Botswana PSLE Results 2023: Checking Portal - and How to Check
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Botswana PSLE Results 2024 Checking Portal – and How to Check

Botswana PSLE Results 2024- Are you a student of the just concluded PSLE program in Botswana, a researcher or guardian who wants to check the results of his or her wards? 

The PSLE program is a primary program that is being offered to students of the Botswana primary school after they have completed a seven-year program and have been taught everything that has been in the curriculum. 

This program is not taught or done only in Botswana primary schools but also in the affiliate primary schools of Botswana. 

Botswana PSLE Results 2023: Checking Portal - and How to Check

The subjects involved in the PSLE program include 

  1. Agriculture 
  2. English language
  3. Environmental science 
  4. Mathematics 
  5. Religious and moral education 
  6. Setswana
  7. Science 
  8. Social studies

There are no optional courses for a student in the primary program as such all subjects are core subjects for them to offer

This examination is being managed and administered by the Botswana Examination Council. This council is being denoted by the BEC. located in Gaborone, the council is solely responsible for providing national qualifications and qualifications to the Botswana schools. 

The PSLE program is being taught in different languages which include the Setswana and English languages. 

The English language is influenced by the colonialist masters which also helps in the communication between the foreign or international students and the locals.  

In the course of this article, we will be focusing on the step-by-step process of checking the PSLE result 

Currently, the 2024 result of the PSLE examination has not been released and so far the government of Botswana has not set out measures through which candidates can check their examination status 

These measures can be accessed by students or guardians from the comfort of their homes without having to get to the school premises or the cyber cafe or pay a huge sum of money to access it.

All one needs is a working smartphone that can access the internet (browse), an active data connection, and the guidelines.

So far as you have the necessary details you need which were given to you durian registration used during the examination.

How to Check Botswana PSLE Results

How to Check PSLE Results for Secondary School Leavers in Botswana

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check the Botswana PSLE examination result.

There are various methods of checking the PSLE  result  and these include 

  1. SMS
  2. Online 
  3. School


  1. Open the message application on your phone 
  2. Click on the new message button 
  3. Type in your  level, center number, candidate number, and your surname 
  4. You have to ensure that while typing you include spacing within BW and the center number, candidate number, and surname. 
  5. Please ensure that your data is correct to avoid error messages. 
  6. After successful typing, send the message to 16688
  7. Your result will be sent to you through an SMS notification
  8. You have to check that when typing your center number it is six (6) characters long.
  9. Also when inputting your student’s or candidates’ numbers it has to be a minimum of four (4) numeric characters long 
  10. Also, ensure that your surname is not case-sensitive. (it should be in lowercase

Online Method

  1. Using your gadgets with active mobile data and your preferred browser (recommended Chrome) log on to 
  2.  Input the kind of  examination you wish to check the result (PSLE)
  3. The year of examination, center number, your candidate ID, candidate surname 
  4. The center number is usually 6 digits long, also
  5.  it should begin with the capital letters BW
  6. Confirm that the information given is correct especially the numerical data provided
  7. Click on the Show Result button
  8. For online support, you can call +267 365 0700
  9. You can also send an email to 
  10. You have to check that when typing your center number it is six (6) characters long.
  11. Also when inputting your student’s or candidates’ numbers it has to be a minimum of four (4) numeric characters long 
  12. Also, ensure that your surname is not case-sensitive. (it should be in lowercase)-
  13. You can download, print, or save your results for future usage.

If after checking you discover or get notified with the following letter  U, X then this is what it denotes 

U denotes that a candidate has failed to meet the requirements stated or requested for the grade E  during the examination

X means that the candidates did not meet the required requirements for the qualification award


It is always noted that before the students have access to the information of the released result it is first sent to the school. 

All the centers that registered their students and participated in the PSLE examination usually have results delivered to the sub-regional and regional offices through EMS (express mail service)

These offices after receiving the mail will now access it through the Malapa  system and CDs

Students who wish to check their results can always get to the school offices and the school will provide a hard copy of the results for the students.


This article gives a step-by-step guide on the process of checking the PSLE results of primary school leavers in Botswana. 

You must also be sure that the information you input is correct to avoid second trial-and-error messages. 

For more information and inquiries you can visit their Facebook page at 

You can also visit their web page at 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the average cut-off mark needed for a pass?

The average merit mark is 55 in each subject.

What is the approximate number of secondary schools available in Botswana

The value is approximately 250 junior secondary schools

Is it possible to check my  PSLE results online?

You can check your results online via the Botswana educational result checker.

How many times is the PSLE examination held in a year?

The BGCSE examination is held once a year

When is the examination result going to be released for the 2024 session?

The result is currently not out. when the result is out, you can check it at 

Where is the result going to be released?

It will be released online via the Botswana portal

Which browser is recommended for checking the BGCSE result? 

you can use the Chrome browser, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox)

Can I check results as old as that of 2009?

Yes you can have access to your results from now till 2009 on the Botswana examination checking portal

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