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List of Best Government Secondary Schools in Tanzania (2024 Update)

List of Best Government Secondary Schools in Tanzania  – Are you a resident of Tanzania? Or a citizen of the country? A permanent resident? An International Student? Do you wish to know the different secondary schools owned by the government in Tanzania? Want to know which one is categorized as the best? 

Here we will be listing the best government school that is in Tanzania that is being tagged the best. 

Tanzania is a country that is/ found in East Africa. The country is bound by African lakes that are deemed to be great and it has in its northeastern territory Africa’s highest Mountain Mount Kilimanjaro. The country has a national Language known as Swahili and over 100 ethnic groups. The country’s citizens are being called Tanzanians. The president of the country is Samia Suluhu Hassan and its vice President is Philip Mpango. It was also where Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa was. The country practices a National assembly legislature. 

Tanzania is very mountainous and to the northeast it is forested. 

List of Best Government Secondary Schools in Tanzania

List of Government Secondary Schools in Tanzania 

Here is a list of the best  Government secondary in Tanzania 

  1. Ilboru Secondary School 
  2. Kisimiri High School 
  3. Kilakala Secondary school
  4. Alpha Secondary schools 
  5. Feza Boys Secondary and High School 
  6. Loyola High School 
  7. Kibaha Secondary School 
  8. Mzumbe Secondary School 
  9. Anwarite Secondary school
  10. Kemebod Secondary School 
  11. Tabora Girls Secondary School
  12. Dar es Salaam International Academy 
  13. Shabaan Robert Secondary School
  14. Canossa  High School
  15. Kibosho girls Secondary school

Ilboru Secondary School 

This school is in the Arusha region in Tanzania. A community that values and gives respect for the students and the educational Journey at every level.  The school grows competent, creative, and ethical leaders who are impacting the world globally.

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Kisimiri High School 

This is one of the certified Secondary Schools in Tanzania. It teaches arts and science and offers two courses which are HKL which means History, Kiswahili, and English Language. and also PCM Which stands for physics Chemistry, and advanced math for students of form five and six. 

The school accepts day and boarding students. 

Kilakala Secondary school

This is also one of the best schools in Tanzania. A girls’ school that offers Business, science, arts and language, computer science, etc. With 27 teaching staff, 68 certified teachers, and 803  students. The school is in Morogoro In Tanzania, East Africa. It is known to be one of the oldest schools in the country and also one of the schools with high enrollment because of its quality of education. The school was established in 1957 by A Roman CAtholic sister known as Mary Knoll in the USA

Alpha Secondary Schools 

Alpha High School is a school established on a solid vision that helps you achieve academic excellence. The institution was established on the 19th of March 2007. 

The school strives to give out educational Knowledge that serves as a source of intellectual, spiritual, and cultural growth. 

Also to help students to get knowledge that supports and also meets the needs of individual students. It also aims at developing students’ ability to think critically and encourage them. The institution accepts transferred students and directly admitted students. 

Feza Boys Secondary and High School 

This is an institution only for boys. It was created in 1998 and it offers education for students from form 1 to form IV. In the year 2005, it started its high School and added the IV. The school is an accredited institution and has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Tanzania. 

The school has a five-core subject combination which includes s

PCM – Physics, Chemistry and Biology 

PCB – Economics, Geography and Mathematics 

RGM – History, Geography and Economics 

HGE – Physics, Geography and Economics 

PGM – physics, geography, and Mathematics 

Loyola High School 

This is a catholic school that is open to both genders and accepts students from all religious backgrounds. The goal of this school is to promote personal development as individuals and also in the larger society. It is located in Tanzania. The school is open from Monday to Friday and it is in Dar Salaam At Mabibo Farsi. Departmentally The school is divided based on the subjects taught. 

Kibaha Secondary School 

This is a boy’s secondary school with the motto, struggle for success. The grades are from 9 to 12. The institution was established 60 years ago in 1965. Over time the institution has established chains of students and has provided a professional in different fields. 

Mzumbe Secondary School 

This is one of the best-known secondary schools in Tanzania. It is a school that accepts both male and female students. They have a conducive environment and they are aimed at the High standards that have earned the school numerous honors. Their educational foundation is not just for students but also the teachers, administrators, and all supporting staff. 

Anwarite Secondary School

This is a girl’s school that can be found in Kirua Vunjo K Ward located in Moshi District Council. The institution accepts male and female students. They also accept transfer students from different religions and countries. 

Kemebod Secondary School 

Established in 2005 and launched by His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete in 2008. A renowned primary school, mixed, with a good environment That encourages reading. It has a wide area which allows the pupils to have enough space to have their extracurricular activities. It has primary 1 to seven and still intends to open a High School. 

Tabora Girls Secondary School

A school was established in 1928 to be an African girls’ school as the daughters of the African chief owned it. In 1957 the school changed its status to a secondary School. The school has its motto as Striving to success and he vision success is our destination. 

Dar es Salaam International Academy 

This institution aims at developing intentionally monde de lifelong learners with a well-balanced curriculum and a good partnership between school, home, and the community. 

The school was founded in 2003. The school is committed to providing sound and quality education. 

Shaaban Robert Secondary School

An institution formed on the 21st of January 1963. They strive to be an educational facility that gives quality education develops knowledge and also instilling self-discipline motivation and also giving the needed skills. 

Canossa High School 

The institution started in 2006 with the aim of total development of the students and places emphasis on spiritual and moral values. 

The institution helps youths to discover and develop their talents. 

Kibosho Girls Secondary School

Dedicated to providing a safe, caring, and aspiration environment to promote their academic and personal development in a rich and protected climate d. 


This is a list of the 15 Best Government Schools in Tanzania. For more information and inquiries you can drop the comment or your emails in the comment box below. 

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