How to Join a Movie Industry in Nigeria
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How to Join a Movie Industry in Nigeria (2024 Latest Update)

How to Join a Movie Industry in Nigeria – Do you have the passion to act in movies or are you a fast-rising movie artist? Do you want to turn your acting into a professional?

Whatever reasons that be and you decide to join the Nigerian movie industry I must first congratulate you.

The Nollywood Nigerian industry has been one of the most outstanding entertainment industries we have in Nigeria.

Producing different and categorical series of actors who turn influencers as well as series of scenes, episodes, and plays/acts.

How to Join a Movie Industry in Nigeria

Overview of the Nigerian Movie Industry

The Nigerian movie industry, often referred to as Nollywood, has a relatively short but significant history.

It emerged in the 1990s and has since become one of the largest film industries in the world. Here’s an overview of the history of the Nigerian movie industry:

Today, Nollywood continues to thrive as a major cultural and economic force in Nigeria and beyond. It has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, producing a wide range of films across various genres and themes.

Nigerian filmmakers are increasingly exploring diverse narratives, experimenting with different styles, and collaborating with international partners, contributing to the ongoing development and expansion of Nollywood.

How to Join a Movie Industry in Nigeria

Step-by-step process on How to Join a Movie Industry in Nigeria

  1. Research and get familiar with Nollywood
  2. Develop your skills and talents
  3. Networking
  4. Create a portfolio
  5. Audition for Roles or Collaborate on Independent Projects
  6. Gain Experience
  7. Join Acting or Film Production Agencies
  8. Stay Persistent and Dedicated
  9. Stay Updated on Industry News and Trends

Research and Familiarize Yourself with Nollywood

Take the time to learn about the Nigerian movie industry, its history, major players, trends, and the types of films produced.

Understand the challenges and opportunities within the industry to make informed decisions.

Develop Your Skills and Talents

Determine your area of interest and talent within the film industry. It could be acting, directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, or any other related field.

Enroll in acting or film production courses, workshops, or programs to develop your skills and gain practical knowledge.


Building connections and networking within the industry is crucial. Attend film festivals, industry events, workshops, and seminars to meet professionals already working in Nollywood.

Join film associations, groups, or online communities to connect with like-minded individuals and stay updated on industry news and opportunities.

Create a Portfolio

Assemble a portfolio that showcases your talent and skills. If you’re an actor, prepare a professional headshot, resume, and showreel highlighting your acting abilities.

If you’re a filmmaker, compile a portfolio of your work, including short films, music videos, or any other relevant projects you’ve been involved in.

Audition for Roles or Collaborate on Independent Projects

Look for audition calls for upcoming film projects or consider collaborating with independent filmmakers.

Attend auditions, and casting calls, or submit your portfolio to casting directors or production companies. Networking with industry professionals can also lead to opportunities for roles or involvement in projects.

Gain Experience

Start building your experience by taking on small roles or projects in the beginning. It could involve working as an extra, supporting actor, or volunteering on film sets.

This allows you to learn the ropes, understand the production process, and establish relationships with industry insiders.

Join Acting or Film Production Agencies

Consider signing up with acting or talent agencies or production companies that can help you find suitable roles or projects.

These agencies often have connections and can assist in getting you auditions and casting opportunities. An example is the Actors Guide of Nigeria

Stay Persistent and Dedicated

Success in the film industry requires perseverance and dedication. Keep improving your skills, attending auditions, and seizing opportunities that come your way.

Be open to learning from experiences, accepting feedback, and growing as an artist.

Stay Updated on Industry News and Trends

Stay informed about the latest happenings and trends in the Nigerian film industry. Read industry publications, follow influential filmmakers and actors on social media, and keep an eye on casting calls and production announcements.

This knowledge will help you stay relevant and aware of opportunities.

Factors That Enhance Your Chances of Joining Nollywood

  1. Talents and skills
  2. Enrolling in acting classes
  3. Passion and dedication
  4. Education
  5. Portfolio, showreel, or online skirts
  6. Networking and connections
  7. Audition and casting calls
  8. Persistence and resilience
  9. Professionalism and professional attitude
  10. Knowledge of the industry

Levels in the Nigerian Movie Industry

  1. Entry Level/Upcoming Actors
  2. Supporting Actors
  3. Lead Actors
  4. Character Actors
  5. Directors
  6. Producers
  7. Screenwriters
  8. Cinematographers
  9. Editors
  10. Technicians and Crew

Ranks in the Nigerian movie industry

  1. Veteran Actors/Actresses
  2. A-List Actors/Actresses
  3. Icon/Legend
  4. Filmmaker/Producer
  5. Director
  6. Screenwriter
  7. Cinematographer/Director of Photography (DP)
  8. Editor
  9. Industry Influencers
  10. Rising Stars.


This article covers the procedures or steps taken to join the Nigerian movie industry. It also covers the ranks in the Nigerian movie industry.

we have also stated the factors that will aid you in joining the Nigerian movie industry.

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need prior acting experience to join the Nigerian movie industry?

Prior acting experience can be beneficial but is not mandatory. With passion, dedication, and training, you can start building your acting career in Nollywood.

Are there age restrictions to join the Nigerian movie industry?

There are no strict age restrictions. Opportunities exist for actors of various age groups, and roles can be tailored to suit different age ranges.

How do I find auditions and casting calls in Nollywood?

Stay updated on auditions and casting calls by following industry publications, social media pages of casting directors, production companies, and online casting platforms specific to Nigeria.

Do I need to have connections in the industry to get opportunities?

While connections can be helpful, they are not a prerequisite. Networking events, industry workshops, and online communities can provide opportunities to meet industry professionals and build connections.

Is formal education in film necessary to join the Nigerian movie industry?

While formal education in film can provide a solid foundation, practical experience, talent, and skills are highly valued in Nollywood. It is possible to learn and develop skills through workshops, courses, and hands-on experience.

Can I join Nollywood if I’m not Nigerian?

Nollywood welcomes talent from diverse backgrounds. While being Nigerian can provide cultural familiarity, individuals from other nationalities can still pursue opportunities in the industry.

How important is it to have a portfolio or showreel?

A portfolio or showreel showcasing your talent and previous work is beneficial. It allows industry professionals to assess your skills and style, and it can greatly enhance your chances of getting noticed.

Can I start my career in Nollywood as a filmmaker without prior experience?

Yes, you can start your filmmaking career in Nollywood without prior experience. Taking courses, learning from experienced professionals, and collaborating on independent projects can help you develop your skills and gain practical knowledge.

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