Everything You Need to Know About "The National Library of Nigeria"
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Everything You Need to Know About “The National Library of Nigeria”

The National Library of Nigeria – Today’s topic got us talking about the national library in Nigeria which is located in Abuja. Just like in every country, the need for a national library is stipulated in the constitution with certain requirements.

Nigeria as a country that gained independence in October 1960 has met the requirement as stipulated in its constitution and has thereby set up a national library.

As an educationalist, student, and researcher, who is interested in this topic, I would implore you to read carefully as we will be talking extensively about the national library Nigeria, its administration, sections, and departments.

Everything You Need to Know About "The National Library of Nigeria"

The National Nigerian Library was birthed fifty-nine years ago, Four years after independence.

Currently, the national library has thirty-three branches across the states. This is to say that national libraries exist in each of the states that make up the country

The library has its chief executive officer as a prof. Chinwe Veronica Anunobi by appointment. The National Library of Nigeria, located in Abuja, is the apex library in the country.

It serves as the custodian of Nigeria’s published heritage and provides library and information services to government agencies, researchers, scholars, and the general public

Brief History

The national library was birthed in line with decree No. 29 of the 1970 constitution. The decree was later amended t NO. 44 of the 199 constitutions.

The decree mandated the establishment of a national library to collect, preserve, and disseminate Nigerian publications

The labor was officially inaugurated or opened /launched on the 1st of May 1964 by the then prime minister of Nigeria sir Tafewa Balewa Abubakar.

After the successful inauguration, the library was worked on and it began operation in 1970. The library was first located in Lagos which was known to be Nigeria’s capital territory.

Afterward, when Abuja was named the country’s capital territory, it was moved to Abuja in 1990. Currently, it is located in the central district of Abuja.

It preserves books, journals, newspapers, government publications, audiovisual materials, maps, periodicals, and other valuable resources.

Everything You Need to Know About “The National Library of Nigeria”

The Objectives of the National Nigerian Library include

  1. Promoting culture
  2. Providing library and information services to government agencies and the public
  3. Fostering national bibliographic control

The services it renders include but are not limited to

  1. Lending services
  2. Reference
  3. Research Assistance
  4. Cataloging and classification
  5. Digitalization initiatives and
  6. Interlibrary loan services
  7. Virtual library services
  9. ISBN verification
  10. Index to Nigerian newspapers
  11. OPAC
  12. National Repository of Nigeria

Importance/Functions of the Nigerian National Library

  1. The library maintains a comprehensive national bibliography of Nigerian publications,
  2. it also establishes a record of published material in the country
  3. Promotes literacy
  4. It preserves Nigeria’s cultural heritage
  5. Supports research and education throughout the country
  6. Acquiring and cataloging Nigerian publications.
  7. Preserving and conserving library materials.
  8. Providing library and information services to government agencies, researchers, scholars, and the public.
  9. Promoting the development of libraries and library standards.
  10. Publishing the Nigerian National Bibliography, which is a record of published materials in Nigeria.
  11. Collaborating with other libraries and library associations in Nigeria and internationally.

The Administrators of the National Library

The administrators or management of the National Library of Nigeria are as follows:

National Librarian

The National Librarian is the chief executive officer of the National Library of Nigeria. They oversee the overall administration and management of the library.

Currently, the national librarian is Prof. Chinwe Anuobi. She is also the Chief Executive Officer (on Appointment)

Directorates and Departments

The National Library has various directorates and departments responsible for specific functions and services.

The different departments and their current heads include:

  • A. A.Yue – Director, Finance And Accounts Departments
  • Bamidele A. Jacob – Director, Human Resource And Administration Departments
  • Abubarkar Hambagda- Director, Virtual Library Services Department
  • Ajibola Adejumoke – Director, Legal Deposit Department
  • Ngozi Odogwu – Director, Planning, Research, And Statistics Department
  • A. C. Onuoha – Director, Collection Development And Technical Services Department
  • Amaka Ojielo – Director, International Standards And Program Departments

National Library Resource Center

The resource center is designed to provide users with access to a wide range of information resources for research, reference, and study purposes.

It is a specialized section within the library that offers in-depth and comprehensive materials that can support various subject areas and research needs.

It is an embodiment of

  • Reference Books
  • Research Materials
  • Online Databases
  • Special Collections
  • Research Assistance

Partnerships and Collaborations

The National Library has collaborations with

  1. Various organizations
  2. Libraries
  3. International bodies
  4. other libraries in Nigeria,
  5. library associations,
  6. government agencies,


This article gives you everything you need to know about the national library Nigeria which is located in the federal capital territory with approximately 33 branches across the states.

For more information and inquiries you can log on to the official website of the national library Nigeria at https://www.nln.gov.ng/#

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the National Library of Nigeria?

The National Library of Nigeria is responsible for collecting, preserving, and disseminating the nation’s published materials and promoting library development and reading culture in Nigeria.

Where is the National Library of Nigeria located?

The National Library of Nigeria is located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

Can I borrow books from the National Library?

Yes, the National Library provides lending services to registered users, allowing them to borrow books and other materials.

Does the National Library offer research assistance?

Yes, the National Library has librarians and subject specialists who can provide research assistance, help with locating information, and offer guidance on using library resources effectively.

Can I donate my publications to the National Library?

Yes, the National Library accepts donations of publications that are within its collection scope and meet its acquisition criteria.

Does the National Library have digitization initiatives?

Yes, the National Library has digitization initiatives to preserve and provide access to valuable resources. It works on digitizing select materials from its collections.

Can I access the Nigerian National Bibliography online?

Yes, the Nigerian National Bibliography is available online through the National Library’s website. It provides a record of published materials in Nigeria.

How can I get involved with the National Library of Nigeria?

You can get involved with the National Library by utilizing its resources, participating in its programs and events, and supporting its initiatives to promote literacy and library development in Nigeria.




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