How to Get your NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate Today (2023)

How to Get your NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate: Are you a prospective NYSC member, from any Nigerian university preparing for your orientation camp? There is some vital information that I have for you, as you are about to be deployed for your NYSC camp. Among other things that you need to have as a requirement for your NYSC, you also need to have your NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate before you will be allowed to access the NYSC orientation camp. 

So Today I am going to discuss with you how you can get your NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate, the requirements for getting the certificate, and all the federal government-approved hospitals where you can get your own medical fitness certificate, as you are preparing to go to the orientation camp. 

How to Get your NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate Today

About NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

The NYSC medical fitness certificate is a medical document that contains the report of a corp member’s health status, whether they are fit or not, and if they need special attention too.

  Since the loss of so many NYSC members in the camp during the 2016 NYSC orientation camp, the management of the NYSC has become very interested in ensuring that they give special attention to corp members with some sort of health conditions, and that is the essence of the NYSC medical fitness certificate.

Do you know that the NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate is a compulsory document for every prospective corp member? Any corp member who does not have their medical fitness will not be allowed to enter the NYSC camp for training which is why you need it. The essence of medical fitness is to help the NYSC management to know how to care for those with special treatment

What is the NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate? 

A NYSC medical fitness certificate is a document issued by a qualified doctor or a medical practitioner, stating the medical state of the person. It goes ahead to show if the person is fit for physical fitness exercises from their period of stay in the orientation camp.

Types of NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate Test

Your NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate, should contain very many health certificates reports,  the following tests should make the components of your test:

  1. Blood Group
  2. Genotype
  3. Haemoglobin
  4. Packed Cell Volume (PCV)
  5. Urinalysis
  6. Hepatitis B (HBsAg)
  7. Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL)
  8. Hepatitis C (HBC)
  9. Blood Pressure
  10. Chest X-ray
  11. Stool Analysis
  12. HIV I and 2 Screening
  13. Eye/Visual Acuity Test
  14. Serum Tuberculosis
  15. Arthritis
  16. Hearing
  17. Cerospinal Meningitis

Table 1: Sample of NYSC Laboratory Test 

NYSC Laboratory Test Sample
Blood Group Blood
Genotype Blood
Haemoglobin Blood
Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Blood
Urinalysis Urine
HBC Blood
HBsAg Blood
Stool Analysis Stool
VDRL Blood
Retroviral Screening Test Blood

The table above shows the breakdown of the sample of the NYSC laboratory test. This table explains some of the tests that NYSC prospective members are expected to run before they get their medical fitness certificate.

How to Get your NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate Today

Do you know how to get your own medical fitness from the approved hospitals? That is what we are going to discuss in this section now.  Follow these steps whenever you want to obtain your  authentic medical certificate of fitness for NYSC registration:

  1. You have to visit the nearest government hospital
  2. Meet the receptionist
  3.  Request for consultation card.
  4. Tender your request to the doctor.
  5. Show your NYSC list of tests to the doctor 
  6. Move to the laboratory where you’ll drop your specimen for the tests

NYSC Medical Certificate Report Requirements

You won’t just wake up and get your medical certificate of fitness, there are certain requirements you need to satisfy before you will be offered the certificate, and they are listed here for you.

To get your NYSC medical certificate report, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of NYSC Registration
  • Approved Government Hospital
  • Hospital Registration
  • Laboratory Test
  • Medical Officer Signature

Cost of  NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

The  NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate is not obtained for free, prospective corp members have to pay for it. The amount concerned persons are to pay differs from hospital to hospital. So the question now is how much is the medical fitness certificate? 

 Firstly for you to get the medical fitness certificate, you have to locate any nearby government hospital and notify them of what you want, and then they will show you the doctor in charge and you will be told what you are to pay for the test.

Some hospitals will collect five (N5,000), while some will collect ten (N10,000). The whole idea is that the NYSC medical fitness certificate can be obtained between five to ten thousand naira.

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NYSC Medical Certificate Sample

After you have conducted your  NYSC medical fitness test, this is what the result will look like. That is the sample of the NYSC medical certificate result will show thus:

We hereby certify that This is to certify that we have clinically examined the above-named person and found him/her to be physically and mentally healthy. And also maintain that the aforementioned person does not a carrier of any contagious diseases dangerous to public health.

The result of the test/examination shows this:

Table 2: NYSC Medical Certificate Sample

NYSC Medical Test Result
Blood Group O Rh ‘D’ Positive
Genotype AA
Haemoglobin 12.8mg/dl
Packed Cell Volume (PCV) 39%
Urinalysis No abnormality detected
HBC Negative
HBsAg Negative
Stool Analysis No Ova, Cyst, or Parasite found
VDRL Negative
Retroviral Screening Test Negative
ECG Normal
Arthritis Normal
Blood Pressure 120/80mmHg
Sputum Test Normal
Asthma Non-Asthmatic
Eye Clear
Acuity Test R: 6/6 L: 6/6
Cerebrospinal Meningitis Vaccination Taken
Chest X-ray Normal Study
Hearing Clear
Serum Tuberculosis Negative
Malaria Parasite Negative

Approved Hospitals for NYSC Medical Certificate

It is not just any hospital where you can get your NYSC medical fitness certificates, it has to be an approved federal hospital or clinic, in fact, there are different types of them where you can get your fitness certificates. They are listed here for you below:

  • Federal Medical Centre
  • Nigerian Army Military Hospital
  • National Orthopedic Hospital
  • Federal and State University Teaching Hosptial
  • Nigerian Navy Hospital
  • National Government Specialist Hospital
  • Nigerian Custom Hospital
  • Nigerian Police Hospital
  • General Government Hospital


Just so you know, the NYSC medical fitness certificate is very essential for all prospective corp members. Remember that if you don’t have the report, you will not be allowed access to the NYSC orientation camp.

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