Borno State Scholarship 2023/2024 Application Form Portal 

Borno State Scholarship 2023/2024 Application Form PortalThe Borno State Scholarship application for applicants is out for the 2023/2024 academic session. This scholarship comes from the state Bursary, and it is for those who are unable to chatter for their fees.

A lot of students have benefitted from the scholarship, if you are intersected in applying for the scholarship, in this article we will guide you on what you need for the scholarship and how to make a registration for the scholarship.

Borno State Scholarship Application Form Portal 
Borno State Scholarship Application Form Portal

What do you know about Borno State Scholarship?

The Borno State Scholarship has two categories of scholarships that are offered by the Borno State government. They have the Local Scholarship and the International Scholarship.

  • The Local Scholarship

This type of scholarship is given to those who are Borno State Students and are currently searching in Borno State Higher Institutions, like the College Of Education, Polytechnic, or Universities.

  • International Scholarship

If you are studying outside the country, you can also apply for this scholarship, you are qualified for the scholarship too.

The Borno State Scholarship Requirements 

Here are the requirements you must follow in order to qualify for the Borno State Scholarship: 

  • One of the requirements is that you must be a Borno State Indigene
  • Being an undergraduate is an advantage, and it must be in any recognized public institution in Nigeria, it could be a University, College of Education, or Polytechnic.
  • Another requirement is that you must be currently a resident of Borno State who is admitted to a recognized higher institution.


Steps on How to Apply for the Borno State Scholarship

To apply for the Borno State Scholarship, you must follow the steps below:

  • To apply, first of all, log in to the Official Website
  • When you’ve logged in to the site, click on the “Apply” tab
  • Options will be displayed for you to choose the Category of Scholarship you want to apply for.
  • When creating an account, be sure to use your valid Email address.
  • When that is done you will get a notification about a link sent to your mail, open and click on the link sent to your email. Click on that link, it will redirect you to the login page side.
  • When that is done, your Email Address and password will be required, key in the appropriate email and password.
  • When you have logged in, you will be directed to a payment space you need to make payment for the application
  • When you have made your payment, you will be able to fill in the form on the site.
Now note that the application process is of different stages, when you are done with a stage, click on save and then proceed to the next stage.
  • In the first stage, this is what will be asked of you, you will be asked to upload your recent passport photograph, and when that is done, save it.  Be sure to keep all your document ready.
  • The next stage will demand your education details.
  • After that stage, the next stage will be required your employment details, this is applicable to those working. But if you are not working, you can skip this stage.
  • In the next stage, you will be asked to provide your bank details.
  • In the next stage, you will be asked to provide two referees who will stand for you.
  • The next stage is where you will have to upload some documents which will be required from you, you will have to scan those documents, they include Indigene Certificate, Admission letter, and School ID.
  • When all of that is done, review your work and when you are sure everything you’ve imputed is correct, you can submit them.
  • This is to inform you that when you have submitted your application, your application will go through so many reviews, therefore, make sure all your information is correct.
  • The last stage is where you are to submit your printed application form, and you gave it to submit alongside some documents like School ID, Indigene Certificate, and Admission Letter to the Borno State Scholarship Board.

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