How to Edit Chats On WhatsApp 2023 | Latest Update

How to Edit Chats On WhatsApp – WhatsApp users in the house, do you know that your chat can be edited? Yes, it can. This is a new feature that has just been established by the creators and administrators of WhatsApp. The ability to edit already sent the message.

For persons having issues with messages during typing, either it is being corrected by an auto corrector installed in your phone dictionary or keyboard or it is by an application like Grammarly, etc.

How To Edit Chats On WhatsApp 2023

You can always correct it. it is very rampant that most person makes mistakes in their chats even after typing the correct words with the correct alphabet.

It shouldn’t surprise you because most of these auto correctors are being installed inside the phone as a dictionary. Also, most phones use British spelling while some use American spelling.

Another reason that might make you want to edit your chat is if you missed a word or tense. You can also make grammatical errors in your sentence or if at all you message the wrong person or you want to change the context of the message

All this and many more are the reason people edit their chat. Whatever your reasons we are here to help you out. Before we talk about the ways of editing it lets take an overview of WhatsApp

Overview of WhatsApp      

This is one of the modern generation’s mediums of sending and receiving messages. We know that in the olden days, we do make use of the post office and letters. But the development has brought several applications and mediums through which we can communicate easily.

This application came into existence about 14 years ago. January 2009. The application is available in IOS, android version, windows version, and macOS version. It is about 184 MB for iOS and about 79MB for Android gadgets.

It is being made available in approximately 40 iOS languages and 60 Android languages. It features instant messages (text and voice messages) and also video messages. Apart from that it also allows sharing of documents, user locations, and other useful content. It can be used on mobile devices and on computers.

However, all these features can’t be accessed if there is no active data connection. That is to say that the device in question must be able to access data connection and also have an active data bundle before you can install and use the application. The application just like every other phone application does not consume space and once installed once it can be used for as long as it is on your phone until you uninstall it.

Also, the application does not require payment to access, all you need is your data and your phone number and you are good to go.

WhatsApp has a general chat application and also a business application. The business application, features WhatsApp payments, a system that businesses (small and bigger companies) use to offer customer service like Chabot or live agents.

Whichever type of WhatsApp you are using, the sending and receiving message is involved which is what we call chats, and today in this article we will be focusing on how to edit these chats. We will guide you through a step-by-step process of editing these chats.

How to Edit Chats On WhatsApp 2023

The steps taken in order to edit a WhatsApp chat that is being sent within fifteen minutes include

  1. Using an active data connection, launch your WhatsApp application
  2. Open the chats you wish to work on or modify from a number of chats available
  3. Scroll to chat that has been sent within 15 minutes (if it exceeds fifteen minutes you will not be able to edit the chats again)
  4. From your chats, long press the chats you wish to edit
  5. A menu will appear showing the edit option and if you press it, it will give you access to correct the chats to whichever sentence you wish to use
  6. After editing you end or submit and it will automatically be edited
  7. All edited messages on your chats will always show edited alongside them
  8. You have to note that those you are messaging will notice that the messages are edited but it won’t show a history of the edited message.
  9. Also, note that the fact that you have edited your messages does not mean it is no longer encrypted. Al messages, edited and non-edited are backed up and protected by the end-to-end WhatsApp


You have to note that

  1. Editing chats only works on individual chats and not on group chats. That is t say you cannot edit any chat sent to the group.
  2. The chats can only be edited if it is under 15 minutes that it has been sent
  3. Edited chats will show to both users
  4. Edited chats are still encrypted
  5. All chats that are edited will be shown and tagged as edited
  6. This step is applicable to IOS users and Android users.
  7. For already existing users you have to download the latest version of WhatsApp in order to be able to access this feature.


This article covers a brief overview of the WhatsApp application and also it covers the steps that are needed when talking about editing WhatsApp.

These steps are being used by mobile users and computer users. Also, it can be used by IOS users and by Android users.

This feature is a recent feature that has just been launched by the WhatsApp administrators and so far it comes with the updated version of the application.

For more information and inquiries you can visit the application’s official website

Frequently Asked Questions

As an already existing user, how can I access this feature?

All you need do is go to your play store or Apple Store and then update your WhatsApp. You already have a backup so your messages won’t be missing except you disabled the WhatsApp backup.

Do I have to pay in order to update my WhatsApp to access this feature?

Nope, you do not have to pay any money, all you need do is have an active data bundle, and then you can update the application for free

As a new user do I need to pay before I will be able to download WhatsApp with this feature?

Nope, you also do not have to pay any amount of money. All you need to do is get an active data connection and then download and install the application.

Complete the registration process and then you will be able to access the feature


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