Careers You can Pursue with a Criminal Justice Degree

Careers You can Pursue with a Criminal Justice Degree in 2024

Careers You Can Pursue with a Criminal Justice Degree – So many people have been asking what kind of job they can do with a criminal justice degree. That is because they are not open to the available career options and opportunities that they can explore.

As a result of that, this article is here to provide you with all the career paths that you can pursue as a criminal justice degree holder. So if you have been in that confusion or contemplation, then you are on the right page that will answer all your questions.

For clarity’s sake, let’s consider what a career is all about, and at the same time know the kind of job you can get as a graduate of criminal justice.

Careers You can Pursue with a Criminal Justice Degree

About  Career/Criminal Justice

A career is the area of interest that a person chooses to specialize in, based on the person’s life aspiration or passion. Some people see a career as an aspiration, ambition, or profession and that is true. 

In this article, we are going to look at careers, as those areas or fields that a degree holder of criminal justice can work in.

In the same vein, a criminal justice degree is a degree that is offered to someone (Grafdute) in criminal justice. Before you earn a criminal justice degree, you should have completed courses in the following areas:

  • Corrections
  • Criminal justice
  • Criminology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Forensic science
  • Law enforcement
  • Paralegal studies

Careers You Can Pursue with a Criminal Justice Degree

When you have successfully graduated from a criminal justice school, with your degree, you have an array of opportunities that you can look at out for as per career.

The opportunities that are available for a criminal justice degree holder depend on the area of specialization of the individual involved.

meanwhile, we are going to look at all the areas where you can get a criminal justice job opportunities. You can work as any of the following:

  1. Police Officer
  2. Correctional Officer
  3. Private Investigator
  4. Criminal Profiler
  5. Crime Prevention Specialist
  6. Homicide Detective
  7. Parole Officer
  8. State Trooper 

Police Officer

Criminal justice involves how criminals are detected, their crimes, and how they are judged, however, the police is one career path in the criminal justice of many countries. So if you have a degree in criminal justice, you can become a police, and use your knowledge of criminal justice as a police officer to fight crime in society.

The police must save lives and property at the state and federal levels. They engage in a patrol around the city to ensure that they maintain peace in the country.

The following are their primary duties:

  • Ensuring safety, 
  • Responding to calls regarding crime, 
  • Complaints and suspicious activity, 
  • Incident reporting, 
  • Issuing citations, 
  • And making arrests.  

Correctional Officer

The correctional officer has the responsibility of supervising those that are legally imprisoned, and jailed, ensuring that there is order. This job is a physically demanding job that can lead you to incur injuries in the course of performing your duty.

  • Checking inmates and visitors
  •  for weapons and drugs, 
  • Monitoring activities of inmates,
  • Inspecting facilities with prisoners
  • Ensuring inmates meet the maximum sanitary, 
  • security, 
  • And safety measures.

Private Investigator

A private investigator works with authorities. They gather information from interviews and research and submit them for use in the court.

They are those who love to solve problems and issues for others. You see them often in the movies. Some of their duties include:

  • Researching, 
  • Interviewing and conducting/monitoring surveillance.
  • They can also work in the personal and financial sectors, monitoring a specific individual or groups and keeping track of their records. 

Criminal Profiler

This is an officer who uses special techniques to detect a suspected person. The main job of a criminal profiler is to gather, compile, and compare data from crimes and offenders and use them to compose a profile for the suspect.

If you have a degree in criminal justice, then you can choose to take a career as a crime profiler.

Crime Prevention Specialist

A crime prevention specialist is a person who works with the community people, and authority to detect and prevent crime in the areas that they are working at. 

They use the experience they have to prevent the strategies and techniques that are used by criminals to commit crimes and ensure that they stop them. They must stop crime from increasing in the community.

Homicide Detective

A Homicide detective is a career path for those who study criminal justice and have obtained a degree in it. The sole duty of those in this career path is to identify murder suspects. 

They do this by collecting and examining evidence and clues left behind at crime scenes. The evidence and pieces of information used here are DNA and fingerprints.

Narcotic Officer

If you hold a degree in criminal justice, you can also work as a narcotic officer. The job of a narcotic officer is to ensure that those (Inmates) in the cell or prison do not sell or distribute illegal drugs inside the jail.

The narcotics officer investigates drug trafficking as well as possession. He or she is involved in surveillance, K9 units, wiretaps, and undercover work.

Parole Officer

When prisoners are released from prison, they are followed up to ensure that they do not get into trouble again that will bring them to prison again, and it is the job of the parole officer to continue to monitor and follow them up to avoid prevent them from committing crimes that will return them to the prison.

So as a graduate who has a criminal degree, you have the opportunity to pursue a career in this field as a parole officer.


State Trooper

Some people are bound to drive the way they like, but with a state trooper, this can be controlled. A State Trooper must ensure that people drive safely, by obeying the driving laws on local and state roads. The responsibilities of a state trooper include; 

  • Monitoring roads and highways, 
  • Issuing traffic citations and tickets 
  • Assisting in motorcycle and vehicular accidents.

Other Career Paths for Criminal Justice Degree Holder

You can also find a career in any of the under-listed career areas

  • Victim Advocate
  • Intelligent analyst
  • Custom Inspector
  • Deputy Sheriff 
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agent
  • Fingerprint Technician
  • Criminal Justice Instructor
  • Youth Correctional Counselor
  • Drug Enforcement Administration Agent
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Gail screener
  • Probation Officer
  • Public Safety or Correctional Officer
  • Forensic Science Technician
  • College Professor 


The career path for those who hold a degree in criminal justice is very wide, and you have the opportunity of diving into anyone that you are passionate about, from the above-mentioned, and even those that are not on the list.

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