Big Brother Naija TV Show 2023 Latest Update
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Big Brother Naija TV Show 2024 Latest Update

Big Brother Naija TV Show… Big brother is a seasonal reality TV show that is co-produced by Endemol, and Big brother Naija is partly owned by multi-choice.

Endemol is a media company in dutch that has produced a series of tv reality shows.

Endemol was founded 29 years ago and has been producing various TV programs for different counties.

The big brother Naija show featured its first season in the year 2006. The tv show has its participants Nigerians.

Over the years we have had lots of seasons till the last concluded season, season 7.

We have had many housemates winning, some were evicted. The Tv reality show has gained approximately 90,000  active viewers from different states in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be talking about big brother Naija’s latest update.

As speculated big brother Naija season 8 is slated to start this coming July so this article will be talking about the starting period.

The official big brother Naija website, the location of the big brother Naija season 8, the venue, the selection method, etc.

You can follow this article and related articles on this page to get more updates on big brother Naija 2023.

Big Brother Naija TV Show 2023 Latest Update

Big Brother Naija TV Show 2024 Latest Update

The making

Formerly known as big brother Nigeria, the tv show is a show that is made up of about 20 housemates, who come to stay in one house, under one roof sharing the same kitchen, different bed space, etc (it is just like a hostel)

They are here in a competition to who wins a grand prize. The price may be $200,00 or more. The price differs by season.

They do not just stay idle they perform various tasks, and games from different brands and sponsors. They do this continually for their three-month stay.

The TV show is conducted annually and features multi-choice. This reality TV show has produced various famous stars.

Most housemates get famous and highly recognized after the TV show whether they turn out to be the overall winner or not.

It gives the housemates social media influence and any brand seeks to feature them in different brands’ advertisements.

Also, most programs’ host seeks to feature them, which gives them influence and fame.

The previous winners of the seasonal show from season one include

  1. Katung Aduwak
  2. Eejeba
  3. Miracle Igbokwe
  4. Mercy Eke
  5. Lamilekan Agbeleshe( Laycon)
  6. Hazel Oyye Onou (white money)
  7. Phyna

BBNaija Registration Form Update

The big brother Naija registration form is currently has been closed. it was on sale a specific number of times.

The big brother Naija show is slated to start in July 2024.

BBNaija Audition Update

The big brother Naija audition will be featured on different premieres on the 14th day of May 2024 on the Africa Magic website.

Nigerians who are 21 years and above are eligible to participate in the audition. after the audition, if you are eligible you will be notified either through mail or text message.

BBNaija Hosting Location

Big brother Naija’s house is located in Lagos state. Ilupeju to be precise

TV Channels  Where You Can Watch BBNaija From

Big brother Naija season 8 will be featured on different channels like the DSTV channel 198, and Go TV channel 29. You can watch it on your gadgets (laptops, android phones, apple phones, etc)

Also, it will be streaming on various applications like the show max and can be accessed in Africa and the United Kingdom.

Cost of BBnaija Audition Form

The big brother Naija audition and registration is usually free. All you need do is follow the right link make an application and upload your two minutes video.

Be aware of people who sell the form for different prices. some people even extort money from people claiming it will guarantee their winning.

How Much is the Grand Price that’ll be given to the BBnaija Winner

The grand prize of big brother Naija season 8 is 100 million naira. This is very different from the previous season.

What are the Needed Requirement for BBNaija Registration?

The requirement for the application for big brother Naija house season eight (8)

  • All candidates must have a means of identification
  • Must be 21 or above at the time of application
  • Make a video not longer than 3 minutes of why you should be picked as a housemate in big brother house
  • Fill out the online application for an audition with the correct details and a clear video with no video effect.
  • Must be a Nigerian citizen

BBN Official website

Over ther years of its existence, Big brother naija has been attached to a popular entertainment platform website known as Africa Magic.  So, in prior to that, it BBNaija doesn’t have it own official website, rather it’s clinged to the Africa magic website with the url


The big brother TV show season 8 started his audition application on the 6th of October 2022 to the 22nd of October 2022.

The real event is starting on the 22nd of July 2023. The audition is slated to start in May. It will be featured on different applications like show max etc.

The audition is to host to help select members of the season 8 show. The big brother Naija house registration is free.

Avoid people who are trying to distort money from you in the name of registration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Big Brother Naija

When is big brother Naija season 8 starting?

It will be featured on premiers July 2023

Can I still register for the big brother Naija season 8 audition?

The big Naija season 8 audition registration has been closed it was opened from the 6th of October 2022 to the 22nd of October 2022

when is the big brother Naija season 8 audition starting?

The big brother Naija season 8 audition is starting on the 14th of May.

where is the real big brother Naija’s house located?

It is located in Lagos state.

what is the grand prize for big brother Naija house season 8?

The grand prize for big brother Naija season 8 is 100million

what are the places that can access big brother Naija?

We have Cameroon, chad, congo, cape Verde, Botswana, Angola, Benin, Kenya, Liberia, mali, niger, Nigeria, Mozambique, etc.

Which channels is featuring big brother Naija?

DSTv and Go TV

Can I watch the show with my phone on a mobile application?

Yes, you can watch it on apps like show max, etc.

Is the application online or is there a bb Naija office to queue for registration?

The BB Naija season 8 application is done online. You are to make an application online.

what is the official website of big brother Naija?

Big brother Naija generally does not have a particular official website


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