bank account number#

Here you will be requested to input a transfer pin, and a soft token or hardware token. You may be asked to input the last four digits of your GT bank debit card

Why you should use the USSD code
  1. It is a more convenient way of sending money even with a gadget that does not browse
  2. The transfer is available 24/7
  3. The transaction process takes 10 seconds
Features of USSD transfer
  1. It has a daily transaction limit of 1,000,000
  2. It only works on a bank-registered phone
  3. It is always subject to phone network signal
  4. The transaction done is deducted directly from your GTB account

Mobile application

This is the second method of sending money. This is an online process that demands an active data connection.

  1. Download the application
  2. Login your details
  3. Check the dashboard and click on Send money
  4. Select the account to which you wish to send the money from
  5. Select Amount
  6. Choose the recipient bank
  7. Type in the account number
  8. Confirm the account number
  9. Input your pin
  10. Input the soft token or hard token.
  11. Submit your transaction.


This article covers the step-by-step guide to reversing a transaction. It also covers why a transaction should be reported.

It goes further to state how to make a transaction using the USSD code, the features of the USSD code, and the mobile application.

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