15 Best Jobs for a Mechatronic Engineering Degree Holder

15 Best Jobs for a Mechatronic Engineering Degree Holder in 2024

With the emergence of new Technologies, are the consequential emergence of new disciplines of human endeavor.Individually and collectively, these new disciplines help us make the best use of these new technologies and systems in a bid to make life easier and better.

Careers in these new innovative fields are often both lucrative and highly rewarding.

Same can be said for the field of Mechatronics Engineering as it offers a wide range of exciting career options for Individuals interested in Engineering, Analytics or Science as a whole.

15 Best Jobs for a Mechatronic Engineering Degree Holder

We shall head on to discuss the Best Jobs for a Mechatronic Engineering Degree Holder along with the Salary Structure for each job.

First, What is mechatronics?

Mechatronics Engineering is a field that focuses on creating innovative systems and programs through the systemic application of mechanical, electrical and software engineering knowledge.

Professionals from this field are useful across a plethora of Industries as they design, build and put to use complex intelligent technologies like Robots and other automated systems.

Such Industries include but are not limited to these areas:

  • Information Technology (IT) 
  • Biotechnology and Healthcare 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • National Defense and Aeronautics
  • Agriculture
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Industrial Design and Innovative Manufacturing

Within this range of specialties, Mechatronic Engineers may be of use in Government Establishments, Pharmaceutical Brands, Defense Outposts and IT Corporations.

Whilst some tertiary Institutions offer Mechatronics Engineering as a Bachelor’s Degree Course, it is often included as a specialty in other Engineering fields.

15 Best Jobs for a Mechatronic Engineering Degree Holder

1. Agricultural Equipment Technician 

Average Salary: $16.50 per hour

Primary Duties: 

These technicians generally care for the technical needs of Agricultural Machinery such as Tractors, Ploughs, Harvesters and Harrows amongst others.

They are duly trained and well seasoned in the installation, repair or replacement of these pieces of machinery as the case may be.

2. Network technician

Average Salary: $22.70 per hour

Primary Duties: 

A Network Technician oversees the management of both the Hardware and Software parts of an Organization’s Network System.

In addition to installation, they also handle the maintenance and troubleshooting of Network topologies such as LAN, WAN, intranet and extranet to ensure efficiency

3. Solar Technician

Average Salary: $23.55 per hour

Primary Duties: 

Solar Technicians are charged with installing, repairing and replacing solar panels when need be. 

They are not only concerned with Solar Panels but other components of the Solar Technologies such as reading Schematics and attending to Customer queries and enquiries about these technologies.

They are sometimes mandated (by the nature of their job) to work in adverse weather conditions.

4. Electromechanical Technician

Average Salary: $23.95 per hour

Primary Duties: 

Electromechanical Technicians oversee and manage the electrical as well as the mechanical systems in an organization. 

They also take care of the Installation, Test, Repairs and Replacement of these systems.

An Electromechanical Engineer must be very familiar with both Electrical and Mechanical aspects of Engineering. They work hand in hand with Project managers, Supervisors and Engineers from other fields.

5. Mechatronics Technician

Average Salary: $25.45 per hour

Primary Duties: 

These sets of technicians help Industrial Design Experts and Engineers in the assembly and maintenance of machinery and other electrical/mechanical Systems.

They are crucial in prototype creation and testing and come in handy in various industries such as Defense, Agriculture, Robotics, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals as well as Information Technology.

Mechatronics Technicians can acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in the same or other relevant Engineering fields.  

6. Controls Engineer

Average Salary: $70,942 per year

Primary Duties: 

Control Engineers design and test by putting to use systems that are streamlined and modified to deliver defined and accurate results.

They test these systems under varied conditions in order to gather needed feedback for modifications or improvements and are required to possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering related field.

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7. Instrumentation Technician

Average Salary: $63,537 per year

Primary Duties: 

Instrumentation Technicians attend to a wide range of mechanical and electrical systems that are often employed to test for physical parameters such as pressure, fluid or gas flow, temperature as well as Chemical composition of various compounds.

They help in the assembly, calibration and testing of these electrical systems. 

They also repair faulty ones and handle the replacement of worn out systems

8. Prosthetist

Average Salary: $75,540 per year

Primary Duties: 

Prosthetists design and create prosthetic limbs as well as other body parts. 

This is a high precision job as they need to take and record accurate measurements to aid the production of products that are streamlined to meet the customer’s particular needs.

These specialists are very useful in Hospitals and other Healthcare and Cosmetic Establishments

9. Data Analyst

Average Salary: $76,200 per year 

Primary Duties:

Data Analysts work with humongous amounts of Data. One of the most important reasons for doing this happens to be the ability to identify behavioural patterns and anticipate future trends.

They work in a variety of Industries including Healthcare, Information Technology and Marketing.

10. Biomedical Engineer

Average Salary: $87,985 per year

Primary Duties: 

Biomedical Engineers design, build and maintain tools and medical equipment of a biomedical nature such as artificial organs, diagnostic tools as well as surgical equipment

They are usually required to acquire a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and work in various medical and Pharmaceutical Establishments and Companies.

11. Automation Engineer

Average Salary: $90,730 per year

Primary Duties: 

Automation Engineers design, create and maintain technology or pieces of machinery that operate with minimal or no human supervision and input.

They often put to use their vast knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and serve in a wide variety of Industries and Establishments.

12. Process Engineer

Average Salary: $91,000 per year

Primary Duties: 

Wherever they work, Process Engineers are tasked with the primary duty of evaluating and analyzing carefully an organization’s day to day processes. 

This helps them come up with better ways of introducing more cost-saving and efficient strategies by carrying out necessary adjustments in the already existing organizational protocols. 

13. Mechanical Engineer

Average Salary: $94,502 per year

Primary Duties: 

Mechanical Engineers specialize in the design, creation and maintenance of machinery and Systems that generate or use power such as generators, turbines or other appliances in general.

They can work in a wide variety of Industries and need to earn a Degree in Mechanical Engineering or any other related engineering field to qualify as a Mechanical Engineer

14. Electrical engineer

Average Salary: $96,200 per year

Primary Duties: 

The job of the Electrical Engineer revolves around the research, design, production, test, repair and replacement of electrical machinery or their components.

They also come up with safety standards that regulate the use of electrical systems in manufacturing and other industrial usages

They work closely with engineers of other fields as well as with Project managers and supervisors during the discharge of their duties

15. Robotics Engineer

Average Salary: $97,500 per year

Primary Duties: 

Robotic Engineers are experts at designing, assembling, and testing robots and other systems that work with minimal or no human effort. 

They also apply the most recent technologies and innovations to design robotic systems, as well its parts such as automatic vacuums, motion and voice-activated systems etc.


Above listed are 15 Best Jobs for a Mechatronic Engineering Degree Holder.

Although most of these fields would require more than just  a Mechatronics Degree, they have an assured return for Investment and are highly profitable and lucrative.

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