NPF Recruitment Exams and Past Questions (2010-2024)
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NPF Recruitment Exams and Past Questions (2010-2024)

NPF Recruitment Exams and Past Questions (2010-2024) – Seeking to apply for the NPF recruitment? need the exam’s past questions and answers?

It is important to note that if you have been shortlisted for the screening exercise, you need to prepare for the test that comes alongside the screening exercise. In the course of this article e will be talking about the brief overview of the NPF because some persons who are just hearing this for the first time do not understand what NPF is.

Also, we will be talking about the past questions and answers from the year 2010 to the current year and also answer some questions asked by the applicants of the NPF.

We implore all readers to read carefully to avoid being confused or doing the wrong thing.

NPF Recruitment Exams and Past Questions (2010-2024)

overview of NPF

NPF is also known as the Nigerian Police Force. It comes with the tag Police is your friend. This force was brought to reality in the year 1930 by a proceeding from the Northern Nigeria Police (NNP) and the Southern Nigeria Police(SNP).

This force operates in every state and local government in Nigeria government federally by the Ministry of police affairs.

The body has its legal constitution in section 214 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as Amended) under the Nigeria Police Act 2020.

The forced nature is a local civilian police with its headquarters in Abuja. The body is grouped into 17 zones and it has 8 administrative organs.

This department has different departments which include Dept. of finance and administration, operations, logistics and supply, criminal investigation, training and development, research and planning, information technology etc. It has three units which include Nigeria police and sport, Police air wings and the police medical services.

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read of Questions in the Nigerian Police Force Recruitment 

The Nigerian Police ForceRecruitement Examination is being taken online. That is it says it mode of writing the exams has been Digitalized. you wrote it as a CBT and it includes subjects like the English language, Mathematics, Verbal and quantitative reasoning and also current affairs /general questions.

All candidates who want to pass the exams should be careful about time management as they are being given a specific time to answer different sections which sums up to a total period of 1 hour.

The examination carries different sections and different exam questions with a total sum of 100 (one hundred) questions.

Below you will find some of the NPF recruitment questions so you can get through the list, it is very possible to have reasserted questions which might be advantageous for you.

Importance of NPF Past Questions and Answers

Here is the Importance of studying the Nigerian Police Force Recruitment Exams Past Question

  1. It gives knowledge of Enhamncemnet Capabilities
  2. It maximizes your Chances of scoring Higer in the Examination
  3. Also, it gives a preamble of questions format as it will appear
  4. It guards your Reading process.

You must get Study materials on each of these subjects as you are studying, get textbooks, research material, browse, get acquainted with current affairs etc.

Try to be updated and be sure you read in line with the brochure as given or examination outlines. It is very possible to study hard and still fail, as such you have to brace up and reexamine your process of reading.

Use the process you are acquainted with, the one that works for you and not what your friends or group are using as it might fail you even after so much effort.

Also, be sure to go through some of the past questions that we have here and get acquainted as they may come indirectly or directly. we have carefully selected a core question that may likely repeat itself.

Official Date for the NPF Examination 

If you have been shortlisted for the NPF examination in the 2024 session. It is important to note that the Nigerian police force has officially announced the examination date for the 2024 examination.

This is made available on the NPF official website at

Try to stay updated on the basic information you need to have as it will help you.

NPF Recruitment Exams and Past Questions (2010-2024)

Here is a rundown of some of the most frequent past Questions of the stay what’s the pecial dateresponsible foformalization and solving crimes is known as 

A) Riot Squad

B) Anti-Terrorism Unit

C) Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

D) Traffic Division

  • In the  Nigerian Police Force, which unit is tasked with handling traffic control/ ensuring road safety?.

A) Rapid Response Squad (RRS)

B) Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS)

C) Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS)

D) Highway Patrol

  • What is the motto of the Nigerian Police Force?

A) To Serve and Protect

B)?o Uphold the Law

C) Service with Integrity

D) Police is Your Friend

  • Restraining a suspect’s from moving or leavingwhile they are in police custody is known as_____? 

A) Arrest

B) Detention

C) Seizure

D) Search

  • The Nigerian Police Force is divided into different commands, each being headed by a Commissioner of Police. Which among the following is NOT regarded as common police command?

A) Lagos State Police Command

B) Abuja FCT Police Command

C) United States Police Command

D) Rivers State Police Command

  • When was the Nigerian Police Force Created?

A) 1954

B) 1960

C) 1979

D) 1999

  • Which of the following is NOT a major function of the NPF?

A) Law enforcement

B) Traffic control

C) Firefighting

D) Crime prevention

  • The highest-ranking officer in the NPF is the______

A) Inspector General of Police (IGP)

B) Commissioner of Police (CP)

C) Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG)

D) Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)

  • What is the full meaning of “IGP,” ____?

A) International Guarding Police

B) Inspector General of Police

C) Internal Governmental Patrol

D) Inspectorate of General Police

  • The “Community Policing” initiative aims to_______

A) Eliminate all police patrols

B) Strengthen police corruption

C) Foster collaboration between police and communities

D) Centralize police operations

For More on this, you can visit the official recruitment pas question here

The Nigeria Police Force  Training College/School and states 

Police College —Ikeja —Lagos, Delta, Ondo, Oyo
Police College — Kaduna—Katsina, Kaduna
Police College — Maiduguri—Borno, Kano
Police College —Oji River— Plateau, Anambra, Benue, Enugu
Police Training School —Bauchi—Gombe, Taraba, Jigawa
Police Training School — Benin —Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Imo, Enugu
Police Training School Calabar — Cross River, Akwa Ibom
Police Training School Eleyele —Ekiti, Osun, Oyo
Police Training School Ikeja — Edo
Police Training School Ilorin—Kwara, Oyo, FCT Abuja
Police Training School Iperu — Ogun, Osun
Police Training School Jos — Jigawa, Yobe,, Adamawa
Police Training School Makurdi — Niger, Nasarawa, Bauchi
Police Training School Minna — Kaduna, Adamawa, Zamfara
Police Training School Nekede — Ebonyi, Abia
Police Training School Nonwa-Tai — Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa
Police Training School Oyin Akoko — Kogi, Edo, Niger
Police Training School Sokoto —Kebbi, Sokoto,


This is carefully crafted for people who are writing the NPF recruitment exams. For more information, you can visit

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