How to Quit your Job the right way
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How to Quit your Job the Right way (2024)

Is it possible for you to leave your job in a very peaceful manner and still maintain a good relationship with your employers? Yes, it is possible, and it is the best thing to do. Because, if you leave a job on a good note, you can always go back to your former workplace if you have the need.

So how can you quit your current job in the right way without having any issues with the organization? That will form our discussion in today’s post. To know how you can do this, please follow this article and read to the end.

In the article, we are going to discuss 10 (Ten Tips) on how you can leave your job on good terms. The question here is How do I quit in a way that sounds professional? Here are the steps to follow.

How to Quit your Job the right way

How to Quit your Job the right way

  1. Have reasons why you want to quit and when
  2. Write a letter of resignation
  3. Let your manager be the first to know 
  4. Notify the organization for at least two weeks
  5. Prepare all your files and submit them before departure
  6. Make sure you finish strong
  7. You can offer to train your replacement 
  8. Email of gratitude and goodbye

See details on how to quit your job the right way here. Do you want to quit your present job and don’t know the right and professional way of doing that so that you will not have any issues with your employer? Here is a detailed list and brief explanation of how you can do that

Have Reasons Why You Want to Quit and When

Before you quit that job, make sure that you have a cogent reason that you will present to the firm for leaving the job. That way you will not have any problem leaving the job, and anytime you come back you will be welcomed.

But don’t just think that they will leave you like that to go, be prepared to answer questions like why are you quitting and where are you going? More so, they may even give you an offer you never expected, just to keep you, especially when you were a hardworking employee of the firm.

Let your manager be the first to know 

To leave the company in a professional manner without any problems, it is advisable for you to let your manager be the first to know or hear of it. If it happens that your manager hears of such news from outside or from another person, believe me, that will bring issues between you and the manager that will not give you a smooth transition from the company.

Don’t even discuss it with your teammate or those you are working closely with, because one of them may spread the information before you know it. When you are sure that you have discussed the strategy of your quitting, then you can tell them.

Write a letter of resignation

Make sure that you write a formal letter of resignation and present it to your organization, stating the reasons you are quitting your position. His letter should explain why you are leaving, 

Also, take some time to thank and appreciate your company for the opportunity that they gave to you to be a part of the growth of the organization. Thank them for all the investment they made in you for the few years you have been working with them.

Moreso, in the letter, you should indicate the day you will be leaving the company. That will do.

Notify the organization for at least two weeks

It is believed that you give your organization an earlier notice before you quit. This is seen by many as a standard. Give them at least two weeks’ notice before your departure.

conversely, if you are like a manager or a supervisor who oversees multiple projects, it will be nice for you to give the firm quite a long period of time so that they can prepare themselves onward and on how to fill the vacant position that you will soon be leaving behind.

Prepare all your files and submit them before departure

Make sure that you organize and prepare the files that you use in working before you leave. If you were handling a project, make sure you do a proper account and hand over the document to your supervisor or manager before departure.

Let your file be organized in a way that when a new employee comes in, he or she can easily access and understand the files.

Organize your team, and tell them what they need to know and do as you leave. Give the firm your last impression.

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Make sure you finish strong

Finishing strong is very important. During the last few days of your departure, you may be tempted to slack back, but don’t, you need to continue the good work you have been doing and continue till you finish well. Don’t let the fact that you are leaving in two days make you leave certain responsibilities behind undone.

You can offer to train your replacement

If you have a replacement, and you have the time, it will be nice for you to take some quality time to train him or her on what the person should know and how to handle some issues that are relative to the position, that is a good way of showing your experience. 

Email of gratitude and goodbye

Before, you leave find some time to send an email to your closest teammates, encouraging them to keep doing the good work they have been doing. Use the opportunity to thank them for working with them and their support to you while you were with them. That will keep them connected to you, even as you depart.


That is how you can quit your job professionally, without having issues with your employer. There are also other simple tips you can find. Even even if the company did not treat you well compose yourself and leave on a good note.

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