How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin
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How To Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin Today (2024 Step by Step)

How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin: Guys, do you have a problem sharing, sending, and transferring airtime through the share and sell service because you have lost or forgotten your transfer pin? Yes, you won’t be allowed to use the share and sell service inasmuch as you cannot provide your transfer pin. So it is on account of this problem that we are here to show you how to retrieve your lost or forgotten pin. 

MTN transfer pin is very essential to those who are in the business of transferring airtime, data, and others, and as a result, whenever such a pin is lost, it becomes a problem for those who are using such pins. It is the need for this pin that brings about the article, trying to show you how you can retrieve your pin whenever you are in that type of problem. It is very vital because you will always need the pin for you to be able to carry out your transaction.

How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin

About MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is a South African telecommunication company that was founded 29 years ago, specifically in 1994. MTN is all over Africa and its headquarter is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was formerly known as M-cell, with about 19,288 thousand employees according to 2020 reports. It is one of the biggest communication companies in Nigeria alongside others such as GLO, Airtel, and 9mobile.

MTN Share and Sell

What does it mean? MTN share and sell is a special feature that is also known as do it yourself, that was introduced by MTN to help its customers to share airtime from one MTN user to another MTN user, although the original aim of the service was to transfer airtime from one person, family relatives to another, it has all expanded beyond that scope.

 The good thing about MTN share and sell is that you can use it to send airtime to those who ask you for airtime when you don’t have physical cash, and you can also use the share and sell service to retrieve your top-up airtime from your bank that was mistakenly sent to another person.

The MTN Default Transfer Pin

There is a default transfer pin for all MTN users, provided by MTN Nigeria. The default pin is a 4 (four) digit code that is made available by MTN to all her customers, the code is 0000. For security purposes, MTN advises its customers to ensure that they change the default code 0000 to their own private and personal 4 (four) digit code so that they can be able to use the share and sell service, which involves sending and transferring airtime or data to others.

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Procedures for Retrieving MTN Transfer Pin

If you have lost or forgotten your MTN transfer pin, it will become impossible for you to successfully use the share and sell service because they will require your transfer pin, and here don’t have the pin, what else will you do? The solution is for you to look for a way to retrieve your pin. But how do you do it? That is the question. So in this section, we are going to show you how you can retrieve your lost MTN share and sell pin. Please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: You need a phone, either a Button or an Android phone
  • Step 2: Scroll to where you have a message on your mobile phone
  • Step 3: create a new message
  • Step 4: type yes
  • Step 5: send the message you have created to 556 as the recipient of the message
  • Step 6: wait for some minutes to receive a message from MTN
  • Step 7: Not too long, you will receive a message from MTN
  • Step 8: The message that MTN will send to you will read thus; welcome to share & sell, your default new pin is 0000. MTN recommends you reset the pin for security’s sake. By the time that message has been sent to you, it, therefore, means that you have successfully recovered your lost or forgotten MTN pin. All you have to do now is to change the pin to any number that you like and are sure you will not forget.
  • Step 9: What you will do is for you to Text Your New Pin to 556. Let’s take for instance that your new MTN pin looks like this: 2323,  then create a new message like: 0000 2323 2323 and send it to 556. 
  • Finally, you be sent a message that informs you that your pin has been reset.

Alternative MTN Retrieval Method ( Using the USSD Code)

If you don’t want to use the method we just told you about above, there is another method that you can also use to achieve the same result, that is what we call the alternative method. Now let us look at how you can use the alternative method to retrieve your lost or forgotten MTN pin. In this method, we are going to use the USSD code.

This method does not require a lot of steps or time, and stress, all you need to do is just for you to dial *600*Default pin*New pin*New pin# and send/call. For instance, if the new pin you want to change to is 2323, then dial in your phone something like this *600*0000*2323*2323# and send/call, that is how you can use the alternative method. You that it is easy and simple to do. Now it is your choice to make which method you will like to use.


Those are the two methods you can use to retrieve either lost or forgotten transfer pins. We hope you have learned something very important from this article, and if it is true that you have actually learned something, please do well to share this article with others who may be in the same situation as you, so that they too may learn and solve their transfer pin problems. Thank you for reading the article, drop us your comments and questions if you have any.

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