How To Make a Discord Bot

How to Make a Discord Bot in 2024 | Latest Update

Are you among the group of people who don’t know how to make a Discord bot, but don’t know how to make it? If so. Just read this article to the end. Actually making a bot is not really difficult, except if you know know the steps and the procedures to follow. 

But before we continue, let me tell you the things you are expected to see in this article. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of Discord and bot for the sake of those who are not familiar with the term, and after that, we will narrow our discussions to how to make Discord bot and other important elements that will enhance a smooth Discord bot making.

How To Make a Discord Bot

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular real-time messaging platform that has immense support and backup for programmable bots. IDiscord has placed itself in a position that makes it (Discord) the easiest means of talking over voice, video, hanging out, with friends, and others. Bots are one of the most attractive features of Discord, which offers a wide range of services. 

Over the years, Discord has experienced rapid growth and is become so famous in the midst of those who find little inclination in video games. Between the period of 2018 and 2022, Discord experienced a tremendous explosion that increased its users from 56 million users to more than 150 million users.

There are several services rendered by bots, and such services include the following:

  • Services of Moderation 
  • Assistance services 
  • Games services 
  • Music services
  •  Internet searches
  • Services for payment processing

Types of Discord Bot

There are different types of Discord bots. But in this article, we are going to discuss the different groups that they fall into. They are the command bot, reply bot, and notification bot. Those are the ones we will examine in this article.

Command Bots: These are types of bots that act or respond based on the command that usually starts by means of slashing or exclamation of points. The built-in /table flip command is a good example of the command bots. This command bot works by adding the table-flipping text emoticon to your message. However, for you to build Discord command bots, you need an understanding of code.

Reply Bots: This is another type of bot that act based on specific phrases you have set earlier. This type of bot is These usually associated with the composition of frequently asked questions or rule reminders. 

Notification Bots: This particular bot help to alert a channel or specific role, that is taking place in other apps. For instance, it can notify you about a person that is just beginning to Twitch stream.  

Steps To Creating a Discord Bot Account

Before you make a Discord bot, you have to, first of all, create a Discord bot account for yourself. And in case you don’t know how to create an account, here are simple steps you can follow to achieve that.

  • Log in to the Discord official website
  • scroll down to the application page
  • Click on the New Application button.
  • Give a name to the application
  • Then click on create
  • move to the Bot button 
  • Click on Add Bot
  • After that copy the token.
  • Scroll down to the OAuth2 URL Generator button
  • Under scopes, tick the bot checkbox
  •  Set bot permissions
  • Then copy the generated URL
  •  Paste the bot’s URL on the search engine you are using
  • Finally, invite it to your server
  • Your bot has been created successfully

Important Note: Remember that this token is your password therefore, you have to keep it secret, you won’t have to share it with others, because if another person gets to know your token (password), they can log into your bot account and carry out some transactions that you may not be happy about. But if for any reason whatsoever, the token is shared mistakenly, what you have to do is to regenerate a new one.

How to Make Discord Bot Without Code

Before we move to make of Discord bot without code, let us see the steps on how to set it up your own Zapier first. These are the steps for setting up a Zapier:

Step one: Create and test your trigger

Step two: Connect your Discord account 

  • Set the correct permissions

Step three: Customize your message

Step four: Mention specific users or roles (optional)

Step five: Test your bot, and ensure that it is ready for use

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Steps for Making a Discord Bot Without Code

You can also make a Discord bot even without the use of code. And if you would like to make it, follow these steps, it will help you.

Set up your trigger: Set up a trigger, that is the event that started up a Zapier, after that click continue.

Connect your discount account; Here you are to create your Zap action that will perform when triggered, when you finish click continue.

Customize your Discord message: That means you have to select the channel that you want your message to move to. When you are done click continue

Mention roles or users: You can mention roles or users (it is optional)

Finally, test your bot: This is to ensure that it was well formatted.

Steps to Make Discord Bot With BotGhost

Another way of creating a Discord bot is through the use of BotGhost. Below are the steps to follow when creating a Discord bot with BotGhost.

  • Step 1: Create an Application on Discord
  • Step 2: Converting to a Bot Application
  • Step 3: Generating a Bot Token
  • Step 4: Enabling Privileged Gateway Intents
  • Step 5: Linking your bot to BotGhost
  • Step 6: Inviting your Discord Bot


 We are sure that you are now capable of making a Discord bot and how to make a Discord bot without code. With the steps we have out, lined for you, we are sure that you can now make your Discord bot in your own comfort zone. However, we are open to your comments and questions if you have any. Don’t hesitate to drop them in our comments box.

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