How to Apply For First Bank ATM Card Online
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How to Apply for First Bank ATM Card Online (Latest Update)

Apply for First Bank ATM Card Online – Banking with the first bank? One of Nigeria’s best banks. The leading bank brand that has the leading number of customers.

Most people do not wish to go to the bank for a simple application process that can be carried out from the comfort of their homes, this may be because of the crowd at the bank, their time schedule,, or any other valuable reasons based known to them.

Whatever the reasons are we are here to help you solve the issues of applying for your ATM card online. Although most persons are not even always of the process.

How to Apply For First Bank ATM Card Online

People are yet to understand that technology and development have brought us easier ways of doing things. Just like we can make transactions at different times we wish to, to different banks and different other financial institutions.

Also, the applications we make online like the different job opportunities we apply for the flight we booked before we get to the airport, and other applications or transactions we do.

This is the same way we can make applications for banks. First Bank has brought out this procedure to help its clients, customers relax when talking applications.

Overview of First Bank

This is a financial company and also a multinational bank. A public institution that is also known as the premier bank in West Africa. This company has more than 700 outlets over the country.

He Company has its headquarters in Marina Lagos state Nigeria. Currently, it Is also known to be the largest private-sector financial service provider in sub-Saharan Africa.

The first bank is owned by FBN Holding which has over 1.3 million shareholders. Established in 1894. it is known as Nigeria’s oldest bank.

The bank is committed to safety and soundness in providing accurate and prompt services to its customers

The services of this bank include but are not limited to card transfers, Mobile apps, USSD, Chat banking, First Monie, Payment channels, Cards, Transfers, Loans, E solutions, etc.

Its core values include innovation and customer centricity, professionalism, and entrepreneurship.

First Bank Nigeria has different types of ATM cards that can be obtainable using the online application. They include

  1. Verve card
  2. Naira MasterCard

Verve Card

This is a debit card that is issued by first bank PLC to its customers for the payment of goods and services, withdrawal of funds, etc. This card is accepted by all ATMs. POS and web channels.

It is also accepted by all web channels that have the inter-switch or verve logo displayed on it.

The Naira Master Card

This is another type of first bank card that is being applied for online and received in the bank. The bank card is given to all customers banking with the first bank strictly on application.

It is an international debit card that is used anywhere in the world. It can be used to run different transactions in POS< ATMS, WEB, etc. in all points where we have the master card logo displayed the first bank master card is being accepted there.

Transaction limits on the card can be increased once applied.

Other cards issued by the first bank include the

  1. Visa Debit Master Card
  2. Platinum Master Card

The features of the first bank debit card include

  1. It is secured by a chip and has a pin technology
  2. Its service hours are 24/7 access to funds
  3. It is naira denominated
  4. It is denominated in naira

How to Apply For First Bank ATM Card Online

There are two online ways you can request a first bank ATM and they include

  1. Using The First Mobile Application
  2. Using The First Online Platform

First Mobile Application

This is an application that is being downloaded from the play store or the app store. Downloading the application is totally free.

Steps in using this method to request or apply for an ATM card include

  1. Download the first bank mobile application
  2. If you are a new user you have to register and if you are an old user you have to log in
  3. You will need to input your account number and your Card pin
  4. Once you are logged in you get the menu top button and click on card services
  5. Click on the debit card request
  6. Select the type of card you need (master or verve card).
  7. Select the account you wish to be debited for the card (this is mainly applicable to a person who has more than one account with the first bank).
  8. You have to select the state or branch you wish to pick up your card (it has to be a location that is close to you).
  9. Create or enter a pin to authorize your transaction and then you will receive a code that is generated by the bank server
  10. This is the code that you will present when you are going to pick up your card at the first bank branch you choose.

First Online Platform

This is a webpage in a browser of your choice. It is an application that is done using the official webpage of the first bank in Nigeria.

The steps to take in order to apply for your first bank ATM include

  1. Using your preferred browser (recommended Chrome) you are to click on
  2. You will be requested to log in, you will input your details
  3. Your details include User ID, Verification code, and password
  4. Once you are logged in you are to click on self-services
  5. You click on cards
  6. Tap the debit cards request button
  7. Select the card account (savings or current)
  8. Select the type of card you wish to apply or get
  9. Choose a state you wish to pick up the card
  10. Select your branch. The pickup branch close to you
  11. Carefully go through the terms and conditions that are made available and then click the accept
  12. Provide your token details and then submit your application
  13. The system will generate a summary page after you have submitted the application, you can choose to save it offline as a PDF or you choose to print it out.
  14. On due dates get to your selected branch of pick and present the summary page for ATM pick up and you will be issued your card


This article covers a brief overview of the First Bank of Nigeria. It also covers the process and steps to apply for the first bank ATM card using the online platform and the mobile application.

For more information and inquiries you can log on to the first bank’s official page at First Bank

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