Top 10 Best Sixth Form Colleges in London 
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Top 10 Best Sixth Form Colleges in London (2024 Updated)

Top 10 Best Sixth-Form Colleges in London  – Looking for the best sixth-form school for your ward? Are you a researcher, Do you wish to know the best sixth form college available in London? Wish to take your students for apprenticeships or workforce and you need a bedrock for them?

London is home to about  50 sixth-form colleges and it is known to have provided professionals from these fields in different vocational courses. 

In the course of this article we will be talking about the Sixth form colleges we have in London also we will write short notes on them with  a direct link for inquiries and registration 

For the benefit of persons hearing about this for the first time or persons who wish to know about the sixth form college, we will give you a description of what a sixth form college is and to difference between a sixth form college and a school sixth form 

Top 10 Best Sixth Form Colleges in London 

What is a Sixth Form? 

In education, it is known as the upper sixth and the lower sixth. It is the final two years of secondary education.

Before a child goes to the sixth form he or she has to pass through the fifth year of education and then after the sixth year he or she will attain higher education which is like university education. 

There are two types of sixth form and they include school sixth form and sixth form college 

School Sixth Form 

This includes a learning environment with kids aged 7 – 14. It is often a formal place with easy access to teachers and other opportunities to help you secure your A-level courses faster or quicker. 

This is usually associated with the student’s first to fifth school form and as such it is very familiar to the students. 

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Sixth Form College 

This is a college with students aged 16 and above. The college here is bigger than the sixth form school and also it has more subjects than those offered in the former. 

Here the students get to familiarize themselves with the new learning environment and also get to experience university. 

Here students feel like adults and on some occasions, students that are more than 16 or 19 get to study here. 

The sixth-form college prepares you and gives you a preamble to your university education. It guides you to prepare for your specialty.

Top Best Sixth Form Colleges in London 

Here are the top Best sixth colleges that we have in London 

  1. London Academy of Excellence 
  2. Exter Maths School 
  3. MPW College of London
  4. Ashbourne College 
  5. King’s College London Mathematics School 
  6. London Brookes College 
  7. Morley College
  8. Williams Morris Sixth Form 
  9. Brampton College 
  10. Westminster City School Sixth Form 

London Academy of Excellence 

This is the very first school in our list of top-best sixth form schools. This is a selective free sixth school that is birthed in stratford london. It has about four hundred and eighty pupils and thirty-two teachers . The school was launched in 2012 in collaboration with seven other independent schools. 

The school has its motto as the academic sixth form for independent thinkers. The age range for this school is about 16 to 19.

For entry to This school, students require a minimum of % GCSE to 7 or 9 with a grade 6 in mathematics. 

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official website at 

Exter Maths School 

This school is a math school that is birthed in the English country. The school is a free school with the motto Freedom for thinkers. Its specialty is mathematics and it is being managed by the Headteacher Kerry Burnham. 

Thai school was birthed in September 2014 and is a subdivision of the Exeter College/university of Exter

It has a total of one hundred and twenty students and it is a boarding school operating from Monday to Friday. 

For more information and inquiries about the Exter math school, you can visit the school’s official website at 

MPW College of London

This is an independent school that was created in 1973. The institution was founded by Rovert Woodward, Rodney Portman and Sir Nicholas Mander. The school accepts both genders with ages 14 to 18. 

The school accepts British and international students making different cultures and traditions. It has full course options for its students including A-level courses with extensive extracurricular facilities, cafeterias, common rooms, etc. 

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school page at

Ashbourne College 

 A private school that was created in 1981 with its principal as Mr. Michael Kirby. The institution is a co-educational institution with ages 13 and above. The school has a total of two hundred and sixty-two students as of 2015. 

It is located in Kensington London, it offers A level courses and also GCSE courses. It has affiliation with CIFE and it is a group of independent colleges. The institution accepts about 60% British students and 40% of international students. 

For more information and inquiries about this institution, you can visit the school’s official page at 

King’s College London Mathematics School

This is a free school sixth form that was created on the 1st of September 2014. The institution is a specialist in mathematics and has its head teacher Mr. Dan Abramson. It covers students aged 16 to 19.

With a mixed gender of students, the institution aims to widen the impact and participation in mathematical science. it has a 14% acceptance rate e. For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official page at 

London Brookes College

This institution offers GCSE and A level full-time programs and also undertakes private examinations in writing, speaking, listening, science, and practical examination. Also, the institution gives extra tuition for science practicals and BMAT examinations. Furthermore, students here can complete city and guilds teacher training courses building their English as a second language skills using supported living services and accommodation. 

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official page at 

Morley College

This is an education sixth form that has three different campuses. It came into existence in the 1880s with a population of about 11000 adult students. The institution offers different courses in different fields which include but are not limited to arts and design, fashion, languages, drama, dance, music, health and humanities, etc. 

The institution has its head Teacher Andrew Gower with over seventeen thousand enrollments as noted in 2020. For more information and inquiries you can visit the school official page at 

Williams Morris Sixth Form

Thai is a community sixth-form institution with the motto Inclusive excellence. This school was established in 1994. The school concepts students aged 16 to 19. 

It has a total enrollment of eight hundred and fifty six and offers a total of thirty-five courses including GCSES, IGCSES, BTEC etc. The institution was birthed in 1994 and over time it has offered sixth-form education to students from different parts of london. 

For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official website at  

Brampton College

This is an independent day school that was birthed in 1989. It has its headmaster Bernard Cannetti. 

The institution accepts students between the ages of 15 to 19. It offers A-level subjects and courses. This school is located in Hendon and over time has a total of 263 students. for more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official website at 

Westminster City School Sixth Form

This is an academy with the motto, strength, and unity. The institution was created in 18777, the seventeenth century. It has headteachers Peter Broughton and chaplain Stephen Taylor. The institution accepts mixed gender (boys/ girls) and has a total of eight hundred and seven enrollment.  For more information and inquiries you can visit the school’s official page at 


This article covers the 10 best 6th-form colleges in London. For more information or questions, you can drop a comment in the comment section below and we will get to give you answers. 

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