Apple Student Discount 2023: Everything You Need to Know 

Apple Student Discount 2024: Everything You Need to Know 

Apple Student Discount 2024: Everything You Need To Know 

Taking advantage of the Apple Student Discount is one of the ways students can purchase Apple devices at lower costs

Studenthood comes with numerous benefits when it comes to Product Discounts. 

This is not only done by Apple but by other Companies as well.

HP and Dell, for instance, run student discounts that help save up to 50% off Product Purchase Costs.

Hulu and Spotify also run similar student discount programs on some of their products

Gym enthusiast Students could also take advantage of the GymShark Student Discounts for procuring new Gym Outfit at discounted rates.

Obviously, being a student is accompanied by several benefits. 

Apple Student Discount 2023: Everything You Need to Know 

And for what it’s worth, the Apple Store is offering students discounts on their products. 

In this article, we will dive into the world of Apple’s Student Discount for their Products. We will be unraveling eligibility criteria and how to be a beneficiary of these amazing Student Discounts.

Every member of the Educational Community – Students, teachers, lecturers – and others can now save money on new Apple Products such as Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones courtesy of the Apple Education Store. 

You may also be eligible to purchase a MacBook from the pool of products available at an amazing discounted rate.

About The Apple Student Discount

The Apple Store is quite thoughtful and considerate to Students.

They have a lot in store, as well as an entirely separate Education Store for Students. 

The Apple Education Store offers to Students huge discounts on Macbooks and iPad Tablets. 

They also sometimes freely give Apple accessories like Airpods as Incentives to student customers.

However, only students currently enrolled in a Higher Institution or Individuals working in a college, university, or other Educational Facilities are eligible to benefit from the Apple Student Discount.

Facts To Note About The Apple Student Discount

Be aware of the following terms and Conditions attached to the Student discount Program:

Only currently enrolled students are eligible to take advantage of Apple’s student discount. 

Due to the ongoing discounts on Apple’s UK, US, CA, or AU Education Stores, you are assured of saving valuable money on each purchase of either a MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, iMac Pro, or MacBook Pro.

During a series of annual student Promotions conducted by Apple, it offers a free pair of AirPods with qualifying purchases from the Apple Education Store.

These promotions usually take place between June and October each in the northern hemisphere and between January and March in the southern hemisphere.  

Validation from UNiDAYS is required before students can access discounts from the Apple Store US Education Store.

Am I Eligible To Get An Apple Student Discount?

There exist three classes of people who are eligible for the student discount:

Students who are currently enrolled in college.

Students who have recently been accepted but haven’t begun yet are equally eligible for the Discount. 

Parents of the class of students listed above, college instructors, and employees of the College are equally eligible for Apple’s student discount.

This Students Discount is also available to Indigent American Homeschool Teachers, without any limitations on the grade levels they handle.

For What Products Are The Apple Students Discount Effective?

The Educational Pricing Strategy of Apple consists of a wide variety of offers and promotions. 

Apple has discounted a ton of Item products including MacBooks and iPads, especially for college students.

Also, the Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple TV are excluded from the Discounted Products List, hence there are no discounts on these Products

List Of Discounted Products

Discounted products in the Apple Students Discount Program include the following:

Mac mini, iPad Air, 

MacBook Pro, 

iPad Pro

the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard

the MacBook Air, 

iMac, Mac Pro, 

Apple Pencil (2nd generation), 

and the iPad Air’s Smart Folio keyboard. 

The discount percentage obtainable varies from product to product.

Under this Discount Program, Students can also purchase the “Pro Apps Bundle for Education” for as low as $199!  

This Bundle includes Motion, Compressor, MainStage, Logic Pro, and Final Cut Pro. 

The pack whose contents are worth over $500 going for just $199 represents an amazing $301 discount!

Also, when purchasing a Mac, a Pad Pro, or an iPad Air, you stand a chance of being gifted a free set of Apple AirPods and three months of Apple Arcade.

If the standard AirPods do not sit well with you, you are also free to purchase the AirPods Pro for $90 (instead of the normal price of  $249).

You can also purchase the AirPods that come with a wireless charging case for as low as $40 (instead of the normal price of  $199).

Also, students are eligible to enjoy three months of Apple Music and Apple TV+ for free, as well as 20% off the standard cost of AppleCare+.

Students are also eligible to enjoy free engraving anytime they purchase Apple AirTags or a 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

What Apple Products Are Not Covered By This Discount?

You cannot use your Apple Discounts to purchase the following Apple Products:



Apple Watch.

Apple TV.


Accessories or Software.

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What Quantity Of Products Can I Purchase With The Apple Student Discount?

Apple Inc. has various discounted products open to annual purchase by Students. 

Here is a list of the products alongside the specified quantities you can purchase as a Student using the Apple Student Discount offers:

Desktop: 1 annually

Accessories: 2 annually

Mac mini: 1 annually

Notebook: 1 annually

iPad: 2 annually

This means that this Discount Offer is open to only the specified quantity of Products purchased per year beyond which there are no further attached Discounts.

How Do I Get A student Discount For Apple Music And Apple TV+?

Students enrolled in College in pursuance of full-time programs are eligible to receive as high as a 50% subscription discount for Apple Music.

This is made possible through Apple’s student membership program

You might wish to consider another Discount from Apple.

One that offers three months of Free Apple Music for all new customers. 

With the student discount, the monthly cost of an Apple Music subscription drops from $9.99/£9.99 to $4.99/£4.99.

Similar programs are concurrently running in New Zealand, Ireland, the United States, Germany, Denmark, and Australia, each of which offer up to 50% discount off the standard recommended price. 

However, note that to enjoy these discounts, you must provide the requisite proof of enrollment at an approved Tertiary Institution.

How Do I Get The Apple Student Discount?

If you are eligible for the Apple Student Discount, read on to learn how to claim your available approved discounts.

Each country, however, has different specifications and guidelines on how to access Apple discounts for students. 

For the purpose of clarity, we have put down in a detailed but easily comprehensible manner, how to get these discounts on Apple Education for US and UK students.

How to get An Apple Student Discount – UK

Your eligibility status for this Discount in The UK can be verified mainly through UNiDAYS, the student discount website. 

You must authenticate your Personal account with your University to access UNiDAYS, which is available to both staff and students. 

Afterward, you need to create an account using your verified email address before adding the University where you study, your intended Duration of Study at the University, and your current Academic level

Go ahead and confirm your account by verifying your email 

When done, head back to the Apple for Education website and link your UNiDAYS account. This is to verify your eligibility, so you can enjoy the Discounts.

You can also reach out directly to Apple for confirmation of your eligibility. However, you will need your university ID or Letter of Acceptance in order to proceed with this

Do this by either dialing Apple at 0800 048 0408, paying a visit to your local Apple Store, or chatting them up with Apple Inc. via Social Media.

How To Get An Apple Student Discount – US

In the United States, enjoying the student discount from Apple is pretty simple and quite similar to a normal purchase at the Apple Store. 

Select from the range of products, Apple product you wish to purchase by paying a visit to the Apple Education Store website

Click the product(s) of your choice, select your preferred configuration, and add the selected item(s) to your Shopping Cart.

Add your proof of Studentship such as a Student ID or Letter of acceptance if required. As a teacher or staff of a University, you may likewise be required to provide requisite proof.

Once done, Proceed as with normal purchase to enjoy the available offered Discounts.

Pay a visit to the Official Website for more information and details.


Getting quality Apple Products may be quite expensive, especially as a Student

However, you can avail yourself of the Apple Student Discount as leverage to help you ease the burden.

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