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UNIUYO School Fee Schedule 2023/2024 | Latest Updates

UNIUYO School Fee Schedule – After writing JAMB, and the Post UTME of your chosen university, I am sure that you are not waiting for your admission. But while you wait for your admission, we deem it fit for you to have knowledge of how much you are expected to pay as school fees, acceptance fees, and many other fees that all students of the University of Uyo are expected to pay.

So in this article, we are going to look at the school fee schedule of the University of Uyo for both new and returning students of the university.

We will look at acceptance fees, school fees, hostel fees, and other sundry charges that students are expected to pay.

So if you are a would-be student of the University of Uyo, it is pertinent that you carefully read this article to the end, so that you will be able to get the full details about the university’s school fee schedule.


University of Uyo School Fee Schedule

About the University of Uyo

The University of Uyo was first founded as Cross River State University, but in 1991, the federal government of Nigeria converted it to a federal university and that was when it was then known and called the University of Uyo. The institution is led by the Vice Chancellor of the school in the person of professor Nyaudoh Ndaeyo.

The University of Uyo has officially been approved by the National University Commission, and in the entire south-south geopolitical zone, UNIUYO is known as one of the renowned universities to reckon with. The institution has many campuses, so let’s look at the campuses now.

The University of Uyo has 6 (six campuses), which are as follows:

  1. The Main Campus, 
  2. The Town Campus 
  3. And Annex Campus, 
  4. The College of Health Sciences Campus 
  5. And the Ime Umanah Campus

You can get more details about the University of Uyo by logging in to their official website at 

What is Acceptance Fee?

Acceptance fee is a fee that every newly admitted student is required to pay, as evidence that the student has accepted the offer of admission given to her or him. In the same vein, any student who fails to pay the acceptance fee has automatically forfeited his/her admission. Please note that returning students are not to pay the acceptance fee.

So how much is the University of Uyo’s acceptance fee? We said earlier that the acceptance fee is only for newly admitted students, however, UNIUYO freshmen are expected to pay a non-refundable acceptance fee of 25,000 (twenty-five thousand nairas), as an acceptance fee to UNIUYO.

What is the school Fee?

In this section, we are going to discuss the meaning of school fees for the sake of those who are not familiar with its meaning. Due to how frequently we use some words, most people have not taken the time to think for instance the meaning of school fees that almost everyone uses every day. So before we move on to the school fee schedule, I feel like letting people know what the school fee schedule means.

A school fee is a fee that is levied on bona fide students of any government-approved school, be it a primary, nursery, secondary, or tertiary institution. As a result of its essentiality, all students are expected to pay this fee, as refusal to pay may warrant a sanction from the school management.

Breakdown of UNIUYO School Fees Schedule

Below is a breakdown of the University of Uyo Fee charges for new and returning students.

S/N Items New Students Returning Students
1. Tuition Free Free
2. Caution N2,000 NIL
3. Examination N2,500 N2,500
4. Tertiary Institution Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) N2,000 N2,000
5. Student Handbook N 500 NIL
6. Student Union Dues N 500 N 500
7. Games/Sport N 700 N 700
8. Library N2,000 N2,000
9. General Studies Registration Handbook N3,250 N1,000
10. Student Union Constitution/Books N 400 NIL
11. X-Ray/Lab Test N2,500 NIL
12. Personal Accident Insurance Scheme N 400 N 400
13. Identity Card N1,000 NIL
14. Laboratory  N2,000 N2,000
15. Utilities/Services N5,000 N5,000
16. Screening/Verification of Results N1,000 NIL
17. University Calendar N 500 NIL
18. Clinical Fees (Pharmacy/Medical Students) N5,000 N2,500
19. Workshop fees (Engineering and Environmental Studies) N2,000 N2,000
20. Production Fees/Studio (Communication Arts, Theatre Arts, Music) N5,000 N5,000
21. Finance Charge N1,000 N1,000
22. Database Charge N2,000 N2,000
23. ICT Project N3,000 N3,000
24. Development Levy N20,000 N20,000
25. Facility Management N5,000 N5,000
26 Other sundry charges N 500 N 500
27 Entrepreneurial Studies  N2,000 N2,000
28 Hostel Maintenance  N8,000 N8,000
29 Clinical Students Hostel Charges  NIL N20,000


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Breakdown of UNIUYO School Fees

Table 2 is a breakdown of the school fee schedule for new students of the University of Uyo.

Programs  New students  New  students
1st  semester 2nd semester Total
Arts  Fees  Fees  Total 
Comm Arts 37,000 23,250 60,250
Theatre Arts 37,000 23,250 60,250
Music 37,000 23,250 60,250
Other Departments 34,000 20,750 55,250
Education Nill  Nil   Nil  
Sciences 35,500 21,750 57,250
Technical 35,500 21,750 57,250
Other Departments 34,500 20,750 55,250
Agriculture 35,500 21,750 57,250
Basic Medical Sc. 35,500 21,750 57,250
Business Adm. 34,500 20,750 55,250
Clinical Science 38,000 24,250 62,250
Engineering 36,500 22,750 59,250
Environmental Studies 36,500 22,750 59,250
Law 34,500 20,750 55,250
Pharmacy 37,600 24,250 61,850
Science 35,500 21,750 57,250
Social Science 34,500 20,750 55,250

UNIUYO School Fees for Returning Students 

Table 3, is a breakdown of the school fee schedule for returning students of the University of Uyo.

Programs  1st semester 2nd semester Total
Arts Fees  Fees   Total 
Comm  Arts 25,850 23,250 49,100
Theater Arts 25,850 23,250 49,100
Music 25,850 23,250 49,100
Other Departments 23,350 20,750 44,100
Education Nill  Nil   Nil  
Sciences 24,350 21,750 46,100
Technical 24,350 21,750 46,100
Other Departments 23,350 20,750 44,100
Agriculture 24,350 21,750 46,100
Basic Medical Sc. 24,350 21,750 46,100
Business Adm 23,350 20,750 44,100
Clinical Science 25,600 23,000 48,600
Engineering 25,350 22,750 48,100
Environmental Studies 25,350 22,750 48,100
Law 23,350 20,750 44,100
Pharmacy 25,600 23,000 48,600
Science 24,350 21,750 46,100
Social Science 23,350 20,750 44,100

Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure

If you do not know how to pay your UNIUYO acceptance fee, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Log in to 
  • Click on fee payment
  • Scroll down to the acceptance fee payment option
  • carefully read all the instructions and fill in the details demanded
  • Enter the necessary information
  • Make a payment of N25,000
  • Printout your acceptance fee payment slip


Thank you for reading our article on the UNIUYO school fee schedule. I hope the article was helpful to you.  We have been able to outline for you all the fees that you will see immediately after you are offered admission to the University of Uyo. they include acceptance fees, school fees, hostel fees, and other sundry charges. please do not hesitate to drop us your comments or ask us your questions if you have any. congratulations in advance to all of you who will be offered admission.

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