How to Apply for Agricultural Grants in Nigeria (2023 Update)

How to Apply for Agricultural Grants in Nigeria – Having an interest in applying for agricultural grants in Nigeria, do you seek to know the procedures that are used when talking about application for agricultural grants in Nigeria?

Or maybe, you are looking for the official agricultural grants application website, want to know the eligibility status for application for agricultural grants in Nigeria, or wish to know the requirements for the application of agricultural grants in Nigeria?

Sometimes, it could be that you are a small-scale farmer that needs to apply for an agricultural loan, or you are a large-scale farmer that wishes to know the methods of applying for agricultural loans.

Are you a Nigerian citizen who wishes to start farming in the country but has yet to get the finical support? In this article, we will be talking about the ways you can use the application of agricultural loans in Nigeria.

How to Apply For Agricultural Grants in Nigeria

Overview of Nigeria

a country that is situated in western Africa. Nigeria is made up of 36. It is known to be the most populous state in Africa and globally the sixth position in population. It has Abuja as its federal capital territory.

People living in this country are called Nigerians and Nigerian speak and official languages admit other languages. Their official language is English and their national language includes Hausa Igbo and Yoruba. They have about 525 regional languages.

Nigerians are known fully because of the high production of . Also major crops; like Yam, Beans, Maize, Millet, Guinea corn, and cocoa.

Currently,, it has its president as Bola Tinubu, its vice president as Kashim Shettima, its senate president as God’swill Akpabio, its House speaker as Tajudeen Abbas, and the chief justice as Olakayode Ariwoola

Definition of Grant

A grant is an amount of money that is given to an individual or an organization in order to support starting up a business as an entrepreneur.

Grants can be given by the governments or any government agencies that are being vested with such powers, it can also be done by private organizations, and lastly by individuals who wish to support the populace.

Individual grant support is usually given through a platform and o time during an electoral period.

Differences between Grants and Loans

Most people seem to mistake grants for loans, they most times feel indebted or get scared of getting grants all because they do not have how to pay them back.

It should be noted that grants are a form of support. They are funds that are used by most beneficiaries to start up their businesses. Grants are not refundable but loans are.

You do not need collateral for grants, unlike loans where you need collateral and also a guarantor. Also when taking grants you do not need to sign up or come to an agreement on the time schedule of the contract but in loans you have to sign a contract of either weekly, monthly, or yearly returns for a specific period of time.

List of Various Grants Available in Nigeria

The list below the grants that are different types of grants available in Nigeria but are not limited to:

  1. Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund (ACGSF)
  2. AGRA
  3. International Fund For Agricultural Development
  4. Bank Of Agriculture
  5. Greennation CAP project
  6. Agriconnekt limited
  7. Agrivpay Rural and agricultural credit
  8. Agro-Culture
  9. Growset
  10. Nihlofab International Empowerment Foundation
  11. Sucessbliss Agro
  12. Premroca Nigeria Limited
  13. Team Build Africa
  14. Pitch AgriHack 2022
  15. Fund For Innovation In Development
  16. Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge
  17. Sankalp Global Awards
  18. Slinshot 2022 Global Start-up connection
  19. Central Bank Of Nigeria Agricultural Grants
  20. Commercial Banks Loans
  21. Agricultural Cooperative Societies
  22. International Fund For Agricultural Development
  23. Regional Fund For Agricultural Technology
  24. Alliance For A Green Revolution In Africa
  25. Nestle Foundation
  26. Funds For Farming Projects
  27. Farm Grants For Females
  28. Farm Equipment Grants

Step By Step Guide On How to Apply for Agricultural Grants in Nigeria

  1. To apply for the Nigerian agricultural grants the first thing you need to do is to search for the kind of grant that fits or would support your business.
  2. Search for governments agricultural grants online and also do well to visit their office around you
  3. You can join agricultural societies and pay attention to their development goals and details.
  4. Search for the requirements or eligibility criteria of the grants you wish to apply for
  5. Search for the deadline and the mode of application (online or offline)
  6. If it is an online application you search for the registration portal or webpage/website
  7. Sign up first and become a member
  8. Provide the necessary information needed and ensure to use an active mobile number and also an active email address.
  9. Get confirmation codes and email
  10. Review your application
  11. Submit your application
  12. Ensure your registration is successfully
  13. Get a piece of updated information about your application
  14. Wait for a notification from the organization or agency you applied to.

Agricultural programs introduced by the Nigerian government include

  1. Agricultural Development Project –ADP
  2. Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme
  3. River Basin Development Program
  4. Rural Banking System
  5. Green Revolution
  6. Directorate For Food, Roads, And Rural Infrastructure

The Top Seven (7) Agricultural Products in Nigeria

  1. Maize
  2. Cassava
  3. Guinea corn
  4. Yam
  5. Bean
  6. Millet
  7. Rice


This article covers a brief of Nigeria and what is a grant. It also tries to distinguish the difference between loans and grants.

It lists the various grants available in Nigeria and a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a grant in Nigeria. Finally, it talks about the top product in Nigeria. What we have in abundance



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