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List of the Top Most Paid CEOs Worldwide – 2024 Ranking

Top Most Paid CEOs Worldwide: Are you on research for educational purposes or you would wish to enlighten your understanding of the highest-paid CEOs in the world? Then this article is for you.When something Is termed highest it means they are ranked among the first ten. This s because globally they have been recognized as the highest.

The full meaning of CEO is chief executive officer. What then do we understand by chief executive officer or who is a chief executive officer?

A chief executive officer either in an organization or a company is regarded as the head of an executive.

In mere terms a chief executive officer is also known as a central executive officer, he can also be called a chief administrator or a managing director.

In different companies the names are different but they play the same role.


A chief executive officer is solely responsible for the decision-making in the business strategy of the management of the company. He is one of the cooperate executives of the company.

It is notable to identify that the chief executive officer of a company is not the owner of the company as such makes a report to the board of directors of the company.

Different company has a CEO that stands in between the workers and the board of directors. He acts as the head in making sure that the company moves positively to achieve the expected goal.

In this article, we will be focusing on the highest-paid chief executive officers we have in the world. We will be discussing them, their net worth, and possibly their source of income

List of the Top Most Paid CEOs Worldwide

The list of the highest-paid CEOs in the world includes

  1. Elon musk
  2. Robert Scaringe
  3. Tim cook
  4. Peter Rawlinson
  5. Tom Siebel
Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon Musk

This is one of the trending and highest paid CEO as noted in 2022.

Globally he is the owner of the Tesla company and also the CEO of the spaceX, also he is the owner and CEO of the popular social media platform that has just been unbanned in Nigeria “Twitter”

Elon Musk is the president of the musk foundation, the founder of the boring company, the X Corps,, and the founder of X.AI.

Elon is also the founder of the Neuralink company, the open AI, and the founder of Zip2, and X com which is part of PayPal.

  His full name is Elon reeve musk. Born in Pretoria in South African capital cities.

He has British and Pennsylvania ancestry.  Elon‘s parents include Errol Musk and Maye Musk. Elon had his university education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Elon Musk’s net worth is over 10 billion naira which makes him the very first CEO on the list of chief executive officers globally.

Robert Scaringe
Robert Scaringe

Robert Scaringe

This is the second-highest-paid CEO on our list of CEOs in the world. His full name is Robert Joseph Scaringe. He is an American entrepreneur.

Robert was born on January 19th, 1983. He is the founder of Rivian Automotive.

Robert was born into a family where his father was also n automotive engineer. The owner or CEO of mainstream engineering cooperation.

He is married to Meagan McGone and currently has three kids. Robert has an estimated net worth of US$1.7 billion as noted in December 2021



Tim cook
Tim cook

Tim cook

This is the third person in our list of highest-paid CEOS in the world as of 2023. His full name is Timothy Donald Cook. He was born in November 1960.

He is an American who is the chief executive officer of Apple. He has been the chief executive officer or administrator of the outstanding brand Apple since the year 2011.

History has it that he joined Apple in March 1998 as the senior vice president for worldwide operations. Tim Cook’s educational background traces down to Auburn University for his Bachelor of Science and Duke University for this MBA.

Tim cooks parents are Donald Cook and Mrs. Geraldine Cook. Tim Cook has an estimated net worth of approximately $853 million.


Peter Rawlinson
Peter Rawlinson

Peter Rawlinson

Peter has the fourth position on our list of highest-paid chief executive officers. Peter is a chief engineer that is based in California.

He is the CEO of the magnificent lucid motors. He is also the chief technology officer there. Also, he is the chief engineer of the Tesla model and the lucid air.

Peter Raw has been a principal engineer at jaguar cars, a chief engineer at lotus cars, and the head of vehicle engineering at the Corus automotive company.

Peter is known for his outstanding model of tesla ‘tesla model S”. He has his educational background traced down to the imperial college of London which still remains alma his alma mater.

Peter Rawlinson estimated net worth is approximately US$575m.

Tom Sibel
Tom Sibel

Tom Sibel

This is the third person on our list of highest-paid CEO in the world. His full name is Thomas Siebel and was born on November 20th, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois US.

He is an American billionaire and a software developer and a businessman. . He is known to be the founder of sibel systems.

He is also the founder of C3.ai which is an artificial intelligence software platform and application company.

Tom Sibel is married to Stacey Siebel and currently has four children. In 2018, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year amongst numerous awards.


This article gives you a historical background, net worth, and company ownership of the most outstanding and the highest-paid CEOS in the world.

This article is recommended to both students and teachers for historical review and for research purposes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is known as the highest-paid CEO in the world?

The highest-paid CEO In the world is known as Elon Musk

Who is regarded as the highest-paid CEO in Nigeria?

The highest-paid CEO in Nigeria is Karel Torila. He is the owner or the CEO of MTN

Who is the owner of the Tesla company and also the owner of spaceX?

The owner of these two popular companies is Elon Musk the outstanding CEO in the world.

Who is Warren Buffet?

He is the owner of Berkshire Hathaway with an estimated net worth of $110.8 billion

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