How To Print JAMB Mock Exam Schedule: Venue And Time From JAMB Website

How To Print JAMB Mock Exam Schedule – Did you register for the JAMB UTME Mock examination for the 2023/2024 academic session? If you did, then you need this information. After interested candidates have successfully registered for the JAMB mock examination, they need to print out the slip, as the mock examination draws closer.

As the day goes by, applicants of the JAMB mock examination are getting ready for the mock test, and one important thing that they have to do as they wait for D-Day is to print their mock examination slip, which contains all the information that they need for the test.

The JAMB mock slip is a very vital document that all the candidates need. The slip contains the JAMB mock test venue, time, and website, and that is why before the scheduled test, the applicants are expected to print out that slip so that they can identify the vital information that we have pointed out.

However, in this article, all the applicants will learn how to print out this slip, which they need for the sake of their mock examination. So let us see how to do this, below.

How To Print JAMB Mock Exam Venue And Time From JAMB Website

How To Print JAMB Mock Exam Schedule: Venue And Time From JAMB Website

In the course of registering for your JAMB UTME, some of also registered for the JAMB mock examination, by paying an extra N1,000 (One Thousand Naira), to JAMB’s account, and sure that some of you have been wondering what is next. 

You may have liked to find out when the mock examination hold, where it will take place, and how you will get to know about all those information, including the venue for the exam, but don’t perturb yourself, as we are here to answer all the questions that you have concerning the mock examination in this article today. 

In this article, our main concern is for the students to know the following important information for their mock test. And this information will form our main lookout for the post. They are:

  1. How To Print JAMB Mock Examination
  2. To identify JAMB mock examination venue
  3. The time scheduled for the mock examination
  4. And  the JAMB official website for the printing of the slip

How do I Know my JAMB Mock Exam Venue, Time, and Date?

If you registered for the 2023/2024 JAMB mock examination, for you to know the date, time, and venue of your JAMB mock test, the first thing you have to do is for you to print out the JAMB mock slip. It is in this mock slip that you will know all the information that you need for the examination. That includes the where (Venue), when (Date), time, and other vital information about the examination.

Methods for Printing JAMB Mock Venue, Time, and Date

To print your JAMB mock date, time, and venue, there are two methods you can use to achieve that. They are 

  • By using the email used during your JAMB registration
  • JAMB mock exam reprinting portal can also be used

How Use Email Address for Your JAMB Mock Slip

If you want to use your email address to check your information, what you have to do is this:

  • On your smartphone or laptop, look for your mail service app
  • Search for the mail sent to you by JAMB
  • You will find it either in the inbox or the spam folder
  • When you have found it proceeds to any cyber cafe for the reprinting
  • That is one way of checking your JAMB mock exam details

Use the JAMB Mock Printing Portal for Your JAMB Mock Slip

Another alternative method that you can use for checking your JAMB mock examination details is through the JAMB printing portal. And to sue this procedure, do this:

  • Log into the JAMB reprinting portal at 
  • After you have done that, enter your JAMB registration number
  • Your email address can also be used
  • When you have entered the necessary information, 
  • Click on the JAMB Mock Exam enter button
  • After that click again on the JAMB Mock Exam Slip button
  • Then wait and allow the site to load, until you see it pop up.
  • From the popup, you will see JAMB mock examination will appear.
  • Click and download it into your phone 
  • And then download it from there
  • But if you are using a laptop, you can just download it immediately.
  • That is how this method works

Important Note

This is not for every JAMB candidate, but strictly for those who also applied for the JAMB Mock test. If you know you did not apply for JAMB mock test, there is no need for you to try it, because it will not work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us look at some of the questions that JAMB candidates are fond of asking about the JAMB Mock Examination.

What is this JAMB Mock Examination all about?

The JAMB Mock exam is an examination that is also conducted for interested JAMB candidates to help them prepare and have knowledge of what the real JAMB examination looks like.

Is the JAMB Mock Test Mandatory for all JAMB candidates? 

The JAMB Mock examination is not compulsory for all JAMB candidates, in fact, if you like you can register for it, and if you don’t like you forget about it.

Is there a closing date for JAMB Mock reprinting?

No! JAMB Mock reprinting slip does not have a deadline or printing closing date, but all you need to do is to ensure that you print it out before the scheduled date for the mock examination. That is what matters. 

Why is it important to register for the JAMB Mock exam? 

It is important because it will help the candidates to become used to how the exam will be. The challenges and how to solve them.


The steps on how to check your JAMB mock examination center, time, and date have been successfully items and explained to you, so you can now conveniently reprint your JAMB mock examination slip now as you wait for your mock test to come. We wish you the best of luck as you write your JAMB mock exam, and as you also prepare the main giant, which is JAMB itself. Feel free to ask us any question about anything concerning your JAMB mock examination, we are always there for you.

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