How to Bring Your Family to Canada as a Student
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How to Bring Your Family to Canada as a Student | 2024 Latest Update

How to Bring Your Family to Canada as a Student – Lately, Canada has become one of the countries and destinations for international students, and even for those seeking for Job abroad, and that is why lots of people have also decided to move in there with their family members. 


So, as a student at a Canadian university, are you planning to bring your family over to Canada? Sure that is a good one, But the big question here is; how will you do that? In that case, this article will answer that question and many other questions that may arise in the course of your trial to take your family over to Canada as a student. 

In this article, we will supply you with all the details you need to have to enable you to have a safe transition to Canada with your family. That includes the cost of acquiring visas, transportation fares, documents required, and other conditions that you have to meet to be allowed to come over to Canada with your family.

How to Bring Your Family to Canada as a Student

Can I Bring My Immediate Family to Canada?

As an international student, you can bring your immediate family to Canada. But who are those that make up your immediate family members? The Canadian policy states that an international student’s immediate family includes the following persons:

Spouse: That could be your wife or husband, whom you are legally married to.

Common law partner: This is a person that you have had a love affair or relationship with, for at least a year or more. 

Dependent Children: This includes your children, your spouse’s children, or your partner’s children. Such children must be less than 22 years of age and are not yet married. The only reason why a child of 22 years old will be considered as dependent, is that the child is depending on the parents for financial support and has been living with them, before turning 22.

Also, such children have some mental challenges that demand the attention and care of the parents, because they (Children)are unable to support themselves financially.

It is advisable that if your children, spouse or common-law partner is to accompany you to Canada as an international student, they should apply for a work permit or visitors permit, at the same time that you are applying for a study visa so that they can work and support the family throughout your study.

Why Bring Your Family to Canada?

  • You have to prove to them why you are bringing your family to Canada, you have to state cogent reasons for your actions.
  • Ensure your statement of purpose (SOP) explains why you want your partner and children to accompany you. 
  • It could be for parental supervision of children by both parents. 

How Much is a Student’s Study Permit to Canada?

You will acquire your student visa at the rate of:

  • Standard Visitor visas cost £100 
  • Short-term study visas cost £200.
  • If you are applying for a student visa, it will cost you about £363, 
  • Those applying within Canada will  pay about  £490

Your Family Travel Documents

For your family to travel to Canada with you, they have to possess certain documents that will permit them to travel with you.

Each family member may be required to apply for temporary travel residency or electronic travel authorization, all depends on the country of citizenship, which allows them to travel to Canada.

Visitors Document

The following documents are required from visitors:

  • A stamp on the passport
  • A printed document called a Visitor Record

NOTE: a visitor can travel to Canada whether their visa is stamped or not provided they are going to spend just six months there. If they are to spend more than six months, then they should have a visitor record, and the record should have the same duration n with your own.

Children Study Permit

If your child or children who are accompanying you to Canada for your study or work are under the age of 19, they are considered by the British Government as MINORS, and as such, they should have a study permit depending on the level of education of the child, without any letter of acceptance from any institution.

But in a situation where the child is at the level of pre-school, primary, and secondary levels, the child does not need any study permit to access the country.

The following documents will be required for the children:

  • Your child’s immunization records since birth
  • Your child’s original birth certificate
  • 2 years of your child’s official school records,
  • The child’s school record should be in English or with a certified English translation

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Your Spouse or Partner’s Work Permit

The work permit is a permit that is issued to your partner/spouse so that they can be working while you are schooling. Your spouse or partner’s work permit will be issued with the same study duration as your study period. 

A full-time international student can assist their spouse in securing a work permit if they are full-time students. For the student to achieve this they must 

  • A public post-secondary institution; 
  • Or private post-secondary institutions deploying similar rules and regulations 
  • A private institution authorized that the provincial statute has authorized

Your Dependent Health Insurance Scheme

You have to secure private temporary health insurance for your dependent family that you are bringing over to Canada. The health insurance should be at least for the first 3 (Three Months).

You can apply for iMED, the Medical Services Plan, on arrival in British Columbia, if eligible. The AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan can also be enrolled for if eligible.

Proof of Adequate Fund

You must show proof of adequate funds to support your family’s stay in Canada, without adequate proof of the fund, it may be difficult for you to be allowed to bring your family to Canada.

  • As a student, you need a minimum fund for yourself and family members at the tone of at least C$4,000 for the first family member
  • And C$3,000 for each additional family member, 
  • And slightly more in Quebec.

Applications/Application Fees

If the international student applies for the travel permit of their spouses together, they can be processed together.

They are expected to pay certain application fees. Both for the work permit processing fee and the study permit processing fees.


So with the aforementioned information, you can successfully take your family to Canada as you plan to relocate there for your study. All that you need is to meet all the requirements and ensure that you have sufficient funds that will sustain the entire family throughout your studies.

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