How to pay foreign school fees with Naira
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How to Pay Foreign School Fees with Naira in 2024

How to Pay Foreign School Fees with Naira – Have you been having issues paying your school fee abroad in local currencies? It is true that over the years, it has not been easy to make payment of tuition fees with local currency, but now you have a sure method of paying your fees fast and easily without issues, and that is made possible through the use of Tuition (Pay Local Study Global with Tuition).

So if you are an international student who has been having issues with how to pay your school fees with the use of Naira or Local Currency, then read this article, as we discuss with you how you can use Flutterwave to make an easy and convenient transaction abroad.

How to pay foreign school fees with Naira

So whether you are studying locally or internationally, with Tuition, your payment is guaranteed. So let us move straight to how you can use tuition to pay for your university fees abroad.

How to Pay Foreign School Fees with Naira in 2024

You can pay your foreign University tuition fees using different methods, they include the following:

  • Pay Via Tuition (Flutterwave)
  • CBN e-Form A
  • Paying Via Debit Card 
  • Pay via Bank Transfer
  • Paying Through Pay4Me

NOTE: In the aforementioned methods of paying university school fees abroad, it is only paid via tuition that uses the Nigeria Naira to pay fees, other methods are also used but they pay with Dollars and other foreign currencies. Based on that, we are going to focus on the payment of school fees with the use of Pay Via Tuition (Flutterwave).

Pay Via Tuition (Flutterwave)

Tuition fee is a school fee payment method that is used to pay student’s tuition fees from Nigeria, through Niara. In this method, Flutterwave is used to determine the payment exchange rate. Flutterwave rate is calculated based on the FX Market rates.

However, in the course of paying tuition fees, students are advised to find out the exchange rate for that day, so that they will be able to know what they are supposed to pay as tuition fee. That is because the fees are determined by the daily exchange rate.

Moreso, students should also know that Flutterwave will charge every student who uses Tuition to pay their fees. And they are to pay the sum of 20 GBP for every payment made through Tuition.

Benefits of Paying with Tuition

The very essence of tuition is to make payment easy and address the challenges that students face in the course of paying their school fees in foreign currencies. So what are the benefits of

paying your tuition fees with tuition. They are as follows:

  • You can pay tuition fees within and outside Africa
  • It is easy and less stressful
  • Your fee payment is secured and fast
  • You can use any device to pay for your fees

How to Pay Foreign School Fees with Naira

If you are an international student from Nigeria who wants to pay your school fee, using Nigerian Currency (Nigeria), how will you do that using tuition? To pay your fees with tuition, you have to follow this simple guide below:

  • Create a Tuition profile
  • Submit your data
  • Check the information
  • Confirmation of payment

Full Details

to pay your tuition fee using the Tuition (Flutterwave), you have to follow the steps below:

Create a Tuition Profile

To create your profile, follow the steps below:

  • The first step to take when using tuition to pay your fee is to create a tuition fee profile.
  • Then log in to the Flutterwave official website at 
  • Enter your email address
  • Log in and complete the signing-in process

Data Submission

You have to submit your data. The second step is for you to provide all the necessary information about yourself, your school, department, course, and faculty. That is to say, provide all the vital payment details in the space provided for you.

Cross-Check your Information

Step three. So many times we are always good at ignoring vital things because we feel we have done those things perfectly well. Even when you think you have done the right thing, it is still very possible for you to make mistakes, and that is why you are advised to carefully cross-check your details before you submit them for payment.

To make the payment, you are free to use any of the following: your Naira debit card, bank transfer, and Google Pay. Any of the aforementioned is accepted when you want to pay your Univerity fees abroad using Tuition.

After all, is said and done, you have to enter the amount your school fee is and forward it to the designed account of the University where you are a student.

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Confirmation of Payment

Step four. This is the third step in the process of you paying your fees. At this level, you are waiting to get a confirmation message from your school that your transaction was successful. After payment of your tuition fee, you will have to wait for about 24 (Twenty-four Hours) before you be sent a confirmation message that your payment was successful.

Still, while you wait to confirm your payment, updates regarding the status of your payment will be forwarded to you as well. 

Other Alternative Methods

There are many other ways you can use to pay your tuition fees, but you have to pay with foreign currencies. So let us explore other methods that you can pay your tuition fees though not using Naira or local currency.

You can pay your school fee abroad from Nigeria through the following methods

Via CBN e-Form

This is one of the methods that international students can use to pay their school fees using Naira. It is backed up by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and other commercial banks in the country. Every commercial bank in Nigeria is offered a certain amount of foreign currency that they are advised to sell to individuals who need it.

  • Those who are qualified to use this method (CBN e-Form) of payment are:
  • Those paying for school fees abroad
  • Mainly citizens of the Nigerian
  • Those Paying for training abroad
  • Those with unconditional admission letters from the institution abroad
  • Those whose tuition fees are limited to $15,000 per semester
  • Those whose upkeep fee limit is $5,000 per semester


If you have been finding it difficult to pay your University tuition fee abroad, there is now a sure way to all your challenges, you can now make payment of tuition fees with local currency, paying your fees fast and easily without issues, and that is made possible through the use of Tuition (Flutterwave).

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