What Government Job can a Felon Get in 2024?

What Government Job can a Felon Get in 2024?

What Government Job can a Felon get in 2024?– Are you a felon? do you know who is called a felony? is this your first time getting of hearing the word felony? 

Do you have the perception that a felony doesn’t have a place in society? or may you believe that once you are called a felony you have no place or value in society again.

while this article seems to give you full details of what a felony is and what is called a felony. also, we talk about the question which is the topic of our work today: What Government Job can a felony get?

After this, we will be talking about the various job opportunities for  a felon and some hiring tips for felons

What Government Job can a Felon Get in 2024?
What Government Job can a Felon Get in 2024?

What is Felony? 

According to the United States Judicial System, a felony is a serious crime that is considered to be more serious than a Misdemeanor. It includes crimes like Murder, Kidnapping, Man slaughtered, assaults, etc.

What is a Misdemeanor? 

This is a minor wrongdoing that is pardonable. it can be considered to be an offence that is not indictable. This is not considered to be a crime.

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Who is a Felon? 

This is a person who has been convicted of a serious crime. a more complex crime higher than a misdemeanour. A felon has been convicted of a serious crime like kidnapping, murder, etc., A felon is used to describe someone who is involved in a terrible act.

The Differences between a felony and a Misdemeanor in Nigeria?

Here is a quick difference between a felony and a misdemeanour in Nigeria.  A Felony is one classified with high-class crime status which is punishable by conviction (imprisonment)

A misdemeanour is a low-class crime or low-level crime that is punishable by fines, Punishment, warning etc.,

Jobs Available for Felons

Here is a list of jobs that are made available for Felons in Nigeria

  1. App developer
  2. We designers
  3. Web developer
  4. Wholesale Sales Representative
  5. Content Writer
  6. Film/video Editor
  7. Mechanical Engineer
  8. Marketing engineer
  9. Electrician
  10. Plumbing work

App Developer 

This is regarded as one of the highest-paying Jobs a felon can find once his out of Prison. The tech world doesn’t discriminate , all you need is the skills and you could be paid for a job done in hours.

Web Developer

This is another major job that is made available in the tech sector and it is made for people who are skilled enough. This includes coding an di spays in different parts of the country differently.

Funny enough this skill can be acquired in the space of three to six months, if yo had utilized your prison stay well in most modified prisons, then you must have acquired great skill.

Wholesale Sales Representative 

Different companies distributing different products are still searching for able body wholesalers and tis could be gotten  once you are qualified.

The job includes promoting products closing deals, and selling skills, at some points, some organizations do not accept convict . So you have to check well before the application

Content Writer 

This job can be done from the comfort of your home. the Content writing job can be achieved remotely. you can get to work with two or more different companies which pay you in different hard currency. Also you can work for the government , all you need do is provide classical writings for different purposes as demanded.

Film/video Editor 

This jo requires Skills and creativity. Felons with strong technical skills can be used to actively get out processed works. . Most companies now use professional video for advertisement and marketing

This kind of job doesn’t need a Background check but quality and productivity.

Mechanical Engineer

This is a kind of job that can achieved even while serving your sentence or jail terms. unfortunately, this cannot be achieved in most countries.

Here they can be assigned to work under supervision, they assist in Testing, developing and modification.

Marketing Engineer

Different organizations need marketing managers and this is one of the most important personnel in every organization. government, public or private

You can be an internet  marketing manager which doesn’t demand your physical presence,


Most of the electrical companies are being owned by felons and as such felons can be hired as long as they have the needed skills.
Plumbing work

Plumbing Work 

Once you have the potential and skill, then you are licensed for the plumbing.

Here, some governments or states might ban some persons with extreme violence convictions. Also, they might hire ex-convicts who are exceptional in their area of expertise.

Other Available Jobs include 

  1. Commercial Drivers
  2. O$ G rotary Drill Operator
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Carpenter
  5. Derrick Operator (Oil and Gas)
  6. Truck Driver
  7. Technician (solar Energy)
  8. Welder
  9. Painter
  10. Laborer (construction site)
  11. Mechanic
  12. Delivery Driver
  13. Gas Installer / Gas repaired
  14. Barber
  15. clerk


This contains a brief list of the different jobs available for felons in the current year. what is outstanding is that you need to have the skill and be exceptional in your field.


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