NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program 2024 for Corp Members

NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program 2024 for Corp Members

NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program 2024 for Corp Members – Bothered about restructuring your business? Want to learn a tech skill? Need to support your business? Wish to get your business in the spotlight / need an employability booster? 

Whichever category you are in, we will be talking about the unique program sponsored by the Wema Bank, Microsoft and the NYSC. We will talk about a brief overview of the program and the services it offers its aims or objectives. also, we will give you a quick guide to applying for the program.

NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program 2024 for Corp Members
NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program 2024 for Corp Members

About NYSC Alat Accelerator Program 

This is a program that is sponsored by Wema Bank in partnership with Microsoft and the National Youth Service Corps. It aims at providing free training and mentorship plus access to finance and markets for every corp member. The aim of the training includes 

  1. Equipping corps members with digital skills to be able to stay in business and the corporate world at large.
  2. Grants Corp members deeper access to digital skills for basic, intermediate and also advanced certification courses 
  3. Corp members can now have access to the program’s full benefits which include grants, loans, and other useful tips.

The major services they offer include 

  • Training 
  • Access to finance /markets 
  • Job placements
  • Mentorship periods 


 Access to Microsoft learning content for tech and no tech skill or career. This training aims to guide you throughout your career journey. Every skill that you will be taught will be chosen by you and will align with your career and objectives. To apply for this you click here  https://nyscalat.getfundedafrica.com/registerhttps://nyscalat.getfundedafrica.com/register 

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Access to Finance and Market 

Access to finance and support through the market journey and also a head start after the national service year. This will be given to you after your unique abilities have been accessed. Also, you have to note that you have to be a member of the NYSC Accelerator program. 

Job Placement

Through a requirement test which they do not apply for, they get invitations to fairs, employment, etc.  Also here you will be taught how to do job hunting. how to interact in ace interviews, and write and re-write CV for free. also how to find jobs in the NYSC portal. 

Get personalized mentorship from professional ad experts from different fields. Participate in workshops, discuss and also boast their career knowledge. 

Mentorship Sessions 

Get personalized mentorship from professional ad experts from different fields. Participate in workshops, discuss and also boast their career knowledge. 

Some courses offered here include Generative AI, Sustainability and Cyber Security.

The Program and its basic teachers Microsoft wish that all individuals in Africa get to know more by giving them platforms, equipment or tools and also solution that aids business productivity, business competition and also efficiency. 

Also, the program wishes to open local opportunities for impact growth by giving out large skills, supporting local companies, and making the Nigerian market more competitive. 

Steps for the NYSC-ALAT Accelerator Program 

The NYSC accelerator program includes  

  1. Choosing your Package 
  2. Fill out the Application form 
  3. Verification 
  4. Completed Application 

A Quick Guide to Fill to apply for the NYSC ALAT Accelerator program 

Here is a quick guide to completing your program form

  1. Using your preferred browser click on https://nyscalat.dimpified.com/register/
  2. Begin your journey by choosing the profile that best describes you (working-class professional, job seeker, business owner, Aspiring business owner)
  3. Note that whichever profile you choose, you will fill out the form based on that. you have to choose if  you are a basic, intermediate  or advanced

Basic skills help you to improve various roles  directly without getting to work with tech like digital marketing 

Intermediate skills are for persons who wish to learn skills that are linked to the tech process but are not crafted with technology like project management skills.

Advanced skills are people who wish to learn the foundational skills that are directly for tech like software engineering, data analysis etc. 

  • Fill out the form with your have your professional skills and profile details 

Things that will be requested in the form 

  1. You need to choose a course 
  2. Your name 
  3. Gender 
  4. Date of Birth 
  5. Marital Status 
  6. State of origin 
  7. Local Government of origin 
  8. State of residence 
  9. Home address 
  10. Telephone or WhatsApp number 
  11. Email address 
  12. NIN 
  13. BVN
  14. Highest level of Education
  15. Current job title
  16. Professional experience 
  17. Reasons why you want to participate in this program 
  18. Which industry you want to work in 
  19. Professional goal in the next five years 
  20. Rate your ability to use Word, excel, PowerPoint, teams, zoom, google sheet ec 
  21. Choose a technology skill that interests you 
  22. Do you have a pension account 
  23. Do you have a Wema bank account 
  24. Tick some boxes
  25. Click on the submit button. 

Once you click the submit button, you will receive a reply through your email address.  you will enotifid about the status of your applictaion 


This article summarizes everything you need to know about the NYSC ALAT accelerator program. Starting from  about the program, the services  it offers , what it aims at the application steps and the quick guide to application/ registration ,  For more information and inquiries  you can choose to visit the website at https://nysc-accelerator.alat.ng/. You can visit their official office at 54 Marina Rd Lagos, Nigeria. You can also drop a mil for them at nfo@alat.ng

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